Chaly: attacking Russian equipment in Donbas will mean full-scale war



2014/11/17 • War in the Donbas

Ukraine attacking the columns of Russian military equipment in Donbas will lead to full-fledged war, stated deputy head of the Ukrainian President’s Administration Valery Chaly live on ICTV.

“Our goal is to avoid full-scale war in central Europe. In case such an attack is made, war will start involving aviation. This will lead to escalation, which will be a totally different story. We do not control the border, this is true, we cannot control it. But such a step, in my opinion, would transfer the situation to a totally different scale. Then we would lose our support in Europe,” Chaly emphasized.

Ukraine and the West accuse Russia of supplying weapons and mercenaries to Donbas and invading the east of Ukraine. Moscow denies these accusations.

Translated by: Mariya Shcherbinina
Source: Radio Liberty

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  • Dean Venture

    Ukraine should be able to do anything it wants with heavily armed criminals on it’s territory. If Russia decides to escalate, that’s when the west needs to step in militarily. At this point, I’m not convinced that would happen, which leaves me ashamed to be a citizen of the west. Why should a bunch of Ukrainians have to die because the west can’t remember any lessons older than 75 years? Obama is spineless, Europe west of Poland is useless or corrupt, and the only point at which I’ve been able to cheer is when Harper told Putin point blank to get out of Ukraine.

    It’s time to raise Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher from the dead. They would have no problems handling Putin. They’re probably half awake anyways from spinning in their graves.

  • DejaVu

    Negotiations and diplomacy will resolve nothing with the Novorossiya Military. As it has been shown countless times there is no regard for the ceasefire. I don’t even see why they bother to uphold the ceasefire anymore. They have had more than enough time to re-equip and take a breather. Implement a state of emergency and prioritize national defense.

  • Mat

    So what is this idiot saying, Ukraine can’t strike Russian columns in Ukraine? Because it will provoke Russia??

    • DejaVu

      Yes apparently so if Ukraine attack’s Russian forces Central Europe will become a gigantic battlefield. I remember watching this video of Ukrainian forces saying that they can’t respond to Russian artillery and RCZO (Rocket artillery) because orders from higher up forbid responses.

  • sandy miller

    Is europe supporting Ukraine now? What kind of support is it when they expect Ukrainians to sit around like ducks and die and give away their own country. Is that support?

    • DejaVu

      No their too busy being “concerned” or too busy thinking of ways to do business with Russia and negotiate with them. The West is a laughing stock especially the US who is gutting their nuclear arsenal and purging officers (in the hundreds).

    • Murf

      Well Sandy you have to understand. The Europeans were really enjoying them selves. The the righteous indignation was fun. The moral superiority was cool too.
      But now the situation has become passe’.
      The sanctions are starting hurt.
      ISIS makes a better enemy(and doesn’t cost them any thing.)
      The situation in Ukraine has ceased to amuse.
      Time to move along.
      The same applies to Obama.

  • Rods

    Whose side is he on?

    • Michel Cloarec

      France was occupied by the nazis. Everytime the partisans attacked military convoys. The nazis did retaliated on the civils. Can it be that which is the fears ?

      • Rods

        It was the same in Ukraine with Hitler’s orders of 100 civilians to be killed for every German soldier killed by the Partisans. After Stalingrad where the majority of the small groups and individual German soldiers trying to escape through Ukraine, were found and killed by the Ukrainian Partisans, who probably weren’t found by German forces or the Germans had more pressing problems to attend to, as the majority seemed to not lead to retaliatory civilian murder.

  • Murf

    How is this possible?
    There are no Russian troops in Ukraine! Putin said so himself
    There for Ukraine can blow anybody shit away inside it’s territory.
    And Russia can’t say boo about.

    • Michel Cloarec

      Yes they can ! But then they will have to admit there is russian army in Ua ! And that they can´t

      • Murf

        Which makes his statement kind stupid does it not?
        If this is an example of Putin’s advisers no wonder he is fucking up by the numbers.

  • Michel Cloarec

    There must be something we do not know !

    Or something we do not understand !

    How can my antichars gun knows that the tank I am sighting at is coming from Rostov or not ?

    There are no russian weapons in Ukrainia, says big bad vlad . What is coming from RF is not marked with RF signs !

    So if I destroy a russian tank, it is impossible because there is not !

    “The ship was 227022600 and MMSI identification number was registered under the flag of France. Under the qualifying system table MMSI, the first three digits of each number shall mean the country of the owner of the ship: 227-France, 273-Russia. On Saturday the code “Vladivostok” again changed from Russian into French.”

  • Paul P. Valtos

    Has anyone ever thought of sabotage? An ounce of sugar in each gas tank would do wonders or a five pound bag in the central supply depot could do a lot to slow this equipment down to a stop. I’m pretty much convinced that with the Ukrainian patriotic spirit there are those who would gladly slip in to the Donetsk area held by the Russians and do a job on them without being caught. I remember Americans who dropped behind enemy lines in WWII who sabotaged Panzers and got back to their lines without the Germans catching most of them.