Rinat Akhmetov ready to purchase Arena Lviv Stadium



2014/11/04 • Ukraine

Due to the ongoing conflict in the Donbas, the football champion of Ukraine, Donetsk Shakhtar, may relocate to western Ukraine.

The newspaper Sportyvka reported that the club had signed a lease for the Arena Lviv Stadium for the next three seasons, but the president of the Donetsk football club, Rinat Akhmetov, is actually thinking of purchasing all rights to the stadium.


The footballers of the “miner’s club” are currently looking for flats in Lviv, while the club is searching for a training base to house the team. However, previous soil inspections and tests of sports fields did not produce positive results.

Translated by: Christine Chraibi
Source: zaxid.net

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  • sandy miller

    I find it disgusting that these guys are playing soccer while some Ukrainians are fighting and dying for the east.

    • Brent

      Sandy, most of these players are foreign born. Yes, some are Ukrainian citizens too, but think of how we in the West “don’t want the terrorists to win” and change our lives. If Ukraine was to shut down all sports leagues, then this is more of a victory for Putin in his attempts to destroy Ukraine and every day life.

      Shaktar Donetsk was Ukraine’s premiere football club. Their new stadium was world class. It was damaged by the marauding thugs Putin sent into Donbass, much like the mines and infrastructure. This is more evidence of how much the terrorists in Donbass are losing out and destroying what they had and what was there. They’ve taken a city of 1 million plus people with many businesses and industries and turned it into a war zone with half the population, and of which its most valuable resource, its young people, are leaving in droves for the West.

      I understand how you feel in saying the war created in Donbass by Putin should be more important than a sports league or team, but think how little our Western governments have done for Ukraine. They’ve abandoned them and Obama gave blankets and military rations. Should these football players go to Donbass and beat the terrorists with their soccer cleats? At least the continuation of soccer gives the rest of Ukraine some semblance of normalcy and a feeling that life can go on.

      • Don Casavant

        Great post Brent! Hits the nail on the head.

    • John Sheehy 

      Actually it is very important that they do play. They show the world that ordinary people from Donetsk do not support Putin and proudly fly the Ukrainian flag. No amount of propaganda can contradict what people see with their own eyes.

      • Brent

        Agreed. Russia’s terrorists are taking over a region THEY DESTROYED. They’ve damaged the infrastructure, flooded mines, driven out the brightest young people who would be the driving force of any type of economic recovery. They have many pensioners they now have to support. Most of the residents who have joined their cause are not exactly the ‘cream of the crop’ and no one in the Donbass is going to have to worry about writing their Noble Peace Prize acceptance speech any time soon.

        The next move for the Donbass terrorists is likely then will complain that Ukraine is not supporting them and their region, when they themselves are waging a war against Ukraine. What really concerns me is these terrorists will move on to conquer other cities like Mariupol and Berdyansk, and maybe even eventually Odessa and Kharkiv. They’re going to destroy them like they’ve destroyed Donetsk and Lugansk and drive out the best, brightest and youngest who should be the future of these regions.

        • Ian Rutherford

          “Russia’s terrorists are taking over a region THEY DESTROYED. They’ve damaged the infrastructure, flooded mines, driven out the brightest young people who would be the driving force of any type of economic recovery.”
          In reality the people of Donetsk fought against “president” poprashaiko’s punitive death squads and you know it.

          • Brent

            Comrade Ivan, I was starting to think maybe there was deep down in your cranium there was still a glimmer of intelligence…sorry to see how wrong I was!!! Since you wish to play the ‘cut and paste and criticize comments’ game, let’s dance…
            1) can you explain who the f**k is “Popraishaiko”???? This just proves your KGB handlers make up all the lies and propaganda you keep regurgitating. Either than or that was an extra vodka with this week’s cabbage as payment for being a troll…..
            2)You claim “the people of Donetsk fought against “President” poprashako’s punitive death squads” If you are referring to “Poroshenko”, can you explain why Russia was sending in hired thugs and titushki into Donetsk, Lugansk, Kharkiv and many other Ukrainian cities almost 3 months before he was actually elected as President? The protests in these cities were in early March and he was elected on May 26th…does this mean time really is going backwards in Russia??? I always knew the Donbass terrorists were psycho, but never realized they were psychic to want to fight a President who hadn’t been elected yet…
            3) “Poprashaiko’s death squads”…if this fabled “poprashaiko” was another of the Russian citizens sent into Donbass like “Strelkov/Girkin”, “Borodai” and all the other Russian citizens who lamented the lack of local fighters and have been signing the orders for the summary excecutions of the citizens and their own wayward soldiers, maybe he was responsible for all the murders, guttings, kidnappings and extortion the rest of the stooges keep denying they did
            4) If there is such massive support of Donetsk support for Russian’s terrorists’ cause as you claim, why did they issue an order today for all able bodied residences of Donbass to report for military duty?

            Do your psychics see the upcoming mass exodus of more citizens of Donbass to Ukraine???? Maybe 20% of the people of Donetsk wanted independence from Ukraine. Trolls like yourself keep forgetting the majority don’t. The majority of the population (58%) of Donbass was ethnically Ukrainian before Putin’s war. The terrorists may control Donbass now, but they’ve wrecked it possibly beyond repair. Ukraine will cut off any support for this region and Putin’s going to have to dip into the funds he stole from Russia to clean up the mass before all that radioactive water from the flooded mines starts making its way into the Rostov region….

            Soon it may be time to send another “aid convoy” to collect all the upcoming Cargo 200 left to rot in the mass graves and mineshafts that Putin has been trying to hide….

            “Skippy” if you’re going to comment on these sites, at least do some homework and get the names, dates and facts straight. Otherwise, stick to commenting on the Khardashians and My Little Pony that you know more about….

          • Ian Rutherford

            more tea , vicar ?

          • Brent

            Now there’s the “Comrade Ivan” I know!!!! I knew with the right prodding you would show your true form!

            Good to see you are back on point from from your Kremlin handlers script. I think they may throw in some turnips with the extra cabbage for this week’s regurgitation of the propaganda pablum they keep feeding you!

            For any of you trolls to try to still claim that Russia has not sent any troops or equipment into Ukraine is blatantly false and even Putin’s # 1 lapdog, Sergei Lavrov has stopped trying to sell that bill of goods. Next you’re likely going to rehash the story line of MH17 being shot down by a Ukrainian ground attack fighter that could not fly about 5000 meters and was much slower than the airliner it allegedly shot down.

            i did notice you are true to your usual form and did not answer any of the questions i had asked you about why Russian protests that you allege were against President Poroshenko, started almost 3 months before he was elected. But that’s the same form you’ve shown when you posted on other sites because the reality you are incredibly inept and lack basic knowledge of the Ukraine situation other than what your KGB handlers tell you to post. Clearly, you will never have to worry about having to prepare ah acceptance speech for a Nobel Prize, given your limited intellect.

            I’m going to attach a few gems i’ve collected about the Russian propaganda you so value. This is what the world is seeing coming out of your beloved “Motherland”. Kind of makes you and your overlords look pretty stupid…

            I’m curious, did you get trained at the St Petersburg School of Trolling or was it one of the satellite offices in other cities?


          • Ian Rutherford

            Now, you DO disappoint me NOT, Parteigenosse brain-less brent, better known as “more gas from brent’s arse”.

          • Brent

            Your response to facts and questions is to post a 16 year old kit kat commercial and a link to Alcoholics Anonmymous?!?!? Why do I suddenly feel like I am finding out the slobbering pest in the playground that annoys everyone might actually have a mental incapacity?

            “Skippy”, unless you can actually bring some facts and logical arguments to these forums, you’re clearly out of your element. You’re embarrassing yourself by posting responses like that and this will be similar to when people give you a wider berth and that weird sideways glance as when you walk down the street. Either come prepared to contribute or debate lucidly or go back to the “My Little Pony” website you use to frequent…

          • Ian Rutherford

            I refer u to my earlier posts, although I am beginning to suspect that crack-cocaine is your poison.
            Chill the .. OUT, gas.

          • Dirk Smith

            Judging by little Ian’s spelling and grammar, he sums up the muscovite coward demographic.

    • Adrian S

      Yes, because it totally makes sense to give in to terrorists. Life goes on. The fight will take a long time.
      Besides, the fact that football is being played despite politics and conflicts is a statement of a peace, one that FIFA has been consistent on for many many decades. It’s the way it should be. The conflict is pointless, not what we do in times of peace.