Terrorist Bezler reportedly eliminated by Russian security services

Igor Bezler, professional Russian military intelligence officer and alleged war criminal. His armed group is alleged to have tortured and killed hundreds of Ukraine's soldiers and civilians (Image: Wikipedia)

Igor Bezler, professional Russian military intelligence officer and alleged war criminal. His armed group is alleged to have tortured and killed hundreds of Ukraine's soldiers and civilians (Image: Wikipedia) 

2014/11/07 • News

Article by: Anna Mostovych

Oleksandr Danyliuk, former advisor at Ukraine’s Defense Ministry, reported on Facebook that Russian security services have eliminated the terrorist Igor Bezler for refusing to cooperate with Russian military authorities.

“According to available information, the gang leader Igor Bezler ( “Bes”) has been eliminated by Russian security services,” Danyliuk wrote on his Facebook, November 7. “The reason for his elimination was  his refusal to submit to the Russian military command and his intention to publicly acknowledge that the Horlivka-Makiyivka conglomerate controlled by his gang is Ukrainian territory and to urge members of other gangs to seek a compromise with the Ukrainian government.”

According to Danyliuk, the organizer of the murder plot was a senior Russian officer named Suvorkin, but the specific location of the murder has not be determined. Apparently, Bezler left Horlivka to meet with an unknown person in Donetsk and disappeared en route. “In fact his deputies disappeared as well, as did his bodyguards who accompanied him” Danyliuk said. However, he did not provide sources for his information.

As previously reported, Bezler was one of the leaders of the Donetsk separatists and the commander of the so-called “people’s militia” in Horlivka. He was a close associate of the Russian ultra-nationalist commander Igor Strelkov (Girkin) and was widely believed to be the man behind the downing of the Malaysian passenger jet. In fact, Ukrainian authorities claimed his voice was on the recording of an intercepted telephone conversation between him and a handler in Russia regarding the downed plane. He also was implicated in the murder of Horlivka City Council deputy Volodymyr Rybak and others.

Previously, Dmytro Tymchuk, of the Information Resistance Group, reported that the gang formed by Igor Bezler in Horlivka had been neutralized, with a number of the militants transferred to a single DNR command, while others have vanished.

On November 1, Igor Strelkov reported that Bezler supposedly had left the so-called Donetsk People’s Republic (DNR). Information also surfaced that Bezler had decided never to return to the Donbas.

Former Governor of the Donetsk Oblast Serhiy Taruta has confirmed that Bezler was the only DNR leader who actively pursued a dialogue with Ukrainian authorities and who claimed to be uncomfortable with DNR because “they rob and kill.”

Oleg Tsarev, who calls himself speaker of the “Novorosiya parliament,” said that Bezler is alive and that reports of his death are false. Olena Romanova, administrator of the group “Bezler Info.” (which publishes news on the militants of Horlivka), told the Russian RBC agency that Bezler is alive and in Russia and that she has spoken with him.

At a press briefing on Friday, November 7, Ukraine’s Security Council spokesman Andriy Lysenko stated that the information on Bezler is being reviewed but has not yet been confirmed.

Translated by: Anna Mostovych
Source: Pravda
Source: Ukrainian News
Source: Zik.ua
Source: Apostrophe
Source: Facebook

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  • Brent

    At the very least, if Bezler has been ‘relocated’ to Russia, this is more proof of how Russia is removing the original Russian terrorist leadership like “Girkin/Strelkov”, Borodai, and even the ‘locals’ like Gubarov and Pushulin were either not allowed to run in the elecction or have been ‘repatriated to Russia. Curious if they are silencing them and ‘removing the evidence and witnesses’ much like the mafia likes to ‘eliminate the shooters’. But is is satisfying to see they are turning on themselves. Typical of a pack of rabid dogs who no longer have someone to bite.

    Zakharchenko should start looking over his shoulder soon because the ‘shelf life’ of these terrorist leaders is not much more than that of yogurt…

    • Ian Rutherford

      excellent quality gear kolomoyski supplied you with, judging by remarkable clarity of .. sorry i nearly said “thought”, but it’s same old, same old gas, isn’t it ..
      as i said earlier – you might want to consider flaring it, if you get bored ..

      • Brent

        You Russians and your infatuation with gas!!!

        Comrade Ivan, get out from your mother’s basement and get some fresh air today. That foot fungus you’ve been ignoring is starting to rot your brain. Or maybe you just received a bad batch of cabbage for last week’s Kremlin lies you posted? Either way, Dr. Brent says get out of your mother’s basement, get some fresh air, go kick some neighborhood puppies to make yourself feel mighty and powerful and for the love of God, get that foot fungus treated!!!

        • Ian Rutherford

          I actually entertain myself by communicating with you in my own privet roof top garden in the nicest part of Monaco. I do go for a walk all the way to La Turbie, which is in the mountains just above Monaco, daily. As far as basements are concerned – I do have a cellar where keep vintage Clicquot, Burgundy and Bordeaux for the benefit of my friends when I have a party which is not very often these days. I only lived with my parents, who both passed away some time ago, until i was 14.
          I never had any kind of problem with my feet since I also swim in the sea and shower daily. In fact my girlfriend and my masseuse say that i have baby feet. So you r quite off the mark on all accounts, as ever.


          • rifak

            Nothing you say is logical or credible except from the standpoint of a
            Kremlin sycophant. Why should any picture you show or any autobiographical details have any truth or credibility?

            You are not the first troll to make a living telling lies on the internet. Moscow employs plenty of your kind.


          • Ian Rutherford

            change the record, will you ..

            Otherwise, logical or credible in any way possible u or “more gas from brent’s arse” have never been, never will be, no matter how hard u both try.
            you are both not sufficiently intellectually equipped for an arrangement in a brewery, never mind any kind of remotely logical or indeed rational conversation.

            anyway, you are excused now.
            do buzz off, mr sticky insect.

          • Brent

            Yes Comrade, we all believe you. Just like we believe your puppet master Uncle Vlad.

            If you were so rich and life was so wonderful you would be busy on your 90 foot yacht diving deep in Mediterranean for sunken gold and treasures, driving F1 cars for fun, partying with Rhianna, Jay-Z and playing baccarat with Prince Albert. You wouldn’t have the time to post so many messages on this site about a war and people who mean nothing to your high flying life style. You’re so full of shit, your eyes just turned a darker shade of brown after your last post. For such fictitiously erudite poster with such a fabulous dream lifestyle you claim you should have much better grammar and spelling, but I guess they forgot to tell you that at the St. Petersburg Troll school you were recruited at. You’d better munch on another turnip with your ‘caviar’ at lunch….or jump in your Ferrari and run down to the local corner market to get some black market European prescriptions. Maybe You should also change your internet name to “Comrade Aesop”?

            The only part of your posting is likely the ’14 year old’ and ‘baby feet’. but I am glad to hear you ‘shower daily’….WTF?!?!?!

        • Don Casavant

          Ignore him! He will leave very fast! See how quickly his posts get deleted!!

  • DDJ


  • Don Casavant

    I also just heard on the Ukrainian TV that the LNR has declared war on Russia. I don’t believe it either, but we shall see! All the people in the DNR or LNR that do not cooperate with their Russian masters will disappear sooner or later!

    • Milton Devonair

      In the end, humans have always wound up having to fight the apes in russia. They’re like muslims, either submit to them or you have to kill them.

      • Ian Rutherford

        clearly, hate speech of the vilest kind is not only allowed but actively encouraged on euromaidan press. What a surprise ..

  • DDJ

    From the NYT

    Russia: Putin Defends Soviet-Nazi Pact

    By NEIL MacFARQUHARNOV. 6, 2014

    President Vladimir V. Putin has revised his opinion of an important piece of Soviet history, calling the 1939 Molotov-Ribbentrop pact that Moscow signed with Nazi Germany to divide up Eastern Europe not so bad. “The Soviet Union signed a nonaggression treaty with Germany,” Mr. Putin said during a meeting with historians on Wednesday, according to a Russian transcript of the meeting that the Kremlin released Thursday. “People say: ‘Ach, that’s bad.’ But what’s bad about that if the Soviet Union didn’t want to fight? What’s bad about it?” While the Soviet Union is accused of dividing Poland, he said, Poland actually seized part of Czechoslovakia when Germany attacked that country. “Serious research should show that those were the methods of foreign policy then,” Mr. Putin said. Five years ago he had called the very same pact “immoral.” The statement is likely to increase security concerns in Eastern European states, which have been jittery about Russia’s intentions ever since it seized Crimea in March. Mr. Putin signed a law in May mandating five years imprisonment for anyone convicted of trying to rehabilitate Nazism.

    “The Junta in Kiev are Nazis”, yeah right bozo breath. What a mental midget to match his height.

    Russia has been living in a ‘fantasy world’ since the end of WWII and has attempted to rewrite history in an attempt to convince the world that Russians were the victims and victors when in fact it was the citizens of the Western Soviet Union, Poland, Belarus and Ukraine who were the victims of ‘Russian/Stalinist’ policies from 1932 through

    Today Putin/Stalinke would have you think that Russia is such a great nation that every non Russian speaking country desires to take a piece of Russia for themselves and thus the motherland must be protected from all who would do her harm. Sadly this is not the case and it is ‘Russia’ who desires to have what other countries have and
    uses corruption and bullying to rob others of what they have even if only a meager amount.

    Years from now Putin/Stalinke will be but another footnote in history and will be forgotten as so many fish wrapped headlines have been forgotten in the past. Just another spoiled despot who wanted to ‘make’ people think ‘he’ was important at the expense and lives of others, mostly those unfortunates living in Russia who believed his tripe and tissues of horse manure fantasies.

  • Milton Devonair

    lol!!!! Stuff like this ALWAYS happens when a human is stupid enough to trust russia or the apes from russia.
    Tortured to death, bullet in the back of head, off to russia’s modern gulag, all the same.

    Trusted russia or trusted a russian, lmao! What a [email protected] Now you’re dead.

  • Dean Venture

    That’s too bad. I was really hoping the Ukraine would get the opportunity to deal with ‘the demon’ on their own terms. I suppose if he is no longer walking the earth, that is just as well.

    The Guardian published a good story on him back in July –


  • Michel Cloarec

    No meaning to ask russian ! If it is, it is not, and if it is not, it is !

    Pity I would like to know !

    In Russia called the leader of the “DNI” liar
    November 05, 07:14 | Morning.UA
    The General staff of the Russian armed forces, accused the leader of terrorists “DNI” Alexander Zakharchenko was lying.
    The reason for such accusations were the words of a leader of militants that the RUSSIAN FEDERATION has provided his illegal organization “serious reinforcement of weapons.”

  • Terry Washington

    it makes sense if you think about it- Ukraine would rather see Bezler put on trial at the ICC at The Hague rather than shot out of hand. The FSB on the other hand ( and posibly Putin personally) would rather silence him than implicate himself and higher ups whilst testifying in his own defence!