Italian Minister and Ukrainian Ambassador argue over Ukraine in Italy



2014/11/17 • Political News

Head of the Italian MFA Paolo Gentiloni claims Ukraine should guarantee it will not join the NATO. The Ukrainian Ambassador in Italy said the Ukrainian people should be the ones to decide on the issue.

Ukraine’s non-bloc status did not save the country from external aggression on part of Russia, wrote Ukrainian Ambassador in Italy Yevhen Perelyhin in an open letter to the Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs on Friday, November 14. “The non-block status, fixated by national legislation, unfortunately failed to save the country from external aggression, which was conducted by one of the countries that guaranteed territorial integrity and sovereignty of our country,” says Perelyhin’s address to the head of the Italian MFA. The official representative of Ukraine in Italy emphasized that the issue of Ukraine’s status in the international security system should be decided on by the people of Ukraine exclusively and “no other country has veto right to this.”

Earlier Gentiloni stated Ukraine should guarantee it would not join the NATO. “The sanctions (of the EU against Russian – ed.) are effective. However, we should not think that the sanctions by themselves will be able to change Moscow’s position. In the end, Ukraine should provide guarantees that it does not want to become a NATO member. All the while, Ukraine’s sovereignty is inviolable,” Gentiloni said in an interview to German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

Gentiloni was appointed head of the Italian MFA on October 31. On the first days he made several statements to support Ukraine’s sovereignty and integrity. As such, he mentioned the harsh conditions Ukrainian servicemen are in, and emphasized numerous times that Italy supports the EU’s attitude and considers the sanctions against Russia expedient. The Italian Minister also constantly emphasizes that the way of talking with Russia should remain open.

Translated by: Mariya Shcherbinina
Source: DW Ukraine

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  • Ed Ebels

    This Italian fellowtraveler MFA speaks with a double tongue, like his predecessor and to many European officials for that matter.

  • Dirk Smith

    Love how everybody thinks they know Ukraine’s best interest for the last 100 years. Fuck off!!

    • Milton Devonair

      lol…and the italians, a blend of fascists and communists that can’t seem to form a government for more than two weeks at a time….

  • Mykola Banderachuk

    only the Ukrainian people will decide what path Ukraine should take— NOBODY ELSE CAN DO THIS FOR THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • arpete29

    That’s was saying since long time :urainians have to decide by themselves which choice they have to follow e.g join the EU and NATO or to make peace with russians speaking , an hard job;

  • rgb

    My impression was Ukraine was wishing to join EU. Putin’s paranoid mind came up with the thought of NATO being next door. Putin has caused such a crisis that I’m sure NATO is on Ukraine’s wish list now.

    • DejaVu

      With the way things are going it is unclear if and when Ukraine will ever join NATO. Russia is planning major expansions to it’s military conflict and meanwhile Poroshenko does nothing. From one Oligarch to another. Maidan 3.0 !

  • Dean Venture

    This whole conflict is about the Ukrainian people deciding what’s best for themselves rather than the Russians telling them what’s good for them. If anyone needs to be in NATO, it’s Ukraine. Obviously Russian aggression, NATO’s raison d’etre, is an issue in that part of Europe.

  • Racquel Simone

    Does this fool really buy Russia’s NATO rhetoric? For some time now Italy’s raised some eyebrows re their stance on Russia. First the EU slots Mogherwini for its FP chief position knowing full well she’s a Putin appeaser. She has no international foreign policy background. The Italian government has not honored the EU’s own sanctions, whether it’s issuing visas to Crimeans, docking ships in the Crimean port, or pushing for scaling back sanctions on Russia. It’s no surprise that her first plan of action would be to sanction separatists… at some time in the future. The sanctions haven’t been nearly strong enough, but this is the first time they’ve backtracked, which is no doubt of a reflection of her leadership or lack thereof.

    She demands Ukraine renew dialogue with Russia and its terrorists to work for peace. What does one discuss when all that is being demanded is totally capitulation to Putin’s demands. What a slap in the face.

    NATO’s so unimportant, Italy ought to give its NATO membership to Ukraine.