Russia’s Duma opposition parties demand recognition of “Novorossiya”



2014/11/04 • Russia

The leaders of the Communist Party of Russia, the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia and Spravedlyvaya Rossiya (Fair Russia) attended the Moscow concert dedicated to National Unity Day, where they demanded full support of “Novorossiya” (New Russia) and recognition of its independence.

Gennadiy Zyuganov, head of the Russian Communist Party, declared that, after destroying Yugoslavia, “CIA agents and Banderites” had ignited a new war on the borders of “Novorossiya”.


Gennadiy Zyuganov, head of the Russian Communist Party

“We shall not shame “Novorossiya”, and we will recognize the Donetsk and Luhansk “republics.” said Zyuganov.

Sergei Mironov, leader of Spravedlyvaya Rossiya announced that fascism was emerging in Ukraine and it must be stopped.


Sergei Mironov, leader of Spravedlyvaya Rossiya

“Fascism will be stopped only with bayonets and bullets wielded by the Novorossiya militia, and we stand in solidarity with our brothers.” he said.

Vladimir Zhirinovskiy, leader of the Liberal Democratic Party also touched upon western sanctions against Russia.

Vladimir Zhirinovskiy, leader of the Liberal Democratic Party

“Do not threaten us! We’ll stand for no sanctions!” he said.

Furthermore, Zhirinovskiy expressed his readiness to defend Russians anywhere in the world, “especially in neighbouring Ukraine”. He emphasized that November 4 was a common holiday, seeing that “not only was Crimea re-integrated into the homeland, but the citizens of the “DNR” and “LNR” were also able to elect their legitimate leaders on November 2.”


Translated by: Christine Chraibi

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  • Michel Cloarec

    Did I read ok ? liberal democratic party ! What is that ?
    Do they intend to help also the russians which emigrated to Canada ?
    And all of them which emigrated to France ?

  • Brent

    These old Soviet fossils cannot die off fast enough. Sadly, the all still live in fear of the “ghost of Bandera”. The KGB assassinated him over 50 years ago and these demented old fools still are in fear of him.

    Anyone have any personal contact with Okean Elzy? That would make a great new song for those great Ukrainian patriots to mock Russia, “The Ghost of Bandera”…..

    • Ian Rutherford

      no rest for the wicked ..

      • Brent

        Seriously, what is Russia’s and its trolls and useful idiots infatuation with Stepan Bandera? Admittedly, he was a Ukrainian nationalist that wanted to fight for an independent Ukraine….WHEN HALF OF IT WAS OCCUPIED BY POLAND AND THE OTHER HALF BY SOVIET UNION. Yes, admittedly he tried to get Nazi Germany’s help in liberating Ukraine, but they wanted it for themselves, and their lebensraum. However, in 1941 when Germany invaded the Soviet Union and what was then Ukraine, the Nazi’s captured Bandera and put him in a concentration camp until 1944. He was never in league with them to commit the atrocities the Nazi’s eventually committed because no one, not even they knew they full scope of ‘The Final Solution’ until 1943 to 1944 when they were losing the war.

        There are several things the Kremlin trolls and useful idiots always overlook about Bandera
        >the Soviet Union was already in an alliance with Nazi Germany before Bandera came on the scene and agreed with the Nazi’s to carve up Poland (at that time Bandera’s country of residence)
        >The KGB assassinated Bandera in 1959

        So why the infatuation and fear on the part of Russia and its ‘useful idiots’ of Stepan Bandera? Is that the biggest ‘ghost’ they could find to create the fodder for their propaganada and lies? They’ve got more dangerous neo-Nazi’s on their own soil, many of which they have sent into Ukraine…

        • jil

          Ukrainians = Banderites? RUSSIANS = VLASOVITES Russians collaborated with nazi Germany 100 times more than did any Ukrainians.

          UKRAINE, not Russia defeated Germany. 67% of ALL German forces including almost all elite SS troops were active in… Ukraine as of 1942. As Churchill wrote, Germany lost the war in UKRAINE.

        • Milan Schulz

          spot on mate!!!!!!!

    • Dirk Smith

      I prefer the establishment of the ‘Bandera Battalion.’ That alone would send putler’s paid monkeys fleeing.

  • sandy miller

    Those idiots need to be re-educated. Obviously, they don’t know their own Russian history and what horrors people lived thru during the Stalinist/communist regime and what horrors this same regime perpertrated upon the Ukrainian people. Bandera fought for the independence of Ukraine from Russia and from communism which is what Ukraine is doing right now. At any given time there were only 20,000 fighters in the Bandera group and most of their fighting went on in Western Ukraine …So please tell us what the banderites did to Russians that these men lived thru that was so terrbile? Reading Russian history books has stupified these Russians. More Bolshevik lies from WW2 that continue being told about Ukraine by Putler’s Russia. OIY…These idiots will never learn and will continue being morons throughout their history.

  • Daniel Savage

    The third largest diaspora of Russian speakers after Ukraine and Kazakhstan is the U.S.A.Perhaps Moe, Larry ad Curly will liberate them?

  • Dirk Smith

    LOL. Just the pictures of these drunken antiques sums it up. dumb subhumans

  • Dirk Smith

    Slava Ukraine!!

  • W8post

    ‘Legitimate Leaders’?????? Says who? and who is that Zhirinovskiy anyhow? Are there no flee markets in Russia? There are collectionists of communist memorabilia….Those old farts fit in nicely!

    • Brent

      Zhrinovsky….Russia should live more in fear of having this stooge as part of their government than they fear the ghost of Bandera. Bandera never told a pregnant female reporter she should be raped like Zhirinovsky did this past spring…

      • jil

        The atrocities allegedly committed by Bandera, UPA & OUN were almost all committed in fact by Russians, wearing Ukrainian shirts, raping, slitting throats of women and families, looting, burning etc.

        THE RUSSIANS DID THIS TO DISCREDIT ANY IDEA OF UKRAINIAN INDEPENDENCE. These facts were revealed when Russian archives were temporarily made accessible after 1991.

        Russia is doing exactly this again today- raping, murdering, looting and blaming it on Ukrainians- all the while BBC & other western reporters are buddy buddy with these bandits and falsely report that EVERY SINGLE ARTILLERY ATTACK in the East that injures civilians comes intentionally from Ukrainian forces.

        Russia always says: If a Ukrainian is a patriot then he is a NAZI BANDERITE. When Russian genocidal chauvinists declare that Ukrainians have no right to exist, they are applauded as Russian “patriots.”

  • jil

    ALMOST 60% OF THE CURRENT RUSSIAN REGIME ARE ULTRA NATIONALISTS & NEO NAZIS such as Zhirinovsky who heads Putin’s supporting party.

    55% Neonazis in Russian parliament

    Half the world’s neo nazis are estimated to
    live in Russia
    Russia flooded with Neo nazis with full
    government support
    Nikolai Kuryanovich Russian neo nazi in
    Russian Duma parliament

    Vladimir Zhirinovsky ultra Nationalist 12% of Russian Duma seats 56 of 450 seats

    See at 7 min

    Part 2
    Nazis regularly demonstrate on Red Square
    protected by police
    NSO nationalist socialist organization http://www.nso.korpus/info
    Dimitri Rumyantsev leader NSO

    Guardian London Ukraine uprising NOT neo

  • Olga Dora Garbar

    Me cuesta entender como piensan estos politicos de la oposición en Rusia, todavía
    piensan como el siglo pasado.El comunismo nunca fue bueno, lo único que hicieron es destruir y masacrar a la humanidad, que Dios los perdonen por apoyar la toma del territorio de la Gran Ucrania!!! Uds son los Fascistas!!!!