“Culinary Corps” prepares dried borsch for soldiers



2014/11/09 • News

Dried borsch is gaining popularity among volunteers. Members of the “Culinary Corps” in Vynnytsia are now preparing packages of dried borsch mix and meat jerky for ATO participants.

The products are purchased with funds donated by volunteers. The ingredients for borsch are prepared in special food dehydrators before being vacuum packed. Soldiers only need to add water to the mix and then add seasonings and canned meat according to taste.

According to the activists, some fifty volunteers in Vynnytsia  are donating their culinary skills during their spare time from work. The women, who have divided up the responsibilities among themselves, bring home cooked food to a location where there is special dehydrating and vacuum packing equipment.

The “Culinary Corps” began preparing the borsch mixes after volunteers who had visited the Eastern front reported that soldiers were asking for hot food. Under battle conditions, hot food is not easily prepared, whereas dried borsch can be prepared in fifteen minutes. One package of dried borsch produces about ten liters of soup.

Volunteers use their own vegetables for the preparation. Townspeople also gladly bring vegetables. Meat is purchased with donations. For the jerky, beef is the most suitable meat, the volunteers say.

The first batch of dried soup consisting of 40 packages (400 liters) of borsch has already been delivered to the soldiers. Volunteers are currently preparing to send 100 more packages.

Translated by: Anna Mostovych
Source: TV 5

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  • Paul P. Valtos

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  • gmab

    Amazing. Keeping those beloved heroes warm & healthy with Ukrainian borscht.

  • Colette Goudard

    I am a French woman and I love Ukrainian People. I am glad to read you! VIVE l’UKRAINE!
    Borsch is a delicious soup. Friendly to yo! From Marseilles!