DNR terrorists open fire on people in aid queue, girl dead



2014/12/19 • War in the Donbas

Yesterday in Starobisheve, Donetsk oblast, during the distribution of humanitarian aid by the so-called DNR, a terrorist killed a young girl and wounded two other individuals, according to information reported to “Sehodnia” by volunteers with a humanitarian organization.

A report about the details of the incident stated that “a young girl was killed, and two others wounded, though their wounds are not life threatening,”

It was revealed that an argument had started among those who had lined up for social assistance at 4 pm at the so-called DNR bank.

DNR guards attempted to calm the situation, following which shots were fired into the air.

“One soldier didn’t return his weapon to the safety lock position, and during a scuffle there was a burst of gunfire, resulting in the deadly consequences,” according to the press release.

Earlier it was also reported that in Krasnodon opposing LNR groups had been provoking disputes among themselves. The reason for the infighting is the seizure of caches of contraband shipments (referred to by the terrorists as transit depots) that belong to other terrorist groups.

Translated by: Jeffrey Stephaniuk
Source: unian.ua

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