Donetsk youth wore pro-Ukrainian T-shirts for meeting with leaders of the “DNR”

Donetsk youth wearing pro-Ukrainian t-shirts to a meeting with "DNR" leaders

Donetsk youth wearing pro-Ukrainian t-shirts to a meeting with "DNR" leaders 

2014/12/04 • War in the Donbas

In Donetsk, some young men and women wore t-shirts with signs “Donetsk is Ukraine” to a meeting of the leader of terrorists Denis Pushilin with residents.

The event took place on December 1, 2014.  Pushilin was the key speaker at the meeting.

In the video you can see how a woman who stood behind Pushilin threatens the youth with her fist. And after the meeting, she gathered the young people and demanded to see their documents.

Woman behind speaking Pushilin threaten the youth with her fist

Woman behind speaking Pushilin threaten the youth with her fist


Donetsk youth wearing pro-Ukrainian t-shirts to a meeting with "DNR" leaders

Donetsk youth wearing pro-Ukrainian t-shirts to a meeting with “DNR” leaders

This can be seen in the video distributed by Hromadske.TV of the Donetsk Oblast.

Unfortunately, the fate of the young people is unknown.

Multiple cases of persecution of Ukrainian patriots in Donetsk have been reported. A story of Irina Dovgan, who helped the Ukrainian military and was later tied by Russian militants to a pillory pole, beaten and abused, received a wide circulation.


Translated by: A. N.
Source: Ukrayinska Pravda


  • Don Casavant

    The young people show that they have “guts”. Can anyone ID the blonde bitch that is threatening the young people/ If she can be ID’ed then charges can be brought against her when Donetsk in back in government hands.

    • Racquel Simone

      That was incredibly brave. She reminds one of a Nazi “rounding up the Jews” threatening these children like that. These small glimpses of the internal happenings within these areas evokes a Hitler-esque atmosphere.

      • Don Casavant

        I agree!

    • Murf

      I don’t know Don she looks kinda hot in a; “Ilsa: She-Wolf of the Gestapo” sorta way.
      She should consider a career in porn after this Rebel Fascias thing falls a part.
      I can see it now; “Olga She-Bitch of the Donbas”

      • Don Casavant

        Ya know Murf I think you are right! I looked at her photo again and I think if she put on knee high boots, a leather push merry widow and held a big whip…yea there are possibilities there!!

        • Murf

          Porn would be more honorable than what she is doing right now. Creepy ass witch,

          • Don Casavant

            Maybe the people in the 60s were right, “make love not war”!!!

          • Ionutz Yountz

            haha she already performs live on webcam

    • Arctic_Slicer

      More proof that the DNR is nothing more than an “old people’s republic”; most people under 40 that attained adulthood in an independent Ukraine do not want to be under Russian rule.

      • Don Casavant

        I agree! Around where I live, all the old Babushkas sit and complain about everything in Ukraine but will not leave! I guess that these old people cannot adjust to change as well as the younger people can.

  • Whalerboy

    Respect for these brave people. We in norway are with you, Ukraine people. God bless you all!

    • Milton Devonair

      Yup, Ukrainians are a brave, good people. That’s why the apes of russia hate them so much as they are everything a russian can never be.
      Here are some Ukrainian children in Crimea that were brought out by the russian apes to sing the russian national anthem. They didn’t.
      Hope none of the girls were gang raped by the russians as punishment and the boys beaten.

  • Kruton

    Crazy Bolshevik harpie!

  • Fabio E. Nategh

    maybe doneck is ucraina… but now ucraina is america. you have eve foreign ministers. ucraina is a puppet of america

    • Murf

      Better to be an American whore than a Russian slave.

    • LorCanada

      Putin has put his puppets to govern in east Ukraine but they have no money and steal from the locals, the banks, and pensioners. There is hunger and people dying of starvation. The women in several towns have demonstrated against the Russian thugs who intimidate the people. They have told the invaders to get out of Ukraine in two months. I hope it works and the criminals get kicked out, back to Mother Russia, and leave Ukraine in peace.

  • Mazepa

    That bitch will never live to see Christmas…
    She’s dead.

  • Olga Dora Garbar

    Ucrania nunca será Rusia!!!! Los que quieren ser rusos que se retiren del país y vivan en Rusia. Por favor dejen de matar a los civiles y respeten a los que piensan distinto.-“” Los rusos no pueden ser entendidos por la razón “”, lo dijo un poeta o escritor Ruso.-

  • Walter Salmaniw

    Incredible to see and heartwarming that not everyone in the Donbas has been brainwashed.