Diplomat thinks GOP election victory will help Ukraine

Volodymyr Ohryzko, Ukrainian foreign minister 2007 to 2009


2014/11/05 • News

The results of the mid-term elections to the U.S. Congress in which the Republican Party won a majority in both houses will give Ukraine a chance, Volodymyr Ohryzko, former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine (2007-2009), said at a press conference, Wednesday, November 5.

“This is positive, given the fact that there are very many Republican senators who understand the real situation in Ukraine, who understand that the aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine is responsible for everything. There is a chance that their voice and their pressure on the administration will be strengthened,” Ohrysko said.

He noted that based on the election results the Republican Party will now control the legislature of the U.S. government.

“There really is a powerful, pro-Ukrainian lobby that can initiate serious things. For example, supplying Ukraine with truly necessary modern weapons. They say that offensive weapons cannot be supplied, but defensive weapons are allowed. If these topics are expressed loudly enough, then President Obama  (will have to respond) appropriately,” he said.

“During the final years before the end of his term, the president cannot avoid reacting to what happens in Congress and the Senate because he needs to think about how the Democratic Party will approach the next presidential election. If he leads an obstructionist policy regarding the initiatives that Congress proposes, then undoubtedly this will have a negative effect on the future campaign during the next presidential elections,” he concluded.

Translated by: Anna Mostovych
Source: Ukrinform
Source: Holos

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  • Dean Venture

    I think both Democrats and Republicans in congress supported the provisioning of weapons to Ukraine. Obama is the odd man out on this one. Nevertheless, this will certainly streamline those efforts and make them a lot harder for Obama to ignore. Better yet, congress will have zero interest in what the rest of the world, particularly Germany, thinks about how to resolve this conflict.

    My impression is that the principle obstacle is Germany. Merkel has taken the lead on this issue on behalf of the west, and she’s the one holding everyone else back. If the Americans start providing arms, you will see a lot of other nations do the same once the precedent is made. It’s time we all face the reality in the Ukraine – ceasefires only give the Russians time to dig in and reinforce. I hope the Ukraine has taken advantage of the lull to do the same.

  • sandy miller

    We will all pray the American congress will do the right thing by providing Ukraine weapons. Germany has been irresponsible in their regards to Ukraine. Unfortunately, this has been their history. I hope Ukraine doesn’t put too much hope into what US or europe will do…I don’t know if people really realize the danger of Putin and his Russia…they are even more dangerous than ISIS. Someone said that countries wouldn’t give Ukraine weapons because they might turn into aggressors. That one made me laugh…when in the history of the world has Ukraine been an aggressor to another country? Russia and Germany have always been the aggressors and expansionists in europe.

  • Dirk Smith

    Unfortunate for Ukraine that the systematic voter fraud got Obama re-elected in 2012. With yesterday’s election as a barometer, Putler understands the 2016 US presidential election will definitely favor Ukraine and the EU. Hopefully, the KGB dwarf has been overthrown or assassinated by then.

    • DDJ

      There is no voter fraud M8, just like the moon is not made of cheese.
      Geezzus M8 You act as though you were hit by the ignorant forest instead of the ignorance stick.
      The only place there is/was voter fraud is in Russia and until lately M8, in Ukraine except in the imagination of the extremely right wing fanatics in America.
      You need to get your facts straight before you try to paint the USA with the voter fraud brush reserved for Stalinke and his ilk.
      Tsk Tsk on you.

      • Dirk Smith

        Sorry M8, as a poll manager, I saw it first hand. Soros bought and paid. Check out Odumba’s first executive order. No. 13489. He should have been impeached years ago.

        • DDJ

          Give me a break… Koch bros come to mind. These doofuses paid $4Bil this mid term and you point at 2008. THERE IS NO VOTER FRAUD in the USA. Get your head outta where the sun does not shine Poll mgr.Dirk. What a laugh you r.
          ISIL is under yer bed too. lol

          • Dirk Smith

            Tasty Kool-Aid you’re drinking. I’m sure you’re devastated by Tuesday’s results. Time for the adults to take over…….

          • DDJ

            I was under the impression that you n Gigglyonie think Putin is a Great Leader. Don’t worry M8 my guy won. lol
            The world will again get to see how ‘well’ them GOPers rule for the 1%. You get what you deserve this time around M8. Don’t stop thinking about tomorrow. lol

        • DDJ

          Whose drinking the koolaid M8??

          The Executive Order 13489 Myth

          Another canon in birther mythology is the claim that Barack Obama signed an Executive Order his first day in office sealing his records.

          While he did sign an executive order (Executive Order 13489), the truth of the matter is a bit different than what the birthers claim.

          As in 180 degrees different.

          On 18 January 1989, then-President Ronald Reagan signed Executive Order 12667, which established policies and procedures to govern “Executive Privilege” from current and former Presidents in connection with their Presidential Records, which among other things allowed the Archivist of the United States to release those records unless, within 30 days from notification, the current or former President says “no”.

          On 5 November 2001, the-President George W. Bush signed Executive Order 13233, which restricted those records for a period of 12 years after the President in question left office and increased the time to 90 days. In addition, it allowed the current President to override the requests of the former President in regards to those records. It specifically revoked Reagan’s order of 18 January 1989.

          So what did Obama’s Executive Order 13489 do?

          It is almost word for word an exact copy of Reagan’s order of 18 January 1989, and has the effect of expanding access to Presidential records by specifically revoking Bush’s order of 5 November 2001.

          Here’s the other thing that birthers don’t seem to understand about Executive Order 13489.

          It only applies to Presidential Records, not the records before one became president. And there’s nothing in Executive Order 13489 that hides the pre-Presidential records at all.

          It’s interesting how the birthers could take something that is almost identical to what Ronald Reagan did in office, and turn it 180 to claim it’s something it’s really not.

          The myth that Obama signed an order hiding his records? Another Birther Myth Busted. lol
          Nice try Dirkie but a swing n a miss. The egg on yer face looks good M8.