Putin’s rats beginning to jump ship



2014/12/19 • Analysis & Opinion, Politics

Article by: Olena Stiazhkina

As the financial system of the Russian Federation approaches the critical zone of oblivion — a development  that no longer guarantees the usual money and bright futures either for the Kremlin’s clients or its puppets — the accomplices of the Russian president have begun to explore various ways of dumping their master.

The delicate maneuvers of  “rats abandoning the sinking ship” were first demonstrated by two senators of the Federation Council, who in March had voted for the annexation of Crimea but who now felt the need to make fundamental  changes in their fate and thereupon resigned from their posts. The senator from Belgorod, the billionaire Vadim Moshkovich, and the senator from Chuvashia, Galina Nikolaeva, have submitted their resignations but without providing the reasons. It is not clear what they will do after retiring from the Federation Council — whether they will occupy themselves with the creation of the “people’s republics” of Belgorod or Chuvashia, or with the hasty packing of suitcases and a long journey to Latin America. The fact remains: they were the first to leave.

Another, less delicate, maneuver resembling a secret confession made directly to the Hague Tribunal was demonstrated by Denis Pushilin (self-declared Chairman of the Supreme Soviet of the Donetsk People’s Republic — Ed.),  the appointed “DNR” negotiator for the Minsk meeting. He, as a person who was professionally involved in the MMM financial pyramid, would know that it is important to jump off in time. To be fair, one should admit that Pushilin had tried to abandon the project still this summer and that he even wrote a letter of resignation and went to Moscow. But either the gang principle “a ruble to enter; two rubles to leave” was in play here or he was undermined by his own greed and the desire to “reign over” some more money, but he  not  only returned to Donetsk, he also began to participate in international consultations. Thus, The Hague is becoming more likely for him than for many of his accomplices.

Therefore, what Pushilin is now openly giving journalists is no longer interviews but testimonies, hoping that his outright statement that the DNR (Donetsk People’s Republic) will remain an abscess that continues to fester and that only Vladimir Putin can foresee the future of this abscess will be seen as cooperation with the investigation. However, the very message that Putin is responsible for everything in the DNR is significant enough for the international community to take notice. The longest knife in the back of the chief  was plunged, as is customary, by his best friend and brother — Ramzan Kadyrov. Outraged by the statements of Ukrainian politicians regarding the December events in Grozny, Kadyrov announced his intention to ask Putin’s permission to travel to the Donbas to capture and destroy the “fiends.”

However, we all supposedly know, or at least we heard from Putin himself and the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, Lavrov, that “Russia is in no way present in the Donbas and that there are no Russian troops or mercenaries there.” And here, Kadyrov, right after Pushilin, discloses in the information space the one name of the director of all these events. And this name is Putin.

Of course we will witness various and even bizarre ways to sanitize reputations and escape the international tribunal. These are only the first swallows that are setting the tone and direction of future incriminations against the main perpetrators of the war in Ukraine. We hope there will be sufficient revelations  and evidence for the trial.

Note: Olena Stiazhkina is a Russian-language writer and a history professor at the Donetsk National University. She was awarded the 2014 “Russian Prize” for literature in the short story category for the literary cycle A Single Talent. An ethnic Russian, she said in her acceptance speech in Moscow in April 2014, that the Russian language does not need military protection in Ukraine and that Ukraine cannot be destroyed because “to kill Ukraine means to kill me, a Russian, and others, also Russians.” Her speech on the cultural processes in Donetsk delivered during the TEDx Kyiv 2014 conference has been widely quoted.

Translated by: Anna Mostovych
Source: newsru.ua

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  • Paul P. Valtos

    Sounds like the script for WWII between Ribbentrop and Molotov. Neither really cared about the non aggression pact between the Soviet Union and Germany and knew it was just some breathing time between the invasion of Poland. Collapse is near and ironically the drop in oil prices must have been an act of God with Shale oil from the US a contributing factor.

  • Michel Cloarec

    There are some russians who can speak english ! Maybe we should think of protecting them ! There are some russians who speak french ! Maybe we should think of protecting them ! There are some russians who can speak german ! Maybe we should think of protecting them ! and so on !
    I wonder why putin is not thinking of protecting the russians which are in Canada .
    Alaska was Russian territory some time ago ! It is not far from russian boundaries !
    You see putin does not think of everything. I hope I did not put beetles in his head. But it would be very popular among the russian people ! So they have something to think about instead of rubbles ( ironícal) problems ! We wait untill next press conference ! God was here before him !

    • Mykola Banderachuk

      oh oh russians in Canada? can Canada expect a ruSSian invasion from the Arctic? Come on down putin, just try it

      • Michel Cloarec

        1 million I heard !
        But that putin will never try he is too coward. it is more easy to attack weaker country, or country which is not expecting to be attacked. So don´t worry. Canada great friend of Ukrainia, maybe because of so many cultivated russians.

        • Mykola Banderachuk

          In Canada there are 1.2 milllion people of Ukrainian origin, 500,000 of russia origin, the latter only being a recent wave after the fall of the cccp. Ukrainians have been in Canada since the late 1880’s many more, of course have been assimilated and have anglicized names because that was the way it was-now completely different.

          • Michel Cloarec

            Thank you for infos, I knew it was many, that means 1,7 supporters
            Canada great country, I have 11 cousins with families leaving there
            Great support to Ukrainia !

          • Mykola Banderachuk

            with all due respect please do not lump the Ukrainians and Russians in Canada together, they are two distinctly different people. Through my work I deal with these russians and everyone of them look at Ukrainians with disdain, that is my experience. Does that mean all of them think that way, in my view probably since most are new immigrants having grown up in the soviet system. There is almost no interaction between the two ethnic groups, Ukrainians have our demonstrations and you rarely hear about russian demonstrations, they have a couple minor ones but the demo was very pro putin.

          • Michel Cloarec

            Have faith, those bad russians will soon understand what is best for them. Sorry, but I did not intended to be disagreable. I have great respect for Canada, and I am impressed by the support of Canada in the war against the agressors and invaders ! There are many russians refugies in France of the old time, they are well integrated and do not dare to say anything positive about putin, they would be lynched ! But of course we have extreme-right party who try to be clever !

          • gmab

            I read recently that the Ukrainian diaspora in Canada is closer to 4 million when you count those who had only one parent or grandparent who was Ukrainian. The Canadian Ukrainians are very well organized in their communities & have significant influence with the current Government. Canada also has the 3rd largest Ukrainian world population after Ukraine & Russia.

          • Mykola Banderachuk

            You are right, thank you

      • gmab

        Canada is a NATO member & USA’s neighbour- too powerful for the EGO Maniac to even try. Putin will just harass Canada over the Arctic as well as Denmark.

        • Michel Cloarec

          Pity that he does not try with his stupidities . I like to have fun on his behalf !

        • Michel Cloarec

          But if he thinks that Denmark will accept his madness, he is fooling himself !

          • gmab

            Canadians won’t give an inch to Putin. We’re not afraid of him & our PM Harper makes that very clear to Putler. I am however, afraid of what Putin is doing in Ukraine. I have alot of family there that I worry about!

    • gmab

      This photo is priceless. Good job!

  • Michel Cloarec

    Everybody who wants to leave russia is welcome, but please don´t take rubles with you, they are worthless ! Only £ $ E are accepted !
    Beluga caviar, maybe can be a good idea also !

  • Rods

    The problem stirring up a hornets nest is more than you will get stung. Putin’s hornet’s nest is catching up with him in many ways from invasion of the donbas to economic meltdown and increasing nationalism and separatism on the periphery. Ethnic Russian’s on the periphery suffer, where most of the money is spent in Moscow propping up Putin’s regime, while they live in poverty with failing infrastructure. An example of discontent is the Siberian independence state movement who state: “You sell all our national resources and all we get in return is stupid laws”. When people are repressed at the first opportuning of weakness by the repressive leadership they will get their revenge and independence. Russia after the next imminent collapse will, in my opinion, be a small poor country to the north and the west of the Urals. Putin if he is lucky will end up on trial for crimes against humanity in THe Hague, or a much worse comeuppance if he is not.

    Where 35% of a country’s wealth is held by 110 people in Russia, compared to the top 1% in the West, which is 3.5million in the US and 650,000 in the UK. Those 110 with falling incomes due to their financial crisis to keep their wealth will end up in a dog-eat-dog situation, where they will have to feed off each other to stay at the very top table.

    IMO Putin regime has not got long to ran and when it collapses, in my opinion, with all of the consequences of failure, it cannot happen to a more deserving person. We are looking at 12,000 and rising deaths in East Ukraine, due to Putin’s ego, so I very much hope it is a case of he who sows the seeds reaps the whirlwind.

  • Dean Venture

    Keep strong, Ukraine! I think your patience over the past couple of years is going to yield fruit. Putin can’t maintain the status quo while Russia’s economy circles the toilet, her educated elite flees for the West, and the DNR/LNR leadership consumes itself.