Poroshenko: no need to threaten us with World War III



2014/11/27 • War in the Donbas

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko stated there was no need to threaten Ukraine with World War III.

In his speech at the first session of the newly elected Verkhovna Rada, he also expressed the hope that “nobody is going to start it [the war].”

“By the way, the enemy is more afraid of our success in reform than on the front,” he noted, emphasizing the necessity of reform in Ukraine, particularly in the elimination of corruption.

The President also thinks that the goal of destabilizing the situation in the east of Ukraine is not “occupying territories,” but provoking a “split” within the country.

These comments followed a telephone conversation between Petro Poroshenko and President of Russia Vladimir Putin discussing the situation in Donbas.

The anti-terrorist operation has been going on since April on the territories of Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts. Parts of these oblasts are still controlled by pro-Russian separatists.

Ukraine and the international community accuse Russia of sending weapons and servicemen to aid the separatists in Donbas, Moscow denies this.

Translated by: Mariya Shcherbinina
Source: Radio Liberty

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  • Mykola Banderachuk

    Just a few thoughts: Russia and putler have nothing to fear from a free and independent Ukraine. Ukraine’s lustration and restructuring into a better society will not cause a Maidan in Moscow. Why? firstly, putin has the people completely under control-they do not know any better, they just love a strongman in Moscow. Secondly, look at the Koreas, you have a stalinist style dictatorship in the North and a wildly successful and prosperous democracy in the South. The north korean population is quiet like the proverbial mouse and have no desire or capability to overthrow the dictator. This is the same situation between ruSSia and Ukraine.Thirdly, Ukraine has no territorial ambitions to acquire ruSSian lands they just do not want russians occupying our lands or be part of cccp v.2. Really quite simple

    • Brent

      I disagree. I think Putin is very right to fear a similar revolution in Russia. He cannot let Ukraine prosper because the biggest danger is then Russians will see he has been lying to them and ‘his way’ will fail. The current Russian regime is a ‘house of cards’ that is ready to collapse and the control of the media, propaganda spreading, and suppression of rights of citizens to travel all reflect back to Soviet era ‘population control’. That is how Putin was trained to do from his KGB days. I’m very hopeful that all the Russians with I-phones and other ‘evil Western gadgets and technology’ will reach a ‘tipping point’ very soon because they’ve had a ‘taste’ of Western style civilization and life and freedoms. As much as I hate the evil little “Volya”, his only choice is to control Russians as much as possible, push for Russian hegemony and glorification to keep the mindless sheep from stampeding over him when they finally wake up and realize how much of their future, and their children’s future he has destroyed.

      We live in a world with short attention spans and ‘what have you done for me now’ thinking. Look at George W. Bush’s popularity after 9/11 and how he really only squeaked through a repeat victory over a bumbling John Kerry in 2004. Yes, currently in Russia “the mob rules”, but it is not sustainable in the long term and eventually it turns and devours what it previously idolized…at least I hope so!!!

      I think the photo below epitomizes the current situation in Russia. Putin’s ‘herding his sheep’ for now, but I really hope they’re going to turn and stampede the little runt “Volya” into the ground when they finally wake up and get hungry…

      • Don Casavant

        Well said Brent! I agree with you100%, Putlier is afraid!

      • Mykola Banderachuk

        I agree with you also, just putting a different theory out there for the community

        • Brent

          I know you and I are on the same side in this issue and I enjoy reading your posts. I do agree with some of what you posted, especially as it pertains to older Russians who long for the Soviet lifestyle and are willing to give up freedoms and liberties to live in a society with a domineering overlord as long as they get their rightful cabbage each month. Sadly, they don’t realize the future they are leaving for their children, many of whom will suffer more than they do. I just think their will be a huge ‘wake-up’ call in Russia soon, with gas prices falling, more and more financial commitments being made by Putin that are not sustainable long term, and the continuing epic corruption levels. At least I hope so!!!

          Slava Ukraine brother!

          • Mykola Banderachuk

            thanks, we are definitely on the same side, like you I hope that the ruSSia collapses as the price of oil falls-lets do the ruSSian limbo-how low can you go rubull?

      • Czech Friend

        very well put, thank you

    • Iggy

      Well spoken.