Luhansk: Ukrainian forces retake strategic location



2014/11/04 • War in the Donbas

Article by: Yevgeniya Tsvetanska

(This article was originally posted by Uri Neroslik, a warrior of the 92nd Brigade, one of the heroes opposing Russian terrorists in Donbas).

Ukrainian troops retake strategic Luhansk village from terrorists

On the outskirts of the town of Shchastya, which is also being subjected to almost non-stop shelling by mercenaries with support of Russian armored military vehicles and artillery, Ukrainian troops have retaken control of the village of Heivka, the TSN. 19-30 report says.

The locality is situated behind a high hill. One and a half weeks ago, Heivka was not controlled by the Ukrainian military. But they were eventually able to clear the village of terrorists and take over the important height. The positions are being watched over by “Aidarivtsy” (fighters of voluntary battalion “Aidar” – translator), the border guard service and the 92nd Brigade, a part of the National Guard.

“These positions are being shot at from the town of Stary Aidar with 120-mm mortars and hand guns every night, sometimes every other night”, says deputy commander of Engineering brigade 92, Olexander Vasilkjovskiy.

Nearby there is an important strategic object – the Luhanska TEC (Central Electric Heating System) – and mountains all around with wide strips of woods. Beyond that are only terrorists, their diversion groups, like ants constantly crawling up to the Ukrainian troops’ positions, sometime getting as close as 20 meters away from the fortified area.

“The shooting is continuous, but we didn’t exactly pinpoint the exact location of where it’s coming from. It’s usually coming from the direction of the village, because they know that we won’t shoot back into the village. Most of the time it’s gun fire”, says one of the defenders of Heivka. The mercenaries aren’t giving up on the idea of regaining control of this strategically important point. Regularly, especially at night, they shoot at the Ukrainian positions. The local residents are suffering from it the most, because when missiles come flying over the mountain, they hit residential buildings.

The streets of the village are empty; not long ago there were Cossacks together with Chechens. People haven’t recovered yet from the mercenary terror and are too scared to come out of their houses. “They are sitting quiet, being unsure of their tomorrow; I must say, they are very friendly towards us, we are helping with everything we can”, said the military serviceman. The mercenaries blew up the bridge while retreating from Heivka, – nearly the only connection the village has with the civilized world.

“The separatists blew it up to leave the people without bread, without delivery of medical supplies. The river runs up to 12 meters deep and the closest bridge available is about 30 kilometers from here”, says the ATO fighter. “The bridge our troops rebuilt by themselves. The troops from the 92nd Brigade say their positions are heavily fortified. They are not going to give up Heyivka back to the enemy. Right now they are building strong fortifications and preparing to withstand the attacks.”

“When we arrived, there was nothing here – just empty fields with trees on the roadsides. In the first few days people were sleeping on the bare soil, covering themselves with plastic wraps, whatever they could find. We are expecting some serious attacks, preparing, making covered dugouts, building covers,” say the defenders. For example, senior engineer Serhiy, in order to meet the enemy properly, refurbishing some old equipment. He says that most of the equipment here is from the 1960s; “in the best case the 1980s”.

A tank operator called “Boroda” went through the Illovaisk cauldron; the column of tanks he was a part of was destroyed, the crew were taken hostage. They broke out from the clutches of the mercenaries and went towards Mariupol – walked 1.5 kilometers. But despite the things he went through the trooper didn’t want to go home.”My home is here. After Donetsk I went home to Barishivka (Kyiv Region – translator); felt like something was missing. I don’t know, maybe something has gone wrong with my head, but here I feel at home”, said Boroda, smiling.

They all understand that there will be a battle. And it might be a brutal one. But the territory that they were able to recover from the enemy – it’s a matter of honor – the enemy will never get it back again.

Translated by: Lara S.
Source: TSN

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  • Kruton

    Destroy the sub-humanoid Bolshevik child molesters!Glory to the Nat.Guard!

  • Murf

    Good job boys. Drive them back. Now push them back from CP 32.

  • dok

    Well done boys. Keep up the good work. We are all proud of you. Why is the Ukrainian government not providing these men with some modern military equipment. Their equipment is over 30 years old. These brave men are risking their lives for Ukraine and the elites in Kyiv won’t even provide them with the basic military necessities.

  • MPK

    Glory to the Heroes!! Bless those fighting for Ukraine!!

  • Yaroslav

    Does this mean that ‘ceasefire’ is over? Retaking a location is not just defending from attackers… I am glad that Ukrainian forces had a success, but it looks like a violation of ceasefire.