Head of Luhansk Oblast calls OSCE “absolutely helpless”



2014/12/07 • War in the Donbas

Gennady Moskal, the chairman of the Luhansk Oblast State Administration, stated he can no longer rely on the OSCE mission in an attempt to negotiate with leaders of the terrorists of the so-called “Luhansk People’s Republic.”

“The OSCE has not solved a single issue; that’s why we don’t contact them anymore and do not receive them. It’s an absolutely helpless organization,”- he said during the ceremony of accepting humanitarian aid from the Zhytomyr Oblast of Ukraine.

“The roofing materials and glass are needed here very much. They will likely go to the town of Trehizbenka, which is affected by shelling the most now. With regard to emergency medical care… A very seriously ill patient was taken from Stanitsa to Luhansk, because Bilovodsk is far. These savages (Russian terrorists) fired at the ambulance van, wounded the doctor, and stole the van. This is despite the fact that there was an agreement that the Luhansk emergency room will receive the patient – because from Stanitsa to Luhansk is only 12 kilometers. That is three times closer than Bilovodsk. As a result, the patient died,” – said Gennady Moskal.

Note that it is the second time the chairman of the Zhytomyr Oblast State Administration brings humanitarian aid from residents of his oblast to Severodonetsk, in particular roofing materials and a specialized ambulance van to replace the one hijacked by the terrorists.

Translated by: A. N.
Source: Ukrinform

  • Michel Cloarec

    Nobody is perfect ! OSCE mission is to report so politicians can make decisions.
    Eventually OSCE can and should try to negociate !
    Can you negociate with terrorrists ? TERROR is their only reason to exists !
    They have never in the last 3 months made any move towards peace !
    Humanitarian help for them is business and profit in money !
    Humanitarian for them is weapons from Kremlin !
    So to understand them , one has to speak the same language than them. KILL (100 000 years old language) (refreshed by Gengis Khan later) (refreshed again recently by the barbarous demons )

  • W8post

    that’s what I said MONTHS ago! and @Michel, as you say ‘OSCE mission is to report’ there is not much what they ‘report’ only what’s in their OWN interest[s] to keep themselves alive [and get paid for a useless job they perform] there is too much bigotry among the members. Russian observers? Serbian observers? LOL!!!