High probability of Russian invasion — Ukraine’s MIA



2014/11/13 • News

Ukraine’s Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA)  believes the likelihood of a large-scale invasion of Ukraine by Russian troops remains high, said Ministry Adviser Zorian Shkiriak at a press briefing on Thursday, November 13, reports Ukrinform.

“The MIA confirms that the likelihood of another invasion of Ukrainian territory by the regular army of the Russian Federation is high, and we must we ready for it,” he said.

However, Shkiriak noted that it is useless to indicate  a “specific date” since the attack can happen at any time.

“The activation of Russian military operations at the border and the delivery of heavy equipment suggest that Putin may give the order to  invade at any time,” he said.

Source: Ukrinform

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  • Michel Cloarec

    Very high probabilities ! Now he has Krim, but no access ! Now he is invited by the new mini small republics ! Blackmail to EU, the 14 /10 he should have had “mistral”
    The rubles to hell, it must be someone else fault in the eyes of russians.