Captive militants in Ukraine do not want to go back



2014/12/17 • News

Delays in prisoner exchanges between the Ukrainian side and the Donbas militants are due to uncertainty about the date of the next Minsk meeting but also because many captive terrorists do not want to go back, said Olena Hitlinska, press secretary for the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU), at a briefing on Wednesday, December 17, as reported by the Independent News Bureau.

“I think that everyone is waiting for the Minsk meeting (to begin the process for exchanging prisoners),” Hitlinska said. However, she also noted that among the terrorists held captive by the SBU there are many who do not want to go back.

“There are many people (in captivity) who are wanted by the terrorists, but these people refuse. They do not want to be exchanged. There are even Russian citizens among them,” she added.

She explained that one of the reasons for this reluctance is fear of torture. “A number of the people have begun cooperating with our forces and then they don’t want to go back. They’re afraid.”

Additionally, Hitlinska said that among the detained terrorists there are people who have crossed over to the Ukrainian side. She also noted that the delays in the prisoner exchanges are entirely because of the terrorists.

“The SBU has jurisdiction over a certain number of terrorists who want to return. We are ready to exchange all for all, and we are ready to do that today even,” she stressed.

Today in Warsaw Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said he hoped that all captive Ukrainians would be released by the end of the year, especially all those who are illegally detained in Russia, including Nadia Savchenko.

Translated by: Anna Mostovych

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  • Paul P. Valtos

    Who the hell would want to go back to what lately has been a return to dictatorship ala
    Stalin/Putin. If any Russian goes back he will surely be facing what EXpow Russians faced after WWII. Stalin had them either shot or shipped to the gulag. I wonder if the gulags still exist or when Putin will restart them and their location. I’m sure that those old sites are still available.

    • JJ

      This DNR/LRN BS makes Stalin look good with the scum they’ve imported to “Help” the “Oppressed” in their “Struggle against junta fascists” Russians are now reaping the crop of their state terrorism. Слава Україні! Героям слава!,

  • Dirk Smith

    Militants? Separatists? Rebels? How about TERRORISTS!!!!!!

  • Kruton

    No need to say any more.

  • disqus_aJpixObjG7

    The russian Criminal elements making up the “DNR” & “LNR” are exactly the same bandits and murderers like lenin and his gang who effected the coup of 1917 in russia (it was never a revolution but a coup by all definitions).
    Just look at the faces, the mugs of the terrorists in east Ukraine then look for example at the faces/mugs of those carrying lenin’s coffin to see that they are almost identical in their thuggish criminal auras.
    The Russians tortured and murdered any Soviet soldier who had been taken prisoner by the Germans, even if he escaped and returned to his own lines. For this he was either tortured then shot or given a minimum 10 years at hard labor in Siberia. (btw HALF OF ALL PRISONERS IN THE RUSSIAN GULAG WERE UKRAINIANS.) The russian terrorists in east Ukraine behave just like the russians did previously. They will torture and murder their own soldiers who return to them from captivity.