Ethnic cleansing at retail market in Crimea: non-Slavic sellers detained en masse

Russian police detains non-Slavic-looking sellers

Russian police detains non-Slavic-looking sellers 

2014/11/15 • Crimea

Today at the “Locomotive” retail market in Simferopol (the capitol of Crimea) Russian law enforcement officers in balaclavas detained sellers of non-Slavic appearance, reports DePo’s own correspondent from the scene.

People in law enforcement uniforms wearing balaclavas as well as several people in plain clothes raided shops of the mall.

They entered each shop and demanded ID documents from sellers with non-Slavic appearance. However, Crimeans simply are not used to carrying passports with them, so they were immediately detained by police until identification.

One of the owners of a kiosk was indignant: “Why do you make a terrorist out of me? Why are you treating me this way?”

News about the raid swept through the mall in an instant: “They ‘take’ not everyone. ‘Ours’ are not arrested.”

The DePo reported earlier that Mustafa Dzhemilev, the national leader of Crimean Tatars, told European parliamentarians at a meeting of Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe that 18 Crimean Tatars disappeared with no trace during the Russian occupation of the Crimea. According to Dzhemilev, Crimean Tatars are under severe pressure from the occupation authorities of the Crimea, and many Tatars have been arrested without any legal basis.

Translated by: A. N.
Source: DePo (Delovoi i Poleznyi)

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  • Brent

    More signs of Nazi Germany being repeated. How long until Russia has it’s Crimean has its own “Kristallnacht” or requires Tatars to wear a yellow crescent moon sewn on the front of their clothing?

    In the meantime, Europe is safely warm with Russian gas flowing through its veins…..

  • Milton Devonair

    Love that fat, soft slob w/the AK as thugs beat someone up. That’s so russian.
    Russia is a disease, like ebola. russia and russians must be kept from infecting humans.

  • Rasky E

    That photo is taken in 2013. Are you being taught by Kiselev or what?

    • rgb

      That photo may be from 2013, though the cleansing has been happening since the moscovies invaded/stole Crimea. This is the last place Putin can show her anger to the civilized world after walking out of the G7 meeting. She lacks the understanding on how to acquire respect. Her anger is bigger than her.

  • Sigmundr Ulfhedinn

    So I of mostly German descent with a very pure Germanic/Scandinavian name would probably be arrested, because that fat ass in the picture lost his fat father in ww2 to a German soldier.

    • Murf

      At least the German people have come to terms with the mistakes of their past and have learned from them.
      That is to be respected because EVERY people have had their not so glorious moments.
      Russia’s problem is they never confront their past excesses and keep repeating them.
      What’s the definition of insanity?
      Making the same mistake over and over again and expecting a different result.
      Or in other words “here we go again.”

      • Don Casavant

        You got that correct Murf!!

      • nomadspy

        That’s because we have nothing that worth regret fucker!

        • Murf

          Well Asshole, there in lies the problem. You keep repeating the same mistakes again and again.
          Generation after generation.
          Whats the definition of insanity?
          Making the same mistake and expecting different result.
          That fits Russia to a tee.
          MAYBE some day you will want something better for your children.
          But I doubt it.

  • Daniel Savage


  • Alex

    This fat guy in a uniform with a gun -Milovanov PP, previously convicted three months ago was in prison, his investigator of the Investigation Committee of Moscow Pakhomov planted during the investigation on charges of extortion criminal №№ 447494. Now he gave shape and Russian Machine and sent to Ukraine. So in Russia from prison gaining defenders and sent to prison or Ukrvinu or automatic and Ukraine. I know Milovanova more than 5 years and I can not be mistaken.