Putin: keeper of European values



2014/11/15 • Analysis & Opinion

Article by: Olena Zakharchenko

It turns out that our previous president (Yanukovych-Ed.) was a true European politician. He was an advocate of the real Europe, not the imaginary one that we’ve made up.

Ukrainians have long believed that the most important European values include human life, equality and democracy, and that we should adhere to basic democratic principles. However, all of this has turned out to be completely false!

It turns out that stability and comfort constitute the most important principles in the world. Moreover, those who disturb global stability – even though they want to implement the above-mentioned ideas in their own third-rate country – must be destroyed.

Remember that at the beginning of last December we actually expected Obama and Merkel to come to Kyiv, that the West “would put pressure on Yanukovych, and he would make certain concessions because he did not want to be banned” – this is a quote from an eminent political analyst. None of that happened…

Things became even worse… There, right in the middle of a big European city, police and special forces, showing neither shame nor fear before news cameras, proceeded to beat and kill unarmed, innocent people who were holding funny wooden shields and wearing strange-looking plastic helmets. Millions of Europeans watched these scenes of barbaric savagery on TV, and nobody screamed in shock or fright.

Then Russia invaded our country, snatched a piece of our territory, and obviously wants more. Then something even more surprising happened. Instead of isolating Russia, declaring war, breaking off diplomatic relations, recalling respective ambassadors – all the things that should be imposed on an aggressor country that has violated all existing peace treaties – the international community put more and more pressure on Ukraine – pressure and requests to give everything up.

Do Russians want to devour us? Well, let them try. We’ve lived with them for 300 years, and now Russia says that we are an integral part of its territory… Why shouldn’t we give up and confirm this fact? Why not give Crimea, the Donbas and Poltava Oblasts to Russia if that satisfies the Kremlin? And so, there will be no more instability and discomfort in the world.

You’re really fighting for democracy and human rights, are you? But, these aren’t European values, they’re just words. Europeans are practical people. They understand that the world revolves around money and mutual understandings, and all these statements about good and evil are truly pathetic, not at all funny, and wont’ satisfy anyone. Hand Ukraine over to Russia so that they can continue living and doing business as before. Ukrainians have done something wrong, let’s fix it and forget it! The Customs Union and federalization represent the right path towards a stable, comfortable and peaceful Europe. And if – as Europe takes leave – you out there have any problems with the national question, some sort of language oppression, or destruction of culture, you know, we won’t abandon you … we’ll be deeply concerned.


Translated by: Christine Chraibi
Source: Ukrayinska Pravda

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  • asehpe

    Sad but strong, and perhaps untrue. Hopefully untrue.

  • Michel Cloarec


  • Mike Kostelny

    Olena Zakharchenko seems to have hit the proverbial nail on the head with her sharp sarcastic reflection on history repeating itself (as in the days of Neville Chamberlain) as the EU waves this piece of paper [The Minsk Accord] in our faces and forces that fake smile to suggest: we have ‘PEACE in our time’! Of course, we do not have any PEACE in our time, especially in East Ukraine, in the pro-Russian held and occupied Ukrainian Donbas. But the EU naively believe (as Chamberlain did with HItler in 1938) that Putin does not wish war, only PEACE (but ‘peace’ on his terms!)!

    Even the caricature of Putin holding the plastic globe of the world in his lap is reminiscent of Charlie Chaplin’s scene in The Great Dictator in which he portrays Hitler in love with himself and the idea of holding all the world in his hands?! So Putin pretends to preach his version of European values to Europeans (as if Russia were ever a team-player, a part of the European scene?!). In this sense, Putin seems to resemble more of RAS-putin, the psychopathic monk, than he does of Putin, President of the RF (aka: the ROGUE Federation?!).

    Yes, it is easy to demean, to mimic, to mock, to ridicule, to poke fun of Putinism and his Russian Regime of ragtag renegades, more properly described (to borrow a phrase by Cher) as: ‘Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves’?! But the bottom line is one of basic integrity, of fundamental honesty, of true grit–all of which both V.V. Putin, the Kremlin, and his Russian Federation of thugs, goons, gangsters, and hoodlums woefully lack.

    If Ukraine is living in a ‘goldfish bowl’ for all the world to watch: to see the small-minded self-serving corruption within the political system (from Yanukovych and his Party of Regions) to the Ukrainian Oligarchs (who religiously appear to follow the example of Putin and his own personal hand-picked family of Russian Oligarchs, or mafia buffoons?!), to outright theft of much-needed funds and materials for the Ukrainian military, then Russia–as arguably the most corrupt nation on earth!–is so many times deeper in the quagmire of lost values and distorted dreams of greed, hate, hypocrisy, and vain ambition!

    Putinism argues that Ukraine is part of Russia (and always has been?!): so, then it should be no surprise that there still remains so much selfishness within the Ukrainian model of Russia?! Putin himself has acquired approximately $130 billion USD of personal wealth form the Russian Treasury, and Yanukovych (his former puppet ruler in Ukraine) acquired (that is, ‘stole’!) approximately $70 billion USD from the Ukrainian treasury! [Oh, I anticipate that pro-Russian commentators to my comments will scream and shout that Putin did not touch any money from the Russian treasury, that this ‘rightfully earned’ income came from the taxes he imposed upon corrupt Russian Oligarch?! Give me a break! Do such apologists imply that to steal from a thief is no crime, even though the thief stole from the Russian people, from the assets of the Russian nation?! Such twisted logic could only result from studying Russian Propaganda 101 which doctrine Putinism still pretends actually portrays worthwhile European Values?! No wonder world viewers of this Russia-Ukraine conflict are so disenchanted and deeply disturbed by Putinism. For in its essence (that the ends justifies the means) Putinism is no different than the radicalism of ICIS, than that of the rampant ethnic cleansing of Muslim extremists the world over?!

    If Putin as the leader of the youth and future guardians of Russia is himself the epitome of everything dishonest, distorted, and deceptive, what hope is there for the common citizens of that once great land to ever have respect or praise from the rest of the civilized world? If Putin persists in playing games, in portraying himself as sincere when in point of fact he is sincerely deceived, then there will be no way to reason with him, to negotiate with him, to try to regain a sense of normalcy throughout all of Europe!

    How is it possible to make a contract, to sign an Accord, to honor any Treaty with such a man who is as stable as a slippery eel?! Can a leopard changes his spots? So, Putin –as the world’s Great Pretender– will soon be judged and condemned as a terrorist as great or greater than Osama Bin Laden, as Colonel Qaddafi, as Saddam Hussein, and perhaps even–in time– as sick and psychotic as Josef Stalin?!

    Putin is not the ‘keeper of European Values’; he simply aspires to be the keeper, the warden of Europe–to keep everyone within the prison of his sick mind, to force peoples (such as the peoples of Ukraine) to build walls instead of bridges–to ‘keep’ this keeper of warped values as far away as possible from all that decent, wholesome, and completely honest through and through!

    • Milton Devonair
      • Mykola Banderachuk

        dead katsap tourists—who cares

        • Milton Devonair

          Yeah, those russian tourists got lost and wound up in Ukraine…wearing military uniforms, with machine guns, rocket launchers, surface to air missiles, ya know, the stuff everyone takes with them on vacation to the beach.

          • Mykola Banderachuk

            yeah, these katsaps were looking for Club Dead. they must have bought this weaponry at the local Tanks r Us store.

  • Lesya Ukrainka

    What a brilliant article!

  • http://blog.lotusopening.com/ Madison Reed

    Thank you Olena. Sadly, your words have a strong ring of truth. I’m reminded of one of my favorite quotes from Benjamin Franklin – one of the principal founders of the U.S. Republic:

    “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” – Benjamin Franklin

    People are listening and watching. The Ukrainian people are experiencing a part of a much larger and longer revolution, between people and those who have been manipulating, stealing from us and controlling us for their own benefit. This cycle of control is terminating. And this is one of the numerous reasons why I’m very optimistic about our collective future. We must communicate more, and stick together.

  • Murf

    If Putin is the keeper of European Values then Europe is totally screwed.
    The only thing Putin is the holder of is the Self Destruction Button.

  • Mykola Banderachuk

    yeah right, putin the keeper of european values—now that is an oxymoron if I ever seen one.