Defense Minister: prepare reserves 



2014/12/08 • War in the Donbas

Defense Minister Colonel General Stepan Poltorak stated today that he is convinced Ukraine should prepare reserve troops “to be prepared for the unpredictable action on part of Russia or the terrorists in the east of Ukraine.”

“We have to learn from the mistakes that were made earlier. Besides personnel, we need to prepare reserve equipment and weaponry. The personnel has to go carry out military missions and be prepared to fight,” he stated.

According to the minister, there is a possibility of another turn of mobilization, however the President has to approve the decision as the Head Command.

Besides, Stepan Poltorak said at a press conference after a meeting with Canadian Defense Minister Robert Nicholson in Kyiv, Ukraine is always ready for a ceasefire in the east of the country.

The Canadian minister, on his part, stated at the conference that it is important to put continued pressure on Russia, so that it starts observing international law and respect Ukraine’s freedom and independence.

Translated by: Mariya Shcherbinina
Source: Radio Liberty

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  • Michel Cloarec

    Absolutly right ! Keep this cease-fire line (from5/9). The terrorists will not accept any conditions from Kiew about some autonomy for Donbas. Even if Kremlin thinks that it is their ideas, it is P Porenshenko first idea !

  • Rods

    If Russia and their mercenaries were serious about a ceasefire and resolution to their invasion in East Ukraine, why are they pouring in more regular troops, mercenaries, tanks, artillery, APCs, advanced SAM systems, along with a massive buildup of military forces on the Russian / Ukraine border etc, etc? Where everybody is expecting a big push by Russia which will certainly result in defensive weapons for Ukraine from the US and maybe other countries and more sanctions against Russia, I personally think they will play for a low key expansion of the DNR-LNR territory, in much the same way as they are trying to do now. With localised attacks in many Donbas-Ukraine border locations and then grabbing small amounts of Ukrainian territory here and there, until they have massively expanded the territory they control, in the expected hope that it will pass under the West’s radar. This has certainly worked well for Assad in Syria, with no response from the US or West over his alleged use of mustard-gas against separatists and civilians over the last few months.

    In such a low-key scenario in Ukraine, it is vital that there are strategically placed a number of mobile, quick response, reserves that can bolster defences when the defending Ukrainian troops are being stretched. So, I agree with the Ukrainian Defence Minister, as this seems to me to be a very sensible and prudent move.

    • W8post

      You mean, little by little as Israel does?

  • Milton Devonair

    The ‘reserves’ and the Ukrainians themselves should continue to be trained in military weapons and small unit tactics, weapons and ammunition should continue to be cached in small areas.

    The rape and looting of Ukraine and Crimea will never be over until the apes of russia say it is. So Ukrainians must make russians hurt enough to leave.

  • LorCanada

    The only thing the Kremlin thinks of is setting up their puppet regime in east Ukraine.