Dalia Grybauskaite: no need for Western leaders to deal with Putin directly



2014/12/06 • Russia

Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaite says that she doesn’t want to have anything to do with Vladimir Putin until the Kremlin leader changes his course and that she does not see any need for that given the multiple channels that Western countries have for interacting with the Russian government.

To deal with Putin directly, of course, is to play into his hands, building him up as the “indispensable” figure that he and his minions believe him to be, thereby reducing the pressure the impact of sanctions and other measures on him to end his aggression against Ukraine and his threats to Europe and the rest of the world.

But in a world of instant telephone communications, jet planes, and commentators clamoring for exactly such contacts as the best way to “solve” any problem, few Western leaders, themselves often having achieved such positions because of their confidence in their own personal abilities to deal with situations, will be able to follow Grybauskaite’s advice.

Indeed, even as she was making those comments, Russian news agencies were reporting that French President Francois Holland is going to meet with Putin in Moscow today, something one can be sure Moscow will promote and many in the West will accept as “welcome progress” toward a resolution of “the Ukrainian problem”.

Obviously, there are times when such talks are necessary and useful but only when they are in fact carefully prepared in advance by agreements reached at lower levels. But talking to an authoritarian dictator so obviously living in his own alternative reality is both counter-productive and dangerous because it will only convince him that he can win without changing course.

President Grybauskaite is right. Her recommendation should be followed. Isolating Putin in the way she proposes is, given what the Kremlin leader continues to do and say, even more important than any new sanctions regime or even further declines in the price of oil, however welcome those will be.

Source: windowoneurasia.blogspot.com

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  • Czech Friend

    Couldn’t agree more. Very displeased with Hollande who I don’t trust at all.
    It is about time to spread a global message, start a new paradigm: Putin is not Russia! He is not its future but a dark and tragic past.

    Russian people reading this, you must get rid of him and his mafia before he brings your country into total collapse. He is a sick man who will not hesitate starting a war killing milions of his own people just to get his name into history books along the “greats” of Hitler and Stalin, infamous mass murderers.

    People in Europe and US are your friends, Putin is an enemy of us all. Deal with him before it’s too late for everyone!

  • Michel Cloarec

    Absolut right ! But can putin fools the world, can the world fools putin !
    F Hollande visit in Moscow is foolish, because behind putin´s smile at the same time he knows that he is financing the far european right to dismount F H and party.
    The fuhrer of the right wing of Europe thinks that he is the winner ! But how he is going to explain all these 63 on 23 days !

  • Murf

    The woman has got brass no doubt about it.

  • Dean Venture

    I’m having a hard time believing that France, perhaps the biggest victim of the appeasement that resulted in the last major war, seems to be travelling down that path now. It is disappointing.

    I get it; they don’t want to start a nuclear war, but I don’t think any of us want to have to learn Russian in re-education camps either. Putin will take take take, until it finally becomes too personally expensive to take any more.

  • Brent

    Finally! A leader who understands how to deal with Putin…no more offramps, no more letting him save face. Putin needs to be made to understand, it is Russia that needs the West, our banking system, our markets to fund his country. He is the one who needs to amend his ways if he wants to be part of our civilized world and have the benefits of living in it. Otherwise, he can go sit at the “Petulant Little Dictators Table” with the likes of Kim Jong Un and all the other murderous tyrants and have his closed in society of admiring sheep who adore him. He is going to be 63 this year. The average Russian male lives to the age of 64. His ‘best before date’ may come sooner than he thinks.

    I wonder if it is because she is a woman, but a woman with a ‘bigger pair’ than the likes of Hollande and Obama.

    • Andrew Chmilewsky

      In my troll FAQ — I have it as — lives to 58 on average.
      Statistical calculations…. I am “inclined” to think, the 58 is more likely.
      Depends on your source — I evidently — have their “high acindental death rate”
      ALSO factored IN! — As I believe it SHOULD BE!

      Some do not…. but with the above — it “should be” factored in.

      That’s how screwed up they are! — that 58 “bothered them.”
      So… recalculate — and “exclude” some factors… that’s what
      I surmise… because HOW ELSE — could they suddenly shoot up
      from 58 to 64??? Esp. when they heard the West going “WTF!!!!”

      One troll said it was a good thing, because the government wouldn’t
      have to pay more in pensions that way. See what @ssholes they ARE?

      You served your PURPOSE FOR THE STATE (HORDE!) — no GFY and DIE FAST! :)
      That’s a good thing —- for THE STATE — the HORDE. –Whoa!
      Nice “collectivist” — insect colony, HORDE “mind-set”!