US moves to adopt non-recognition law on Crimea



2014/11/22 • Crimea

Sergey Aksyonov, head of the Russian occupation administration in Crimea, says that the international community will recognize Crimea as part of the Russian Federation after US President Barack Obama leaves office, a statement that underscores the need for a formal non-recognition policy on the part of Western governments.

An important step was taken in that direction when the Committee on Foreign Affairs yesterday unanimously passed HR 5141, “The Crimea Annexation Non-Recognition Act”.  Drafted by Representatives Gerald E. Connolly (D-VA)   and Steve Chabot (R-OH), the measure prohibits US federal agencies from “taking any action that recognizes or implies recognition of the sovereignty of the Russian Federation over Crimea, its airspace, or its territorial waters.”

Modeled on US non-recognition policy regarding the Soviet occupation of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania and based on the Stimson Doctrine holds that the United States will never recognize any territorial changes achieved by force alone, this measure provides a direction for other countries in the West to follow.

Just as Baltic non-recognition policy underlined the illegitimacy of Soviet occupation of the Baltic countries and encouraged their peoples to believe that they would one day recover de facto their status as independent states which they did in 1991, so too the new law, if passed, could have the same effect for Crimea.

In his TASS interview, Aksyonov also said that “all the anti-Russian policy of the last two or three years” will disappear with Obama’s exit from office, something he said could be accelerated by the organization of Russian compatriots in the US. He urged that Russia’s oligarchs should create a foundation to organize movements among them.


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  • Michel Cloarec

    ” the organization of Russian compatriots in the US. He urged that Russia’s oligarchs should create a foundation to organize movements among them”

  • Murf

    Yea…that’s just not going to happen guy.
    If this clown is the best Crimea has to offer for leadership then they are screw worst than I thought.
    And that was pretty bad.
    Obama is, for a verity of reasons, one of the weakest Presidents we have had in a long time and even he wouldn’t agree to recognizing the annexation.
    Forget about that barren peninsula Ukraine, your better off with out the disloyal scum.

  • Dean Venture

    These Russians don’t know what they’re talking about. This is just another feeble attempt to throw up a smoke screen to delay and confuse their opponents.

    Anyone coming into the presidency is going to be even more anti-Russian than Obama. Can you honestly see any of the potential runners that might be softer on Russia (excluding Libertarians)? I think Clinton would be much harder to deal with, and anyone from the GOP is going to cooperate with the hawks in control of congress, if they aren’t a hawk themselves.

    The house and senate are going to hit the ground running in six weeks, and I think we’ll soon see a number of changes in American foreign policy. I think, if anything, the Russians will move before then, because it’s only going to get harder to move after that.

  • rvborgh

    This guy obviously does not have any idea what he is talking about. If anything with the Republican sweep… things are going to, at best, stay the same or, most likely, become tougher.