OSCE disclosed Ukrainian military locations to Russia



2014/11/11 • News

Article by: Mirror Weekly

The Organization considers the disclosure of information about the deployment of the Ukrainian military in the presence of members of the Russian military “cooperation.”

Observers of the Special Monitoring Mission (SMM) of the OSCE, which met yesterday with representatives of Ukraine and Russia in the “Common Center of Control and Coordination,” disclosed information about the location of the Ukrainian military.

Thus, the Russian military learned the details of the location of heavy artillery and tanks of Ukrainian government forces near the village of Karlivka in Donetsk oblast.

In its report, the OSCE noted that they intend to continue to “cooperate with the Common Center.”

Also, the OSCE complained that as they went through Karlivka to the ATO area Ukrainian military detained the monitoring group demanding to show identification documents. The OSCE group was released after 2.5 hours.

The so-called “joint control and coordination center” includes representatives of the OSCE, the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the Russian Armed Forces, which are known to provide both political and military support to the terrorists. Russia continues to deny the presence of its troops in Ukraine for several months, despite volumes of hard evidence.

The Ukrainian society lately showed signs of growing discontent with the inefficient work of the OSCE and the suspicion of its cooperation with the insurgents. Thus, the leader of Information Resistance think tank Dmytro Tymchuk accused the OSCE of cooperation with terrorists referencing a series of evidence.

On November 10 Adviser to the Minister of Defense Vasyl Budik said that 80% of the OSCE mission staff in Mariupol consists of Russian nationals.

  • George

    Now it all makes sense, when we see the OSCE giving terrorists lifts in official vehicles.

  • Murf

    Even the appearance of bias mean that no Russians should be a part of the OSCE mission in Ukraine.

    • W8post

      neither Serbians!

      • Kilo4/11

        Serbs have a huge crush on Rooskies. The little snot in the school yard loves to hang out with the big dumb bully: yeah, I’m bad, can’t touch me now!

    • Kilo4/11

      I mean, it’s just absurd, having members of the opposing sides in the OSCE team. I’m for the Ukes, but there’s a good reason why there wouldn’t be a Russian or a Ukrainian referee in a Ukraine versus Russia football match. BTW, what are the chances there will ever be one of those again?

  • Michel Cloarec

    Are the FSB wages so low, that they must get paid on the side ?
    Orders from Kremlin “MAKE A MESS”

  • Simon Gerber

    ‪#‎OSCE‬: Do you know, who has presidency for next year (‪#‎Serbia‬) and all other OSCE-strategic or tactical decisions are taken in a ‪#‎consensus‬ together by all OSCE-member states – it means 2012 ‪#‎Ukraine‬ said yes to the Serbian Presidency of for 2015, its all consensus, thats the principle of OSCE. What Ukraine now can do is: Stop all cooperation and collaboration with particular members on all levels of the OSCE-organization, thats the space to act immediately for Ukraine.

  • Shirley Damazo

    The UA government should disclose this criminal behaviour to the headquarters. It is absolute stupid.

  • W8post

    get those OSCE jerks out of the (military) way; they ‘work’ contra-productive! (Why not send them to the Russian side of the border, they might be more useful there)
    The photo was taken in Lviv-I don’t know what there is to ‘observe’ in Lviv..

    • W8post

      Where did my photo go?

      • Kilo4/11

        w8, do me a favor and go on chroniclesmagazine.org and smack down their serb “foreign affairs editor” srdja trifkovic on his article “Donetsk Travelogue ll”. he was one of the “observers” who went into ukraine – under Russian guard’s protection – to legitimize the fake elections. I have invited several other Ukrainians to do the same. it was once my favorite mag and still has some really good points, but the guys who post there have drunk the Russian kool-aide and think “Kiev” is nazi and the poor eastern Ukrainians had to defend themselves or be killed. you will have to register, and they moderate, but they are a generally good bunch and need to hear Ukrainian voices. Me they have banned.

  • Don Casavant

    Dmytro Tymchuk was correct to not trust the OSCE! I am amazed that an organization that is supposed to be fair and unbiased has one of the combatants as part of the team of observers. What the fu%k is the EU thinking? Throw the OSCE out of the country and bring in the UN! (I know that is impossible because Russia would veto any attempt of the UN to provide unbiased peace-keepers.)

  • LorCanada

    To an outsider the words: “80% of the OSCE mission staff in Mariupol consists of Russian nationals”, sounds very much like a death knell. Is the warning too late?

  • sandy miller

    What absolutely surprises me is that Ukraine would allow any Russians on such an important mission. What the hell is going on there?

    • W8post

      Does ‘UA’ have any influence on the nationality of the members of OSCE? (‘UA’ should kick them out all together – EU opinion or not!)

  • Kilo4/11

    guys, can i get my post of 30 minutes ago approved, under w8post’s pics? I believe it’s important that Ukrainians get on that chroniclesmagazine.org site and lay into “foreign affairs editor” trifkovic’s raving pro-putin infowar. he has an influential, highly educated american audience eating out of his hand, basically just because he’s eastern european (serb) and educated. I’ve admired and been friendly with the regular posters on that site because they’re educated and have good conversations about the American domestic scene, but I have become so angry with them over their blindness on Ukraine Trifkovic won’t even allow my posts on any more. Come help defend Ukraine’s reputation, save a fine publication from the infowars, and make it safe for me to go back on there without risk of hurling my computer out the window.

  • W8post

    K4/11-I’m Dutch btw, but will find out what ‘your’ Chronicles have to offer; and RU kool-aide is very bad for the liver!

    • Kilo4/11

      Thanks, bud, That mag is a real force for good in many ways and extremely well written, but they seem to have let their hatred of the admittedly many evils of the American ruling class (which I largely share) blind them on this one. btw, have relatives in Holland; sister married a Dutchman and has lived there for decades.