Ukraine files a petition to deem Russia a sponsor of terrorism



2014/11/26 • Political News

Article by: Marichka Naboka

Arseniy Yatseniuk’s government retired before the new Verkhovna Rada session and reported on its work. As such, according to the Prime Minister, some financial measures are even better than expected. Export to EU countries has grown by 12%. Meanwhile experts advise the officials not to hope for compensation of the damage Russia has done to Ukraine. 

The state of the Ukrainian economy is quite acceptable for wartime. Some financial measures are even better than expected, state Prime Minister Arseniy Yatseniuk as he opened the last session of this government on Wednesday.

“The fall of the economy was predicted at 10%. We can say that the prognoses are somewhat better. We expect 7% now. It is still a falling economy, which is falling because of Russian aggression, unbelievable budget losses to support the Armed Forces, which has been partially destroyed by Russian terrorists. However, we managed to gather 5% more revenue to the state budget than in 2013,” stated Yatseniuk.

At the same time, according to the government, state budget deficit in 2014 will constitute 4% of the GDP. About 11,8 billion UAH are needed to restore the east of the country. The losses Ukraine suffers from the annexation of Crimea constitute 1,8 trillion UAH, and they are growing constantly. Russia is the one who has to compensate, Yatseniuk noted.

Deem Russia a terrorism sponsor 

“The government of Ukraine filed three plaints to the European Human Rights Court against Russia. We demand compensation of billions, or rather, trillions, worth of damage Russia has caused Ukraine. In the International UN Court Ukraine has started proceedings against Russia for violating the International Convention for the Suppression of the Financing of Terrorism. The Russian Federation finances terrorism in Ukraine. The Russian Federation supports terrorism in Ukraine and the Russian Federation violates the anti-terrorism convention,” emphasized the Prime Minister.

Political expert Anatoly Oktysiuk thinks that it was necessary to plead with international organizations and EU countries to deem ‘LNR’ and ‘DNR’ terrorist organizations, and Russia – a country which supports terrorism, back in March. He calls the plains regarding Russia’s compensation political actions.

“Such plains are even dangerous, this may legalize the annexation of Crimea in a way. If Russia compensates the damages regarding Crimea, it will say that as it had already compensated the damages, the territory is legally under Russia’s jurisdiction. As to the compensation of damages in Donbas – we have to obligate Russia. However, even if a decision is made y international structures, it will not be binding for Russia. It easily foregoes international norms and protocols.”

At the same time, according to the expert, Russia has a huge lobby in the UN. So he is doubtful Russia will be considered a sponsor of terrorism in Ukraine.

On November 26, the last session of this government was held. Earlier President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko asked the members of coalition agreements to support Arseniy Yatseniuk as a candidate for the post of Prime Minister.

Western countries and Ukraine accuse Russia of supporting pro-Russian separatists with military means. Moscow denies these accusations.

Translated by: Mariya Shcherbinina
Source: Radio Liberty

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  • u_key

    Russia is a terrorist State. There is no question about it.

  • Misha

    This article is laughable. So the logic is that the Ukraine will first demolish industrial and civilian infrastructure in Donetsk and Luhansk, which interestingly enough it still considers to be its own territory, and then try to force Russia to pay for the damages using the excuse “we were forced to do it”. As far as Crimea goes, I wonder what math was used to reach the figure of 1,8 trillion UAH, but it does go to show that the Ukrainians will sell anything for the right price, even Crimea, which Poroshenko swore to get back at all costs.
    Terrorist are those people that create fear/terror, which in this case would not be the separatists who are defending their homes, but those who are advancing towards them in order to regain control over those areas and in the processes murdering their own people.

    • JisLor

      “misha” means “mouse” in Russian. This russian- muscovite writing here is nothing more than a mouse. He is a little mouse at war against Ukraine, using muscovite lies and libel against the people of Ukraine. Mouse: the TRUTH will prevail.

      • Misha

        First, “Misha” does not mean “mouse” in Russian. Second, you are using ad hominem attacks when I am doing no such thing. Third, combine point number one and two, which would make what you said to be actual libel. Fourth, I agree with you that the truth will prevail.

    • caap02

      The people who created, organized, financed, armed and staffed this “seperatist” violence in the Donbass have homes in Moscow (e.g. Strelkov, Borodai, Antyfeyev et al and their bosses). So no, they are not “defending their homes”. And yes, all of Dontesk and Luhansk and Crimea ARE Ukrainian territory, and considered to be so by most countries in the world. And yes, damages for temporary occupation should be payable by Russia. No one is selling anything.

      • Misha

        Let us not forget that almost 20% of the Ukrainian population are Russian, this is especially true within the Eastern regions, so it is no surprise that among the separatist forces there will be Russian citizens. I wish that the level of skepticism that you apply towards the separatist movement, in order to delegitimize its cause and patronize each participant for being false in their motivations, would be also be applied to the Euromaidan, but of course such objectivity cannot be expected.

    • Brent

      Actually Comrade “Mouse”, the only thing laughable is your logic and your twisted facts
      >only 17% of population of Ukraine is ethnically Russian, and many of them do not want Russian rule
      >they were never under threat or persecuted by Ukrainians or the Kremlin backed Yanukovych government as claimed by “Volya”
      >the one thing you are right about is
      , “terrorists are those people that create fear/terror”. The kidnappings, extortion, murder of politicians, priests and the general population by the Russian sponsored terrorists in Donbas are all designed to create fear and subvert the population that does not want Russian rule
      >your claim of of ‘separatists defending their homes’ is absolute garbage. None of Alexander Borodai, Igor “Strelkov”/Girkin or any of the other Russian citizen leaders sent into Donbas by Russia have homes in Donbas. They live in Moscow. They all complained about the lack of support from the local population, and their forces were losing ground until Russia illegally sent its own troops into a sovereign country
      >yes, Poroshenko vowed to return Crimea to Ukraine at all costs No where did this article make any link to Poroshenko being willing to sell it for 1.8 trillion UAH.
      All Putin can talk about is “Russian values”. If those values are lying, cheating, stealing, kidnapping, murdering, extortion, then I feel sorry for Russian people. For a country to have to resort to such a widespread propaganda campaign as Russia has to try to convince the world of their cause shows how little moral value they, and their paid ‘useful idiots’ like yourself really have in the eyes of the World.

      If you feel countries have rights reclaim what they perceive to be theird historical lands, when is Russia returning Konigsberg to Germany and the Kuril Islands to Japan? If you want to be believable and not as a lying hypocrite, then be consistent in your arguments and your logic.

      • Misha

        How interesting that I cannot post the response which I have written because it keeps getting deleted for no apparent reason. How democratic!!

        • LorCanada

          Maybe it was just the usual Putin propaganda garbage we hear so often and disregard.

      • Misha

        4. The fact that some of the separatists leaders were Russian citizens does not prove the fact that there is no support among the local population. There are people from EU countries fighting among the Ukrainian forces, in addition to the CIA involvement prior to the coup d’état and at present as well. However, you don’t seem to criticize the Ukrainian forces of being organized and directed by foreign influences, and as such you prove your bias.
        5. The article was hard to understand due to the fact that it was so poorly written, so even if I assume that it was talking about Russia paying 1.8 trillion UAH as damages for Crimea, which constitutes about 66% of the Ukrainian nominal GDP, which basically means that this number was chosen at random.

        6. Russia did not reclaim Crimea, Crimea voted to join Russia so once again your point is mute.

        The personal attacks such as “useful idiot” and “lying hypocrite” simply show the weakness of your arguments. But that is expected from a person who makes arguments without citing any sources, as is quite popular on this website. It is amusing that in the process of trying to show that the facts I used were twisted, you managed not to mention any facts and based your whole response solely on conjecture.

        • LorCanada

          RE: No. 4 — There was no “coup” because corrupt Yanukovich was voted out by his own party and fled to Russia.

          RE: No. 6 — Russia invaded and illegally annexed Crimea. The United Nations voted 100 AGAINST RUSSIA for illegally annexing Crimea which rightfully belongs to Ukraine according to international law. Here is further information:

          Crimea annexed:

          See this explanation by a Ukrainian parliamentarian in March 2014:

          [Mustafa Dzhemilev says]:
          Giving Crimea up to Russia, he said, would be a violation of 1994’s Budapest Agreement in which Russia and Western powers guaranteed Ukraine’s territorial integrity.

          “It would be a great tragedy for all Crimean people – not only for Crimean Tatars but also for ethnic Ukrainians and tens of thousands of ethnic Russians – who do not accept the Russian citizenship.”

          Russia says over 95% of Crimeans voted in favor of joining Russia in a referendum held among the presence of Russian troops, but Dzhemilev said it was hardly a representative vote.

          “The official authorities claim that officially 82% of Crimean population voted; but in fact we do have evidence that only 32.4% of Crimean people voted.”

          He said it was based on data that was “quite accurate.”

          Tatars, who he said represent 14% of the Crimean population, boycotted the vote; Dzhemilev said only 0.5% of Tatars voted.

          Dzhemilev had a chance to plead his case in a conversation with the Russian president himself, Vladimir Putin, before Crimea held its referendum.

          “We had half an hour talk.”

          “I told Mister Putin that we do not accept this planned, forthcoming referendum, because it’s an absurd referendum under an occupational regime, and this regime contradicts some elementary, basic norms.”

          The future of any particular Ukrainian territory cannot be decided locally, he said, without agreement of the rest of the country.


  • Dirk Smith

    third-world russia has been a state-sponsored terror since 1999. Putin’s Moscow bombings (like the Reichstag in 1933) officially kicked off the festivities. Too bad the russians remain in their shell of denial to reality. Perhaps the food lines this winter and/or the consistent ‘Cargo 200’ deliveries will wake up the muscovites.