Poroshenko wants a foreigner to head up anti-corruption bureau



2014/11/27 • News

Poroshenko believes the head of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau should be an individual without ties to the Ukrainian political elite and has proposed appointing a foreigner for that position, reports Dzerkalo Tyzhnia, November 27.

“I have a concrete proposal to all who are involved in the decision to select the head of this bureau. I propose that we offer this position to a person from outside Ukraine. This person would have one advantage — the absence of ties to the Ukrainian political elite. He would be nobody’s crony and nobody’s relation. He would be equidistant from all political forces — a technocrat who could be trusted by all,” the president said.

According to Poroshenko, only that kind of leader would ensure the effectiveness of the bureau. “Reformers in all nations have never avoided enlisting foreigners to carry out changes,” he added.

Porosehnko said he intends to initiate legislative changes that would allow foreign experts to work in the government of Ukraine.

“My idea is that by changing the law we would grant the right to bring foreigners into government service, including as members of the government,” he said during his address in Verkhovna Rada.

He noted that the simplification and acceleration of the procedure granting Ukrainian citizenship would provide another opportunity to attract foreigners. According to Poroshenko, the desire to accept Ukrainian citizenship would indicate the serious intentions of the foreigners.

Translated by: Anna Mostovych
Source: Dzerkalo Tyzhnia
Source: Dzerkalo Tyzhnia

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  • Michel Cloarec

    Exactly ! The scandinavians are good at this kind of works !

    • Milton Devonair

      I was going to vote for Kruton here to do it. Whoever does it should be supplied with plenty of baseball bats.

      • Don Casavant

        No… Kruton would kill too many people! šŸ˜‰

        • Milton Devonair

          True, but that could be a good thing, depending upon who he’s cleansing out from the human population. The key to fighting cancer is to only kill the cancerous cells while keeping the surrounding normal tissue alive. Sounds like Ukraine has to remove a russian cancer…….

          • Milton Devonair
          • Don Casavant

            Milt you are one of only three people I really pay attention to on this site! The other two are Murf and Brent. I don’t alway agree with you but I do always respect your option! Please keep up your postings!

          • Milton Devonair

            Could you please relay that information to my wife? I think she’s tuned me out a few days ago. Or maybe it was a week. Nah, possibly a month. Wait, she left me over a year ago….forget it.

  • W8post

    That person, HE/SHE, must speak, read AND understand Ukrainian language, Russian, English and probably Polish and German as well! Where can one find a multi-linguist of this level? A Finnish person perhaps? (Merkel might fit in also…)

    • Don Casavant

      All Ukraine needs is an honest person with the balls to do what is correct. You can always hire a translator!

      • Milton Devonair

        and hire someone to hand him/her the baseball bats…..

        • Don Casavant

          Yea, a big old wooden one!

          • Milton Devonair

            šŸ˜€ Or a bunch of smaller ones in the hands of every Ukrainian to beat the russian sponsored corruption out of their government and the russian monkeys out of Ukraine itself…..

    • LorCanada

      I was thinking of Finland too. Excellent neutrality up there.

  • Don Casavant

    Petro baby, what a great idea! Yats is wrong! You can come out with an original idea!

  • Paul P. Valtos

    I’d look at the Poles if the Ukrainians can look at someone who has gone through what the Ukrainians have or an Ukrainian American who is bilingual, Polish, German and possibly Russian. If he has lived in the US he has some idea about corruption. The thing is to have an attorney general who will stick to the rules against corruption. A case could drag out for years with the right devious person as well as devious lawyers. Both have to be non corrupting. This is a difficult task especially with 70 years of Russian philosophy and the ability to live under a Stalinist culture. That is how Czar Putin has been able to control the Russians now. They live in their own safety cocoon, the state be damned and exists to be corrupted.

    • Don Casavant

      Well said!

    • Michel Cloarec

      It will not be easy !
      It was a film with Sean Connery och Kevin Costner “the incorruptables”
      Good luck to Ukrainia !
      Unconventional methods must be the answer !
      Corruption must disapear ! Gangsters can have free pass to Moscow. Free train ticket also !

  • Dirk Smith

    Smart call.

  • gmab

    Another great decision. This would be advantageous to Ukraine & I’m sure many Ukrainians abroad would jump at the chance to assist ie- Ukrainian/Canadians/Australians/Americans as well as Europeans. No language barriers or conflicts of interest.

  • Michel Cloarec

    CORRUPTION is the worth thing which can happen for a country like Ukrainia.
    So to save Ukrainia corruption must disapear. The best against corruption are the scandinavian countries. Built up a team with some translators ! It would work !
    This team should be under the law of Ua and the respective scandinavian countries.
    A good man like Lars Adaktusson for example (ex swedish journalist) not afraid to unweil what is wrong. Actually in Europa parlement .