Putin threatened invasion in phone call with Poroshenko — media sources

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2014/11/27 • News

President Poroshenko held a telephone conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin late Wednesday, November 26.

At 22:00 journalists waiting for completion of the meeting of the Petro Poroshenko Bloc faction witnessed as Russian Ambassador Mikhail Zurabov exited the administration offices. The ambassador refused to comment on the late visit.

Later, representatives of the Presidential Administration told the INSIDER  publication that a difficult conversation with Putin was taking place in the presence of the Russian ambassador. According to sources, Poroshenko later arrived at the faction meeting in a bad mood and commented on his conversation with Putin, which had lasted 90 minutes.

“There is a problem with Russia. They are threatening to begin an attack and are demanding the recognition of the separatist republics and the refusal to join NATO and the EU,” another source quoted Poroshenko to INSIDER.

Another person close to the president said there had been no contacts with Moscow for more than a week after the summit in Australia. “Previously they talked on the phone almost every day and we also communicated through intermediaries. Now all contacts have stopped and we do not understand what he (Putin) is planning,” he said.

Last Thursday, November 20, there were violent disagreements in a working group preparing the coalition agreements. The Poroshenko Bloc did not want to sign the coalition agreement as amended, which referred to Ukraine’s accession to NATO.  But representatives of the other factions prevailed.

On Friday, November 21, during the meeting with civic activists on Maidan, Poroshenko was angry and made it clear that he was very unhappy with that decision.

“You think that what you did was better, but really it only makes matters worse. Soon the Alliance will issue a statement that it cannot accept us. I will be discussing this with Biden right now, asking them not to do that,” the president told the activists. “Because there is a military conflict in the East, nobody will accept us in the Alliance. However, it will only irritate Putin,” he said, according to his associates.

On November 26, the President of the European Council, Herman Van Rompuy, said that Ukraine should become a federation in order to resolve the crisis in the Donbas.

Earlier, the same position on autonomy was voiced by Federica Mogherini, the High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs, who then retracted her words. As has been reported, in March, before the invasion of Crimea, Putin had demanded the federalization of Ukraine and the rejection of NATO and EU.

Thursday morning, November 27, Poroshenko’s office denied that Putin had threatened to attack Ukraine.

Iryna Fryz, the head of information management for the Presidential Administration, stated that during the telephone conversation between Poroshenko and Putin, Russia’s president had not threatened Ukraine with a military attack.

“Officially. Yesterday the Russian Ambassador Zubarov was not present during the telephone conversation of the President of Ukraine with V. Putin. Therefore, the information that appeared in the media is as unreliable as the information that any threats had been made against a sovereign state,” Frytz wrote in her Facebook.

Later, Dmitry Peskov, the press secretary of the Russian president, confirmed that a telephone conversation between Petro Poroshenko and Vladimir Putin had taken place. “Indeed, at the initiative of the Ukrainian party a telephone conversation between presidents Putin and Poroshenko took place the night before,” he said.

Translated by: Anna Mostovych
Source: Insider

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  • Jack McColley

    The EU is caving in. Of course, Putin wants Ukraine to be federalized. Then he can take control of one Oblast at a time simply by subverting their governments. It’s alot easier than trying to take over a untied Ukraine.

    • LorCanada

      Sorry but I’m confused by your last several words. Do you mean to say: “trying to take over a UNITED Ukraine” … ?

  • George

    ‘Officially. Yesterday the Russian Ambassador Zubarov was not present
    during the telephone conversation of the President of Ukraine with V.
    Putin. Therefore, the information that appeared in the media is as
    unreliable…’ I’m sure all countries involved would be recording these telephone conversations and perhaps some other countries too. Print the transcript or release a recording.

    • Hektor Uranga

      The mafia Don speaks only on veiled terms, just in case someone is recording his conversation. Such are the ways of Putler, a thug with nukes, who has never recognized any wrongdoing with Ukraine. Would you rather put your trust on a recording of said conversation than on the word of the President of Ukraine? That is absurd.

      • Milton Devonair

        The body count of russians need to be greatly increased before russians themselves will realize how putin the chimpanzee is looting and destroying their country.

  • Paul P. Valtos

    Those in the administration supporting federalization should be allowed to disappear in Russia, while alive or dead.

  • Brent

    It is disgusting that Van Rompuy would take a position acquiescing to Russia’s demands about Ukraine’s internal politics and the type of country it should be. Too many European politicians are paid ‘useful idiots’ of Russia, or are waiting for their turn ‘at the Russian feed trough’ with the other former pigs like Gerhard Schroder.

    Ukraine has to start questioning if it is worth aligning with the EU when so man of its leaders are corrupt or supporters of Putin and Russia. They have done nothing to help Ukraine fight off the invading Russia forces and are keep talking about withdrawing the feeble sanctions they have imposed. If Russia gets its way with Ukraine, then Europe better be prepared to defend itself without running to the U.S. for help when Putin comes knocking on Europe’s door making demands from them.

    • DejaVu

      Exactly and what I said earlier. Is it even worth to align with the EU and the US when they have shown to the world how they can be bullied. 1930’s all over again and Ukraine is Poland of Sept 1939.

      Ukraine needs to invest in nuclear weapons again and never again give them up. Promises by the West and Russia are signed on toilet paper for it means nothing.

      • Milton Devonair

        Yup. Start arming and training your people and continue the longer greater bleed of the apes of russia in Ukraine….and Crimea….and soon to be Georgia.

        • DejaVu

          The problem is that it is not happening especially with Poroshenko in power. He refused to declare a state of emergency earlier and there isn’t a focus on war-time but rather peace-time dilly-dallying. Why hasn’t Ukraine gone into a state of emergency since August or earlier and why hasn’t the priority of production been switched to the Armed Forces ?

          • Milton Devonair

            Poroshenko himself said, “Historic events are unavoidable”. He should listen to what he says.

          • DejaVu

            He doesn’t though. He’s just another Oligarch. Read up on his failed election promises including surrendering interest in the Roshen candy/chocolate company.



          • LorCanada

            Somewhere in an interview I heard President Poroshenko say he sought a ceasefire, the Minsk Agreement, because he knew quite well he was outnumbered and outgunned by Putin if Ukraine chose to continue with further conflict. The ceasefire didn’t really stop the fighting but it reduced the deaths somewhat. Later on Poroshenko said the only good thing that came out of the Minsk attempt was the prisoner exchange where they brought their soldiers home to recover.

          • DejaVu

            He was the same presidential candidate that broke many of his promises. Remember how he said he wouldn’t negotiate or talk with the “Seperatists/Terrorists”. How can you believe anything from the Chocolate Porky ?

            You sound like you are defending Poroshenko here anyway. What has the ceasefire brought that it is still needed to be maintained anyway currently ?

  • Dirk Smith

    It’s amazing in reading social media how many Ukrainians still remain scared of offending this delusional KGB bully. For instance, they disown patriots like the Azov Battalion because of questionable “nazi” symbolism. YOUR COUNTRY HAS BEEN INVADED. Act now or prepare for the worst!!

    • Milton Devonair

      Unfortunately, a lot of europeans have become accustomed to living under kings, queens, and other dictators of various sorts, so they aren’t used to being empowered…they are used to hoping for “nothing” to happen…sometimes surrendering a lot in order to have “nothing” happen.