Information Resistance group refuses contacts with the OSCE – Tymchuk

"Achtung: Blinde Beobachter!"

"Achtung: Blinde Beobachter!" 

2014/11/10 • War in the Donbas

Information Resistance, a group of Ukrainian military experts, refused contacts with the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, reported group coordinator Dmytro Tymchuk, who tied this decision to the fact that this organizations “frequently serves as a screen for the aggressive plans” of Russia.

“Because of recent events (meaning the OSCE observers’ report on the deaths of the people near school #63 in Donetsk as a result of shelling, like previous instances of OSCE cooperation with terrorists and activity in favor of the aggressor in the form of Russia) we, Information Resistance group, are forced to refuse contact with the representatives of your organization,” says the group’s response to the request for a meeting and expert consultations on part of OSCE representatives.

“We highly value the efforts and activities of OSCE representatives from European countries. However, as long as there are numerous Russian citizens in the OSCE, this organization, to our great lamentation, frequently serves as a screen for the aggressive plans of the Russian Federation against Ukraine,” add the Ukrainian experts.

On Saturday, November 8, the OSCE published its report on the November 5 shelling of school #63 in Donetsk, which killed two teenagers and injured several people. The report does not contain direct accusations of any of the conflicting sized, however on the grounds of this document, Russia’s permanent representative in the OSCE Andrey Kelin reached the conclusion that “the shot fired at the kindergarten (which is what Kelin himself called the building – ed.) was made from a direction and distance which definitely correspond with the location of Ukrainian troops near the airport and the locality of Pisky.”

Earlier bloggers on social networks, journalists, as well as the workers of the National Security and Defense Council, having analyzed video reports of Russian TV channels and photographs on separatist websites made on site, reached the conclusion that the shell or mine which killed two teenagers could have only been launched from the east or the northeast, so from deep within the territory occupied by the separatists.

Translated by: Mariya Shcherbinina
Source: Radio Liberty

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  • Michel Cloarec

    There is a tale which says that there is” no smoke without fire” !
    Desagreable that members of OSCE is wrongly representated. !
    Awaiting like many others an explaination !

    • Milton Devonair

      Брехня на брехні і брехнею поганяє.

      Lies and falsehoods never come alone.

  • George

    This from the OSCE website ‘The OSCE employs some 550 people in its various institutions and around
    2,330 in its field operations. Locally-contracted employees outnumber
    international seconded employees by roughly three to one. Seconded staff
    members are funded by their national administrations.’
    Since so many are ‘locally-contracted employees’ (perhaps from Russia) I think Information Resistance is correct in being very cautious when dealing with the OSCE. We have seen from recent photographs that some members of the OSCE are giving these terrorists lifts in official vehicles, it could have been a frequent occurrence from relaxed attitude everybody seemed to have, and later in other photographs with different OSCE representatives, happily smiling within another group of terrorists.

    Not exactly impartial observers.
    Who has selected the OSCE employees to work in Ukraine, the Russsian representatives of the OSCE?

  • DemocracyJA

    Who can blame them, if my country was invaded by Russia I would certainly not prefer any Russian observers of any kind. OSCE is unfortunately a paper tiger in the Ukrainian war against Russia.

  • Don Casavant

    I trust Dmytro Tymchuk more than I do the OSCE. It should be illegal for a participant in a war to be an “Official Observer” in that war. The President and the Foreign Minister of Russia have lied and lied and lied! Why does the OSCE think that the observers from Russia would not do the same? The OSCE are like pigeons, they fly in , shit all over everything, they fly away! What good are they if they cannot be relied on for the truth?

  • disqus60

    I’m not even sure what good the OSCE is doing? They report on violations of the cease fire, okay and then what? They are a waste of money. I would say the money spent on the OSCE mission should be spent on providing Ukraine with defensive weapons and training.