Demobilized Russian conscripts: We “conquered” Crimea, fought in Donbas for Russia

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2014/12/23 • Russia

A video interview uploaded to Internet shows two recently demobilized Russian Federation infantry conscripts (one is in the rank of a sergeant) who state that during their service they participated in the annexation of the Crimea by Russia and fought in Luhansk (part of the Donbas region of Ukraine, occupied by Russian-terrorist forces).

Below is the video and translated transcript of the interview:

Interviewer: – It’s raining now. When you travel in the rain, it’s a good omen. What’s your name?

Soldier 1: – My names is Alexei.

I (with pathos): – Alexei, tell about yourself. You are going now toward your life! You are going to the continent! Who are you?

S1: – I am a discharged military. I just finished my military service. Just now finished it.

I: – Where did you serve?

S1: – In Kerch (a city in the Russia-occupied Crimea – Transl.)

I: – Where did you fight?

S1: – In Luhansk (a city in the Russia-occupied part of the Donbas region on the eastern border of Ukraine – Transl.)

I: – Who did you fight for?

S1: – For ours, who else.

I: – For whom?

S1: – For Russia.

I (with pathos): – For Russia! Alexei, just look there. Unfortunately, there’s no sun right now, but there upfront is Port Kavkaz (the Russian port on the ferry route from Kerch to Russia – Transl.) and the continent. What are you expecting from the continent?

S1: – It’s my home. It’s Krasnodar Region.

I: – Where? What town?

S1: – The city of Slaviansk-on-Kuban.

I (with pathos): – Slaviansk-on-Kuban! Russian girls – your coolest, your best future fiance is coming to you! (To the soldier again): Where are your friends? Do you have your friends here? Call your friends.

S1 (to people off camera): – Come here.

I (to the people off camera): – Boys – come here, come here.

(Short pause while a new soldier enters the frame.)

I (to Soldier 2): – Your comrade is coming toward his destiny. Is it right?

S2: – Right.

I: – Were you also in the Crimea?

S2: – Yes.

I: – You were in the Crimea in March?

S2: – Yes, we were in the Crimea together.

I: – So, it’s you who are the “polite little men”? (“Polite little men” is a Russian propaganda name for the Russian invasion force in the Crimea – Transl.)

S1 and S2: – Yes.

I (with pathos): – Guys, I bow down to you. You entered history. Together with VVP: Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, you entered history. Do you know about it?

S1 and S2: – Yes. Of course.

I: – You are like Yermak, Yermak Timofeyevich. Do you remember such?

S1 and S2: – Of course.

I: -The one who conquered Siberia (for Russia – Transl.) You returned a huge piece of land.

S1 (distressed): – My uniform will “melt.”

I (hurrying): – That’s all guys. I am finishing up now, taking a few pictures for you, for your memories, with the Russian flag. That’s all. Thank you. Run, boys. Good luck.

(The soldiers leave and the interviewer enters the frame.)

I: – I am Serghei Rulyov, finishing my reporting from the board of the ferry that is going from the “island” of Crimea to Port Kavkaz. Serghei Rulyov. Today is December 21, 2014. I took the interview from a “polite little man.”

Translated by: A. N.
Source: Source of video: Charter ’97

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