Russian media indignant about Donbas exhibition



2014/12/05 • Political News

Rossiya-24 and Russian Fifth Channel reported about an alleged “russophobic exhibition in Kyiv.” However, they did not note any details about the authors of the hundred best posters presented there.

The Russian 5th Channel issued a report titled Russophobic exhibition opens in Kyiv. They are walking about an exhibition which presents the top-hundred best posters dedicated to the conflict in Donbas.

“The exposition shocks with open russophobia, openly promotes violence, all of the posters are filled with hatred towards Russia, Donetsk and Luhansk.”

“Open calls to murder and genocide, veneration of Nazis in the past and their contemporary followers, torture, humiliation open russophobia. This is contemporary Kyiv,” claim the Russian journalists.

The report tries to draw an analogy with the propaganda in the Third Reich, saying that “the technology is such that the Germans managed to convince everyone that Jews were not people, which is why they had to be killed, the same will happen to Russians.” The report also expressed concern over the fact that Russian channels were banned, but this exhibition was not.

Russian journalists claimed that Ukrainian gallery owners have an important political mission: “demonstrate the enemy to the public.” It turns out that at the expo which so angered the Russian media and which was deemed russophobic, 46 out of 100 works were presented by a Russian artist working under the pseudonym Paperdaemon from the Russian town of Perm, however, the Russian reporters overlooked such details.

“He sent the most posters in – over 300 pieces, we selected 46 of the best, they include coarse language, which is quite motivated, there are some in Ukrainian and some in Russian, they illustrate a negative attitude to the Russian Empire, to Putin, to the situation in Donetsk, he supports Ukraine,” explained expo coordinator Yelizaveta Belska in a comment to Radio Liberty.

She added that Ukrainians’ works were milder, less radical, compared to those of the Russian artist. For example, the theme of icons and road signs and their compilation by Olexandr Alexeyev – in which he asks the higher power to “save and help.”

“We thought a thousand times and we would not have agreed if they had been Ukrainian artists producing so much public resonance, but since Russia has so many reasonable people who understand that they are trapped in Putin’s propagandist regime, who fight in their own manner by supporting Ukraine, we are adding these posters to the expo. We want to show Russia and thank it for having people who understand the essence of Putin’s lying propaganda,” said Ukrainian actor Antin Mukharsky to Radio Liberty.

The Russian report also emphasized the hatred towards Donetsk and Luhansk, however there is a piece by a Horlivka (Donetsk oblast) citizen in the expo. Most of the posters can be viewed on the Politnavigator website to see whether they contain “hatred towards Donetsk and Luhansk” Russian TV channels claim they do.

Rossiya-24 reporters said that Russian journalists were allegedly not allowed inside the gallery. These claims have no grounds, they even made a video, and their colleagues from the Russian 5th Channel even filmed a standup near the expo.

Translated by: Mariya Shcherbinina
Source: Radio Liberty

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  • sandy miller

    OMG what is wrong with those Russians. How much more vicious lies can their media tell to insite hatred. Russia starts the vicious propaganda but Ukraine shouldn’t fight back?

    • Joel Harding

      That is one of the techniques of Russian propaganda – denounce what the enemy is doing which Russia has already done. Suppress responses, place guilt on the other party, everything is fair game, no matter how evil or insidious.

      • Arctic_Slicer

        Yep, Russia doesn’t have any valid arguments against it’s enemies so instead they resort to projection by accusing their enemies of doing what they themselves are guilty of.

    • JisLor

      Lenin, the demonic genocidal maniac, still salonfahig and widely beloved all over the world by his admirers invented the “BIG LIE.” Putin, Lavrov et al use it in their genocidal agenda against Ukraine.

      The BIG LIE is a key element in the leftist instruction manual to destroy humanity.

      It set the basis for all Russian culture and media in 1917, which
      continues today.

      “THE BIG LIE.”

      Lenin wrote,

      This is why Russia
      continues to churn out lies through its Military/Propaganda complex

      Russian propaganda is
      its chief offensive weapon. Far more important & effective than grads,
      tanks and military divisions….

      Ukraine must arm
      itself in priority with information capability- telling the TRUTH, against
      the Big Russian lie.

      This gives the most
      bang for the buck as Russia’s entire propaganda budget would pay for just one
      modern jet aircraft. Yet the propaganda literally does the destructive work of
      hundreds of jet planes in destroying Ukraine

    • Michel Cloarec

      Maybe this exhibition should be more extensive as a response to arrogance !

  • Don Casavant
  • Don Casavant

    This article shows that Russia is just following the playbook concerning propaganda! They lie so much that half of them no longer know what the truth is.

  • Murf

    More idiot propaganda brought to you from Putlierstand, the wonderful land were everything is someone else’ fault.

    • LorCanada

      Nicely put! ;- )

  • Dirk Smith

    Hard to believe such sinister and archaic propaganda continues to be peddled by the muscovites. It successfully eliminates the true believer’s responsibility of their social contract.

  • Michel Cloarec

    Again those arrogant russian media, want to make russian people believe that without any reason Ukrainia is agressive towards russia. It is so pathetic ! What those posters show is nothing in regards to what the rest of the world, ( that world is much bigger than putin´s lilleput country ) russophobia describe russia as an agressor .
    #lilleput = minimini

  • Dean Venture

    Don’t want to be viewed as a rogue state? Stop behaving like one. If the Russians wish to combat russophobia, then maybe they should start behaving in a way that doesn’t encourage it. Where I live there was zero mention of Russia as any kind of a threat before Crimea. Russian actions, and their actions alone, changed all of that.

    Besides, Russian media has gone to North Korea for their style guide. Outrage, belligerence, and fawning sycophancy for their leaders are all we should expect from them.

  • Michel Cloarec

    OH ! the poor darlings they are offended. Who are the scapegoats ?
    Scarcely enough ! MORE like that please !

  • Murf

    I want to thank the Moscow propaganda machine. I liked the one with Ukrainian bitch slappinn the Russian bear so much I made it my first ever avatar.
    I feel so special now. Like a real Euromaidan Troll!
    (It’s proud American tradition to turn an insult into a source of pride. An example is “Yankee” it was a Dutch insult meaning Cheese Head.)