Solomiya’s action event surprises and shocks Ternopil residents



2014/11/14 • Ukraine

A brave 18-year-old girl, Solomiya Khoma has launched a campaign in the streets of Ternopil (western Ukraine) to raise funds for pea jackets for soldiers in the ATO zone. Wearing a simple summer dress, she walked through the main streets of the city to draw attention to the immediate problem of the oncoming winter.

Solomiya decided to act because she believes that we should do everything possible to help our boys. She added that people’s indifference to the situation in eastern Ukraine is just killing her.

This event managed to surprise and shock passersby. Some came up to her and gave donations; one man offered to buy Solomiya a coat.

Solomiya and some other girls intend to continue this action event; she hopes that in this way she will somehow help our men in the ATO zone.

When asked if she was cold, she simply replied: “My love for Ukraine keeps me warm!”

The girls will come out in light summer dresses, holding donation boxes and posters saying: “Are you cold? What about our soldiers in the front lines?”

“Are you with us? The more we are in busy districts of cities, towns and villages, the more chances we have to collect money for pea jackets to keep our boys warm. It’s a point of honour!” declared the organizer of the action event, Liliya Musikhina.



Translated by: Christine Chraibi
Source: Poglyad


  • Milton Devonair

    Outstanding! That is an example the indomitable spirit of Ukraine and Ukrainians.
    No wonder the apes of russia hate Ukraine so much.

  • Murf

    That is the kind of young people any country can be proud of!

  • Mykola Banderachuk

    amazing girl, with people like this Ukraine has a fantastic future and this is what putler is afraid of