Kyiv Prosecutor concerned that Aidar Battalion could stage military coup



2014/11/07 • War in the Donbas

Kyiv Prosecutor Sergei Yuldashev is concerned that the Aidar Battalion could stage a military coup. Comments about this were posted by Olena Yakhno, spokeswoman of the Kyiv prosecution office, on her Facebook page.

“It is one thing when they are defending our country in the east. It is another thing when they go into towns and cities with weapons. In particular, in the capital city Kyiv. I believe it is an internal threat. It is agreed that they are unpredictable. They can even carry out a military coup”, the spokeswoman said.

Yakhno pointed out that such a statement was made by the Kyiv Prosecutor during a coordination statement of security forces. During that meeting it was said that the Aidar battalion fighters had captured the Kyiv helipad of Viktor Yanukovych, ex-President of Ukraine, demanding the appropriated property’s return to the state.

The capture of the Yanukovych helipad became known at the start of the week. Fighters of Aydar battalion demanded that the property be returned to the state.

Earlier it was reported that the Donbas Battalion had delivered an ultimatum to President Poroshenko. The Battalion declared: “Should a single city be surrendered, the President will fly off his chair, there will be a military coup and the soldiers will take power into their own hands.”

Compilation by Vitalii Usenko and Dmytro Usenko

Sources: Hromadske TV, Ukrainska Pravda, Patriot Ukrainy, Euromaidan Press

Translated by: Vitalii Usenko and Dmytro Usenko
Edited by: Michael Garrood

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  • sandy miller

    :ady shut your stupid mouth…Talk to these guys privately..don’t you know that Ukrainians have managed throughout history to fight amongst each other and lose wars because of it. If the government isn’t doing enough to support the troops than they need to talk to them. What the hell is wrong with yu. Poroshenko and Yats get your act together …these guys are fighting Ukraine’s war and deserve your gratitude and take them into you confidence.

  • Milton Devonair

    ” It is another thing when they go into towns and cities with weapons. …I believe it is an internal

    God, what a european, so afraid of his serfs being able to defend themselves.
    Hey [email protected], we in the USA are free to have firearms and yes, sometimes we walk around with them, though most of the time they are at our homes.
    Guns don’t cause revolts/coups/problems. If that were the case the USA would have a lot of coups because in the state of florida alone, there’s more guns than in the entire Ukraine.
    If more Ukrainians has firearms, you’d probably not be dealing with a baboon infestation from russia….

    Treat Ukrainians fairly, do your job and you have nothing to fear. They will support you.

    • Kruton

      American citizens own over 315,000,000 firearms.

      • Milton Devonair

        That’s embarassing. We have people in the US that don’t have firearms!!!! WTF?!?!?!

  • Michel Cloarec

    Donbas battalion is right ! Get back from ex-president all what he has been stealing.
    The battalion is under the command of PP. Anything else would pleased putin &co.

  • RegisteredName

    This is a terrible article that does not report on news but speculation by some individual.

  • Michel Cloarec

    That is from November !

  • Don Casavant

    Why the old news?

  • Murf

    Sounds like some one is worried about their job. Throw out a few false flags to look like they are part of the team and needed.