A fake Ukrainian ‘diplomat’ in Kiselev’s program



2014/11/25 • Russia

Program Weekly News with Dmitry Kiselev showed a fake diplomat in a report commemorating the anniversary of Euromaidan in Kyiv. Ukrainian bloggers continue to poke fun at the Russian ‘news’ the consider misinformation.

Weekly News on Rossiya-1 channel with Dmitry Kiselev showed a report about the ‘horrors’ of Euromaidan. Before the report, Dmitry Kiselev noted that “the country is going to hell.” Russian journalists showed the events in Euromaidan through the prism of violence and spoke about “anti-Russian values.” The fist line of the text already evidence this: “Maidan dictated new rules to Kyiv, all things Russian were seen as hostile, a dictatorship of the minority is being born under the guise of popular rebellion.”

They augment their claims about aggressive radicals with so-called “banderite flags”: “Euromaidan quickly mutated – the EU’s starry flags were dissolved in the red-and-black sea of Banderite flags.”

The information presented in the report was supported with synchronous audio. One such statement was made by former deputy head of the former president of Ukraine Yanukovich, Andriy Portnov. Immediately after the anchor’s words what Ukrainians were promised by the EU, his words follow: “The fall of the Ukrainian state, increase of influence on these territories, and then, through the increased influence, begins trade with other powerful countries and another geopolitical game played by the Western world.”

Another expert chimes in. He says: “we suspected this.” In this context, “this” is what Andriy Portnov said. This expert is cited as “Georgi Chorny – coordinator of the national liberation movement.” We can assumed that this person was a Euromaidan activist, as the topic of the report was the anniversary of the event. However, after googling him, we found out that Chorny was an anti-Maidan group coordinator in Crimea.

The expert cited as “Andriy Veselovsky, deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine in 2005-2008,” said that “they are digging a trench in the place of Ukraine.” Veselovsky indeed held the post of the deputy head of the Ukrainian MFA. However, he was not presented in this report on the Ukrainian revolt. Russian media simply used his name and post. The person commenting is Sergey Veselovsky, worker at the chain news agency ANNA.

Translated by: Mariya Shcherbinina
Source: Radio Liberty

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  • Brent

    There is actually one very true thing in this report about what Kiselev broadcast. Ukraine has “anti-Russian values”. When one considers that Russia has shown to the World that its values consist of stealing part of another country, lying continually about it, sending in its armed troops without the proper identification to another part of its neighboring country, lying about it, lying to the widows and mothers of its dead soldiers about their whereabouts, how they died, AND EVEN LEAVING THEIR BODIES BEHIND in a foreign country, I think most of the World has “anti-Russian values”.

    We don’t believe in committing state sponsored terrorism. We don’t believe in kidnapping, extortion and murdering innocent civilians in order to coerce them into our sphere of depravity. We don’t believe in persecuting believers of other religions and making them bow to our belief system. We believe in freedom and liberty. We may not be perfect and we make our mistakes, but I’ll certainly take that over “Russian values” any day of the week.

    Maybe Russia can take solace in the fact that other pariah nations like North Korea, Iran, Syria, Zimbabwe and other such pits of hell share its value system, but I am glad for Ukraine that it wants to find a new and better path. I AM PROUD TO SAY I ALSO HAVE ‘ANTI-RUSSIAN VALUES’.

    • George A. Wojtowycz

      Ah the “Island of Misfit Toys!”