The SBU presses charges against the ‘elections’ in ‘DNR’ and ‘LNR’



2014/11/02 • War in the Donbas

The SBU opened criminal cases regarding the ‘elections’ to the illegitimate government bodies of the groups ‘DNR’ and ‘LNR,’ reports their press service.

“On November 2, 2014, the representatives of these terrorist organizations are holding illegitimate elections of the heads and members of the people’s councils of the ‘DNR’ and ‘LNR’ on individual territories of Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts in violation of the electoral order established by the Constitution and laws of Ukraine, which contains the characteristics of committing actions aimed at a government coup,” says the special service.

The case was opened due to characteristics prescribed in part 1 of article 109 of Ukraine’s Criminal Code (actions aimed at the violent change or collapse of the Constitutional order or a government coup).

“As soon as the polls opened for the ‘elections’ of illegitimate government bodies of the terrorist organizations ‘People’s Republic of Donetsk’ and ‘People’s Republic of Luhansk,’ the Ukrainian Security Service (the SBU) registered a criminal case due to characteristics prescribed in part 1 of article 109 of the Ukrainian Criminal Code in the Universal Pre-Court Investigation Registry,” wrote advisor to the head of the SBU Markiyan Lubkivsky on his Facebook page.

So-called ‘elections’ began on the pro-Russian separatist-controlled territories of Ukrainian Donbas. The Ukrainian government, the United States, the European Union and other western states, the UN General Secretary emphasized that these ‘elections’ are illegitimate and would not be acknowledged. Russian officials meanwhile stated their intent to deem the results of the elections valid.

Translated by: Mariya Shcherbinina
Source: Radio Liberty

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  • Paul P. Valtos

    Send in a heavily armed military with someone to take over as dictator with the power to kill at will. If Putin can do it, so can a determined Ukrainian.