Petro Poroshenko’s Block wants to impose criminal responsibility for any instances of LGBT discrimination



2014/11/04 • Political News

The secretariat of Petro Poroshenko’s Block sent an official explanatory note on their position regarding the issues of non-discrimination of homosexual, bisexual and transgendered citizens, as well as the issues of civil right equality. The letter was sent to the editors of the National Ukrainian LGBT portal.

The letter, signed by the head of the secretariat of Petro Poroshenko’s Block party Maksym Savrosov, claims that the pro-presidential political party stands for achieving full EU membership for Ukraine.

At the same time, we view the way towards the EU as an instrument and stimulus to change the country, having implemented in it European standards of life, in the humanitarian sphere in particular, says the letter.

The President’s party emphasizes that it stands for implementing all-encompassing anti-discrimination legislation.

Petro Poroshenko’s Block considers it to be the state’s obligation to ensure the principle of citizen equality regardless of their sexual orientation and other characteristics.

As such, we stand for guaranteeing security to LGBT communities and implementing criminal responsibility for any instances of discrimination, in particular, on grounds of sexual orientation, says the letter.

The pro-presidential party promises to make an effort to establish dialogue in society which would help achieve more tolerant attitudes towards the members of the LGBT community.

We remind you that in May, Amnesty International in Ukraine reported that Petro Poroshenko was the only candidate who stood for equal rights and prohibiting discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation and gender identity in all spheres.

On October 14, during the televised debates between political parties which ran for the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, number 8 on the list of Petro Poroshenko’s Block Mykola Tomenko said no when answering the question whether his political party supported legalization of same-sex marriage.

Translated by: Mariya Shcherbinina
Source: Ukrainian LGBT Portal

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  • John Sobieski

    How disgusting. Ukraine is selling its soul.

  • sandy miller

    I disagree Ukraine is not selling its soul. Homosexuals are human beings too. It’s disgusting to hurt or discrimate against another human being for being who they are. They are not hurting anyone. All they want are the same right to life as hetersexuals. Remember, please, they are human beings. They can no more help who they are than you can as a hetersexual. It’s wrong to treat any human being with cruelty.

    • John Sobieski

      No one is treating the homosexuals with cruelty. What laws against LGBT discrimination really mean is that people who believe homosexual behavior is immoral are treated with cruelty. A baker who refuses to bake a cake for two men getting “married” gets his life ruined. A priest who preaches against homosexual behavior from the pulpit is dragged before human rights tribunals. This is the real cruelty, that people are forced to act against their consciences by this legislation. The average Ukrainian does not believe homosexual activity is moral. Yet because they are desperate for money, they are going to pass this legislation. Truly heartbreaking.