Moscow threatens Kyiv with war for refusal to fund Donbas



2014/11/19 • Analysis & Opinion

Article by: Ivan Yakovina

The Kremlin decided to take revenge for Putin’s diplomatic debacle in Australia with an ultimatum to Ukraine.

The Decree of President Poroshenko of November 15 on evacuation of state-funded organizations from the territories controlled by the separatists and the termination of servicing bank accounts put Russian government in a very difficult position. Since Ukraine de facto recognized these territories as occupied and declined its responsibility for their financing, Moscow faces a choice: it can either recognize DNR, LNR and a bunch of smaller groups, taking responsibility for the financial support of the region with several million people, or it can scrap its “New Russia” project and declare local residents Ukrainians leaving them to weather the winter alone.

The Kremlin got into a situation of a classic “double whammy,” when both options available are worse than the initial situation. The first one is fraught with new sanctions, the final dismantling of relations with the West, as well as huge costs for pensions, salaries and infrastructure of Donbass. Combined with falling oil prices, growing budget deficit and existing sanctions – it will result in the collapse of the Russian economy.

The second one, given the oncoming freezing temperatures and even the lack of food in East Ukraine, threatens with an enormous humanitarian catastrophe that Moscow will not be able to “ping” on Ukraine: Kyiv is ready to help and rescue those, who raise the blue and yellow flag. Moreover, the second option – is the “betrayal of New Russia”, about which “imperial” web sites and discussion forums are already hissing, albeit quietly now. The implementation of this scenario will turn the core of the Russian government support – the mass consumer of TV propaganda away from the Russian regime.

Faced with a choice between the economic collapse and a political defeat, Russian diplomats rushed to attack. Last week, a representative of the Russian Federation to the UN Security Council said that Kyiv should reinstate the law on the special status and self-governance for some areas of Donbas. This law envisaged the continuation of Ukrainian funding for the occupied territories and even envisaged the allocation of funds for its restoration.

The next one to make a statement on the same topic was Vladimir Putin himself. On November 13th, before visiting the G20 summit in Brisbane, he said that Ukraine “certainly has a future,” but only on condition that it will be federalized – in Putin’s sense of the word of course.

The Russian President, who considered himself a master of foreign policy, apparently, was going to push this idea of federalization at the summit in Australia. However, as you may know, it did not play out all that well. Despised and ignored by all, he angrily left the forum early, and since then has never appeared in public.

So, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov did it instead of him. After a crushing foreign policy debacle of his boss in Brisbane, he played an all-or-nothing card. The Minister claimed that by the decision to cut off the funding of separatists Kyiv headed for a “socio-economic strangulation of the south-east, which threatens to reignite the military solution of the conflict.” Separatist leaders sang along with Lavrov and accused the hateful Kyiv junta of the “genocide of the people of Novorossiya “.

In fact, the performance of the Russian foreign minister and his choir is an ultimatum: “Either you give us the money or we’ll organize the war – If you are up to a genocide, why should we care about the people?”

Many observers wondered what would be Putin’s response to the cool reception at the G20. This, in fact, is the answer. Kremlin’s boss does not want to take responsibility for Donbass, but he also does not want to lose control over it or disband his thugs. Now, according to his logic, Ukraine will either finally do the federalization of which he dreams since April, or a pay terrible, bloody price for Putin’s worldwide humiliation. The fact that Russian people will die to pay for his personal resentment does not bother the Russian President at all – he has long left the habit of counting them.

Because many people that know Putin well find him to be extremely touchy and vindictive, it seems that Ukraine must prepare for a very serious escalation of the conflict in the East.

Translated by: Myron Nechuiviter
Source: Novoye Vremya

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  • Michel Cloarec

    REVENGE is the word ! Unsucessful attempt to rule the world , he will have to find a way to compensate to prove that he was right about Ukrainia ! Therefore intoxications and propaganda via lavrov.

  • Mykola Banderachuk

    This latest comment from moskva is unbelievable – are there any sane people there? The budget would be reinstated but ONLY when putler gets the HELL OUT OF UKRAINE. PERIOD.

    • Jari Hämäläinen

      Putler’s army AND also EVERY FUCKING bandit, who does not bow for blue&yellow flag and Kyiv’s regime.

      • Frank Fileccia


  • Kruton

    Putin fears a civil society on his border more than NATO.

  • Brent

    This is so typical of the whiny little baby “Volya”. He starts the war with Ukraine, sends in Russian troops to be killed, lies continuously about what is happening, blames everyone else for he and Russia being ‘the victim” and now he threatens an all out war against the country he has attacked and tried to steal more land from.

    I was very glad to see the ‘reception’ he was given at the G20. I had wanted them to kick him out, but maybe it was good they let him go to Brisbane and he was finally rebuked by several leaders. My favorite was Stephen Harper who told him ‘to get out of Ukraine’ at their first handshake and I think that set the tone for the weekend! Of course it means Putin will now pout and send more aircraft and submarines into Canada’s sovereign Arctic regions, but it’s about time he was put on notice. Poor little “Volya” did not feel well and had to go home early!!! I read he even had to sit at the ‘bad dictator table’ on Saturday night and wasn’t allowed to sit with the grownups. No he’s sulking in the Kremlin….didn’t Stalin do the same when Nazi Germany ripped up their alliance during World War II and attacked the Soviet Union? Such a tough guy!!! This is how a bully reacts when you finally stand up to him. The West needs to do more of this and stop looking for ‘offramps’ and ways for Putin ‘to save face’.

    • DejaVu

      It’s actually quite embarrassing that they let Putin into the G20. If the West was serious and understood that there is a new cold war they would not have let him into the G20 and expelled Russia’s membership from it.

      As you say though the West is only interested in saving face for Russia and for looking for ways to continue trade and diplomacy again. After all that’s what the world comes down to nowadays. Money is more important than taking a stand especially with the Western political idiots and cowards.

      As for Canada and Harper it is merely talk and no action. Canada prefers to join in the combat against ISIS than supply Ukraine with weapons and ammunition contrary to many articles and newspapers that would like to see more support materialize for Ukraine.

      • RedGA

        I am actually glad they let him go. It was a chance to show the world his mental lacking – bringing a military fleet, rattling his saber, and then taking his ball and going home claiming to be sleepy. I really hope Uncle Sergei was able to tuck him in and read him a peaceful bedtime story assuring him the big bad boogeyman Barrack and the scary witch Angela would not crawl out from his closet and kill him in his sleep.

      • Brent

        Actually, Canada and Poland were the first nations to step and offer any type of equipment like bullet proof vests and helmets. Granted, it would not be the type of decisive weaponry that will help Ukraine win, but it’s more than the ‘blankets’ and MRE’s the U.S. sent. Canada has very little defence industry. I wish they could have done more, but Harper has been one of the most vocal critics of Putin because Russia also has been making overturnes towards Canada’s Arctic territories. Admittedly, not enough is being to defend the north because too many liberals in Canada think Putin can be negotiated with, but Harper isn’t one of them

        • DejaVu

          Canada actually has a bigger defence industry than you may believe especially in terms of shipbuilding. Poland and Canada are more of a reliable partner to Ukraine but nevertheless it consists of defensive aids. You can’t really kill a Russian with a blanket?

          Defensive military assistance won’t help as much as precise weaponry , counter-battery radar , MRAP’s , ATGW’s like the FGM-148 etc…

          I am not sure about the figures that have been claimed but I have heard that 60% of Ukraine’s military hardware was lost in the conflict.

    • LorCanada

      I’m puzzled that anyone would be concerned over ways for Putin to save face. He can wear an honest face and speak truth or mask behind a calculating facade and spout double speak to twist words. He makes the choice and must live with the consequences. Maybe the devil can save him, who knows!
      The United Nations showed Putin’s dishonesty for what it was when they voted 100 AGAINST RUSSIA for illegally annexing Crimea which rightfully belongs to Ukraine, according to International Law.
      Time for Putin to put on his better face and be truthful.

  • RedGA

    “We want to invade you and kill you AND make you pay for the invasion, death, and destruction.” Seriously? These thugs want to invade and break these people away but during a stalemate want Kyiv to fund these people? The mental midget wants to flaunt his military to intimidate and even send naval ships to bully a global summit. What is he? Some sort of Mongol or Tatar warlord from centuries past? What person in their right mind really operates this way? He invades and intimidates his neighbor and then demands they not join a defensive alliance to protect themselves against those invasions. How about this Vlad the Paler – you pack up your vacationing or lost troops from Ukraine – ALL of Ukraine including Crimea – pledge the borders in a binding treaty you sign in the Maidan square, and then pay reparations for this conflict you created? Perhaps THEN Ukraine would consider not joining NATO.

    • Racquel Simone

      The BS they spew, with a straight face to boot, is tireless. This is Lavrov’s forte. This is just an excuse to complete the remaining land grab to Crimea. They never intended to abide by any peace plan like their word means anything anyway.

      The NATO comment was intended for its domestic audience, which apparently is finally questioning their great leader’s actions, especially now that they’ve lost Germany. They know full well Ukraine’s a long way from becoming a NATO member, unfortunately.

  • Paul P. Valtos

    There is something seriously wrong with this man. Maybe he was starved as a child which hindered his mental development or he divorced his wife who kept him grounded in reality while his mistress is a yes person and adores him for the gifts he brings. Probably Catherine’s tiara.

  • Dirk Smith

    It appears the ‘great chessmaster Putin’ is getting his ass handed to him.

  • Milton Devonair

    God lavrov looks like the ape he is.

  • sandy miller

    what is going on really? I don’t understand. I thought Russia had invaded Ukraine.

    • LorCanada

      Well, Putin DID invade Ukraine but he is never going to admit it, not openly, and not while he can blame somebody else for everything.

  • Murf

    I have been thinking for several days about this… statement? Joke? Drunken blathering?
    Delusional ranting? I don’t know. I am at a loss.
    All I can come up with is:
    You can’t fix stupid.

    • Iggy

      Empty threats and bluffs meant to force others into appeasement like Hitler did in 1930s.

  • Cees Boogaart

    Let dumbass Putin take care of his Novorussia, better know as Dumbass (occupied Donbass) or just give it backincl. Crimea and let gas next years be free for Ukraine as a way to repay for damages, untill last cent is payed..

  • בית של הקול

    Its been a while that I have seen such a bundling group of fools. Crimea was already part of Russia. They have entangled themselves big time. If the Russians had any sense they would put a bullet in the back of Putins head and just move on.