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2014/11/26 • Political News

The Chinese MFA note contains a claim that Russian media manipulate quotations. The NATO Parliamentary Assembly calls for Russia to put an end to propaganda.

Spokesman of the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Yevhen Perebiynis published on Twitter a number of citations from the note of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China. The note states that Russian media twisted interview material.

“The contents of some materials published by Russian media contain deviations, in some places there are dishonest manipulations of quotations, which make them untrue,” we read on the page copied by the MFA spokesman.

They make several examples.

As to a quote published by the Russian media: “China stands against the self-determination of nations in the form of holding referendums, however this does not regard Crimea. We are well aware of Crimea’s heritage.” In reality, China never claimed that did not regard Crimea and that they were aware of Crimea’s history, says the note.

This negates the materials published, for example, by Russian information agency TASS which earlier noted that China was against referendums, however, not in the case of Crimea.

Another example has to do with the quote offered by Russian media that “China does not exclude the possibility of Crimea participating in the construction of the Economic belt of the Great Silk Road.” These quotes were published, for example, on the website citing RIA Novosti.

In reality, China stated it applauds the participating of all Russian regions in the project, however Crimea was never mentioned.

The NATO Parliamentary Assembly calls for Russia to stop propaganda

The NATO Parliamentary Assembly passed a resolution with a number of calls to its member states, as well as calls towards the governments of Ukraine and Russia. The resolution contains points that regarding information space.

In particular, NATO member states are called to counter Russia’s misinformation campaign.

Russia is being called to put an end to propaganda which incites aggression against the West and chauvinistic moods among the Russian population. The text of the resolution is accessible on the official Ukrainian MFA website.

Translated by: Mariya Shcherbinina
Source: Radio Liberty

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  • TheBlogFodder

    When even the Chinese complain, it must be pretty bad. the only true thing in the China Daily (free |English language newspaper) is the date, according to old China hands.