Defenders of Ukraine ready to rebuke enemy attacks 



2014/11/06 • War in the Donbas

Article by: Dmytro Barkar

Kyiv – Ukrainian regular soldiers and volunteers are ready for a possible mass advance from occupied Donbas territory, experts note. They also note that the Ukrainian army has enough strength to disrupt this advance preemptively. However, this necessitated decisions on part of the government and orders from the command, yet the NSDC decided to keep the ceasefire in effect. 

On the territory of occupied districts in Donbas, intelligence has spotted the creation of hit groups out of Russian armed units and groups of armed mercenaries, as well as attempts to set up a single system of command, reports head of Information Resistance Dmytro Tymchuk to Radio Liberty. Also, according to him, in the recent days sabotage and intelligence groups, as well as electronic and air intelligence groups have become more active.

There is no indisputable data about the plans of the Russian army and troops of the separatists, however it may be provoked also by the lack of confidence on part of the Ukrainian command, as has happened many times since the conflict between Ukraine and Russia began, Tymchuk notes.

“Our guys only open fire in case there is direct contact. In case fire is open, which happens dozens of times, we don’t respond. If they conduct defensive action more actively, without advancing, if they demonstrate power, this is able to influence the plans of the Russian-terrorist army, in particular, their Russian command,” notes Tymchuk.

In case the enemy begins a mass advance, the Ukrainian servicemen can not expect commands from Kyiv, as it was in spring, during the occupation of Crimea, says Dmytro Tymchuk. According to him, the decisions approved since then allow the Ukrainian troops to respond operatively and adequately.

We are aware of the locations of the Russians and separatists – Arestovych

Besides, the Ukrainian regular troops and volunteers have a completely different mindset from what they had when combat began, notes military expert Olexiy Arsetovych in a comment to Radio Liberty.

“About half a year in any conflict, in any nation, goes to forming a new psychological type and state in the military. At the moment this state has already been formed in the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Even the regular infantry, which is in the field under very difficult conditions, is not afraid of this possible attack. Everyone will fight, and fight well, nobody will desert. We have an opportunity to disrupt their advance with making them suffer huge losses in one moment. We know the location points of Russians and separatists. If we made a massive artillery attack, the problem of the presence of all these people on our territory would be solved,” Arestovych claims.

However, preventing such actions necessitates political will from the Ukrainian government and appropriate orders from the General Headquarters, he notes. The government has been applying the logic of peacetime when political expediency necessitates wartime thinking, he adds.

Lysenko: the General Headquarters is calculating forces to react to the mercenaries’ advances

Meanwhile the commandment of the Armed Forced, according to spokesman of the NSDC Information Center Andriy Lysenko is only predicting reactions to the possible actions on part of Russian units or mercenary groups.

“The situation is characterized by heightened intensity of attacks on ATO positions. Significant amounts of military equipment and personnel continue to come from the territory of Russia. The Ukrainian Armed Forces General Headquarter documents movement, makes an analysis and calculates the forces and means necessary for adequate reactions in case the terrorists’ advances become more active,” Lysenko reports.

At the same time, Andriy Lysenko reminds that President Petro Poroshenko issued an order to reinforce roadblocks with both equipment and personnel, and pay extreme attention to all of Russia’s moves.

Translated by: Mariya Shcherbinina
Source: Radio Liberty

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  • Jürgen Peters

    wer’s glaubt wird selig! putin will conquer donetzk airport, mariupol, and all he wants, in a day or two, as soon as he wants to. the ukrainian government will protest a bit, angela merkel will show her pretended disappointment, then she will ask her friend putin “was it necessary?”, he will answer “sure!”, and then we all wait for putin’s next steps.

    • asehpe

      Ja, Deutschland war ja auch schon ‘mal das “stärkste”, und Hitler konnte auch einst tun, was er wollte. And how did it all end again?…

      • Jürgen Peters

        the main problem is that the Euromaidans, the volunteers are so few, and that they are betrayed by their politicians, their military leaders,their bureaucrats*, by the Putin-Verstehers in Germany (including Merkel, and even more Steinmeier) and Europe in general.

        *(have you read Bureaucrats denying soldiers injury status ?)

  • Milton Devonair

    You know their aproaches and hopefully Ukraine has been getting intel and smaller drones for intelligence of their own.
    So when the horde of apes come from the east, out of russia, all that artillery Ukraine has stockpiled, let loose. Let it rain hot steel on those russian baboons. Make many of them bleed and die for every inch they walk.

  • John Sarlat

    Rather than calculate and react perhaps you should foresee and build to overwhelm