Fifty more soldiers deployed from Lviv to the Donbas



2014/11/07 • War in the Donbas

About 50 soldiers from a newly formed military unit and a medical team departed from their barracks on 50 Horodotska street in Lviv to the Donbas. Some of them have already been in the combat zone, others are being sent there for the first time.

Relatives, military colleagues and volunteers were at the barracks to see them off. Lvivska Khvylia Radio announced that one sponsor even donated a military vehicle to the army unit.

Translated by: Christine Chraibi

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  • Mykola Banderachuk

    God Bless them

  • Demi Boone

    Cannon fodder.

    • Brent

      And I take it you would be “Putin’s propaganda fodder”??? I read some of your posts, and they’re typical troll drivel. I don’t think you’ve earned your extra cabbage for next week, but you might get a turnip.

      “Demi Boone”? Did you pick that out of a glamour magazine or an entertainment one?

      P.S. Stay away from Lugansk because the terrorists you love so much won’t let you into the bars….they just want you to be their little terrorist baby incubator!!!

  • jimhenley

    May their mission be successful.

  • Milton Devonair

    ARTY!!!! Move artillery to the east and have these people dumping arty on those russian apes! Arty is cheap too, so rain hot steel down on the russian apes.

  • Murf

    Go with God young men.

  • Tony Wilu