Germany refuses to provide military assistance to Ukraine



2014/11/29 • News

The government of the Federal Republic of Germany has turned down Ukraine’s request for military aid in the conflict with pro-Russian separatists.

“The military support for Ukraine in this conflict is not even being discussed,” the deputy government spokesperson Christiane Wirtz  said in Berlin on Friday, November 28, reports Espreso TV, citing

Earlier, in an interview with the Bild newspaper, Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin called on Germany to give his country diesel engines for military transport vehicles. He stated that Russia is redeploying troops and that Ukraine must prepare for a winter offensive by the enemy.

Regarding the specific request for diesel engines, Christiane Wirtz said that Ukraine’s request is currently under review. She also stressed that the government of Germany will do everything possible to de-escalate the crisis in Ukraine. A spokesperson for the German Foreign Ministry said that, contrary to the statements made by Klimkin, his department does not have information that pro-Russian separatists are preparing a winter offensive.

Meanwhile, in an interview with the Welt newspaper, Ukraine’s representative  to the EU, Ambassador Konstantyn Eliseyev,  criticized the German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier  for rejecting the possibility of Ukraine joining NATO.  Eliseyev said he could not understand such a position.

“Every partner country, including Germany, should respect the choice of a sovereign state, which is what Ukraine is, he said. “No country has the right to block Ukraine’s path to NATO and thus to a better future.”

Earlier, Steinmeier, in an interview with the online edition of Spiegel magazine, stated that Ukraine’s membership in NATO is out of the question. “On the issue of Ukraine’s accession to the alliance, the position is exactly the same as I announced it many months ago: I see the possibility for a partnership between Ukraine and NATO but not for the country’s membership in the alliance,” he said.

Translated by: Anna Mostovych
Source: Espreso TV

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  • Michel Cloarec

    OK we got the message ! Politic on high level !

  • Rods

    That’s all right, we get the German message that it is everybody for themselves, so from our point of view, Russian tanks will have to cross Germany, before they threaten the UK and with their pathetic 1.3% of GDP spent on defence, instead of the NATO agreed 2%, much of their military strength is on paper only, where much equipment is mothballed where it has reached the end of its designed life or suffers from lack of spares. When Russia through Germany’s encouragement fully asserts itself in Eastern Europe. Why can’t we also be this selfish and why should should British, US and other countries lives be endangered though them not doing, what they should have done themselves. We can also urge our politicians to provide nothing more than blankets and Russian vetoed UN resolutions under NATO’s Article 5.

    Maybe Merkel welcomes this, where she is certainly of the right demographic for those that yearn and vote the most for the ‘good old days’ where their life was totally ordered, under ‘the good old communist’ system? She is after all a product of the old Communist Eastern Germany.

    There has been a massive build up in the DNR, LNR over the last few weeks of troops and military equipment, along with 40,000 additional troops and equipment of the Red army and airforce on the Ukrainian border, why? Will we see a general invasion across Ukraine to Moldova if they don’t vote for ‘Russia’s’ pro-Kremlin candidate tomorrow? If so then Romania becomes the new front line along with maybe Hungary, Slovakia and Poland as well.

    • Jari Hämäläinen

      They won’t vote any pro-Russian candidate in Moldova since the high court banned the pro Russian party from the lists.

      • Milton Devonair

        Good. Humans need to start to protect themselves and their country from russians.

    • Milton Devonair

      I’ve always suspected merkel had fond memories of living in communist east germany.

      • Rods

        My instincts also, there is something rotten about German politicians when it come to Ukrainian interests!

        • Milton Devonair

          Germany is the economic machine of the dysfunctional eu… germany will do whatever is best for germany and their economy, nothing more.

          Poland and Ukraine seem to be the only ones willing to stand on their hind legs.

  • chris hawkins

    Just give us money – we can make our own engines.

    • Milton Devonair

      …rather than engines, Ukraine needs more materiel to fight an insurgent, terrorist war that has been forced upon it. An engine plant won’t do any good to humans if russians bomb it…or steal it.

      Ukraine would be better off–as will the whole world–by just keep killing russians. It appears as the only way this world is going to survive is for people to just keep killing enough russians and muslims to make them stop going into other countries and terrorizing them.

  • Jari Hämäläinen

    A suitable counter reaction to this would be calling Ukrainian ambassador home from Berlin and perhaps telling German ambassador in Kyiv to leave. You can’t sit on two chairs. Either you support Kyiv or you don’t.

  • Wellenzaehler

    Shame on my country, Germany!

  • Brent

    Germany shows its true colors. This is the country that HAS supplied Russia, the aggressor nation with weapons and military training. But this was not expected. Merkl has been coddling Putin all along and trying to find a way for him to win part of Ukraine. Steinmeir has long advocated Ukraine negotiating a truce with Russia, as has the Vice Chancellor, Sigmar Gabriel. Instead of standing up to Putin, they all have been trying to strong arm Ukraine into acquiescing territory and to form a Federation as per Putin’s desires. I’m sure Germany will be the first country to recognize Crimea as part of Russia and send their fat lazy tourists there to support Putin’s economy.

    Germany epitomizes the type of nation that does not belong in a military alliance such as NATO because they refuse to honor their commitment to the spending required by the NATO charter AND they refuse to stand up to Russia. Putin should get his wish and NATO should be disbanded, but it should be reborn with nations truly willing to honor their commitments like the U.S, Great Britain, Poland and others willing to stand up to bully nations like Russia and those appeasers in southern Europe should be cast adrift.

    • JisLor

      German collaborators with Putin:
      Socialist Steinmeier… and Socialist Sigmar Gabriel and their mentors:
      Socialist former chancellor Helmut Schmidt who says “Russia’s interests must be respected”…

      Then there is Putin’s personal concubine- Socialist former Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder one of Putin’s harem favorites… who engineered Europe’s dependency on Russian energy… and who today sits on the board of Gazprom… shameless scoundrels

      Then there is Socialist former economic minister Egon Bahr who says that Russia’s annexation of Crimea must be recognized…

      The list of these scoundrels goes on and on- all harem concubines of Russia and enemies of Ukraine.
      Interesting that Europe’s Socialists and Europe’s neo nazis ( national Socialists) all support Russia against Ukraine- Russia whose parliament is composed of 55% neo nazis and extreme right wing nationalists

  • sandy miller

    So no help for Ukraine. shame on you Germany!!!

  • Milton Devonair

    So in one fart, communist merkel says that russia won’t stop with just stealing Ukraine, they will continue to threaten eastern europe.
    But commie hag won’t help out Ukraine?

    Yet again, another example of why the USA should gradually start pulling out all of our military and cash payments (aid) to europe. They’ve leached off the USA for over five decades. Let europe stand on their own hind legs or bend over and bow to whoever they want to be their “daddy”.

    • Rods

      Don’t encourage her, bending over her generous derere to Putin is probably the most thrilling thought she has had since the demise of communist Stasi East Germany!

      • Milton Devonair

        Yup, merkel, just like old times in east germany…..

        I was just given some Zeiss binoculars. Nice…they were made in “West Germany”, as all the markings on it says…..

    • Murf

      Were it not for the loyal and courageous countries like Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Georgia I would agree with you 100%.
      But these people need our help and encouragement. We can not let the duplicity of the others over shadow their desire for freedom or the threat they face.

      • Milton Devonair

        Eastern Europe I agree and support. Western europe is a tired, old, stagnant gaggle of dysfunctional twits. Let them eat their own cake.

  • Murf

    I wounder if a world leader had said, “Russia’s interests must be respected”… instead of “Ich bin enh berliner” how would the world look to today?
    Well Ukraine should remember who stood by them in their time tribulation.
    I mean at least France has taken the hit on the Mistrial deal.

  • DejaVu

    Is it really a surprise? Merkel even discussed lifting sanctions. Putin and Merkel have a long history especially back in the cold war. Germany is more interested in aligning with Russia than supporting Ukraine.

  • Mazepa

    The Germans have always been ignorant political whores. That’s why Schroder now works for Gazprom….