What will really happen in Donetsk on November 2? 



2014/10/31 • War in the Donbas

Article by: Ilya Trebor

The news that deal with the elections of the ‘head’ of the group ‘DNR’ and the so-called ‘members of the People’s Council’ of the ‘republic’ are immediately caught on by the Ukrainian public and spread with extraordinary speed and intensity. However, what really stands behind the ‘elections,’ which are going unacknowledged by Ukraine and the international community? 

The news about voting through the Internet, announced by the ‘CEC’ were spread massively around Ukraine, the same happened with the propaganda video clip in which a Donetsk Drama Theater across in a Russian kokoshnik (a type of headdress) proposes to vote for the current ‘Prime Minister’ Alexandr Zakharchenko.

The very fact that there is so much interest is logical and natural – not only Ukraine, but the entire world are paying an abnormal amount of attention to the situation in so-called ‘Novorossiya.’ Another thing is interesting: both the kokoshnik girl and the Internet voting is just the tiny tip of the iceberg. It does not even demonstrate a fraction of what is happening around the November 2 elections.

“Entrust power to the smart, the strong, the courageous and the worthy”

As such, besides the Drama Theater actress, propaganda materials included numerous people: leaders of civil organization, youth representatives and even fighters of the illegal armed formations. And these electoral clips, about a minute each, are being actively broadcast on ‘republican’ channels. Most of them are general in nature – the somewhat disappointed citizens of Donbas are being called not to ignore the elections and “entrust power to the smart, the strong, the courageous and the worthy.”

However, there are personal instances in propaganda which mostly advertise the current head of the ‘DNR’ Zakharchenko. These may include not only the actress from Donetsk in Russian national dress or billboards with his face in the streets of Donetsk, but the numerous statements the ‘Prime Minister’ had recently made himself. He does not shy away from promising pensions in the beginning of December, and salaries for miners within ten days or even a week.

His main point is that Ukraine has to be jealous of the independence and the future of the ‘republic.’ This is probably why, according to surveys which were held by the Donetsk State University of Management (the ‘DNR education minister’s’ alma mater), he now has 51,3% support.

If we investigate thoroughly, the start of the propaganda campaign of the ‘minister’ started with a big interview to a Russian publication: in it, Zakharchenko was depicted as a courageous warrior and an amateur politician who calmly speaks about “cutting the entire delegation” in Minsk. He supports his loud statement with slightly odious appearances before the elections. For example, on ‘Flag Day,’ which was celebrated on October 19 in the ‘republic,’ numerous cars with his portrait circulated around the main street of Donetsk, and a bit later he sang from the booth together with Josif Kobzon himself, which, naturally, will be reflected on the electorate’s attitude towards the former electrical mechanic. Especially if we take into account that his main competitors at the elections are Oleg Tsariov’s trustee and a hand-combat trainer.

War against all

In general, when we look at any events on the territory which is being controlled by mercenaries through the prism of elections, we can reach the conclusion that there is a real political process behind the scenes of the ‘DNR,’ with three candidates to the post of the ‘head’ of the republic, two parties, with their own opposition and lobbyists. There is even ‘black PR’: some representatives of the groups try to take over, calling for the citizens to remain at home on November 2, and head of ‘Vostok’ battalion Alexandr Khodakovsky even openly accuses one of the leaders of the ‘public’ formations Pavel Gubarev of looting, thus destroying his already weakened political weight (the ‘Central Electoral Committee’ refused to register the movement of the ‘people’s governor’).

However, this is a somewhat erroneous conclusion. First, the leaders of the ‘republic’ are having difficulties influencing the will of the Donetsk citizens to participate in the vote. The minority have long been disappointed by the ‘DNR’ and only waits when economic problems will take their toll on the ‘youthful state’… The majority thinks that such a luxury as election in wartime is a criminally out-of-place and everyone should have long consolidated and ‘advanced at Kyiv.’ Second, there can be no ‘free expression of will’ in the ‘DNR.’

“A purely symbolic idea”

The events that will take place on November 2 are definitely doomed to be compared with the March 11 ‘referendum’: these are singular points on the internal political continuum which the organizers of the ‘people’s republics’ managed to achieve as of today. However, the ‘plebiscite’ in May with its Xeroxed ballots which were counted in less than 12 hours had two concrete goals. The first is to provide the illusion of legitimacy to the so-called ‘DNR,’ to enable the speakers at pro-Russian meetings to talk about the determination of the people of Donbas. The second was to use psychological needs for consequentialism for the people who have put the unfortunate check mark next to ‘yes.’

The effect is known to technologists and it is what makes it impossible to just renounce the ‘republic’ a certain person had given their vote to. And it is even unessential what was written on the ballot (even the Mayor of Donetsk Olexandr Lukyanenko emphasized: he was “not too sure that most people understood what they voted for”): the psychological anchors will not allow them to renounce the mercenaries. The ‘elections’ to the ‘People’s Council’ have a different goal: they are simply a decoration.

This is evidenced by the intercepted calls between the leaders of pro-Russian groups. The recording was made public by the Ukrainian NSDC and in it, Russian citizen Alexandr Boroday, who had officially been fired from all ‘DNR’ posts, explains to the ‘first speaker of the republic’ Boris Litvinov who took up some initiative and “demonstrated an inflexible position” as to what to do and how to behave. Throughout the conversation, in become clear the everything is controlled 100%, and they also mention “famous comrades from the Center,” who authored the entire plot.

“These ‘elections,’ ideally, have to provide more legitimacy to the current leadership of the Donetsk and Luhansk ‘republics.’ However, those who did not acknowledge the referenda in these formations will not acknowledge the elections either. In general, holding any kind of election in wartime is a purely symbolic idea and frequently has little to do with democracy,” says director of the Center of Eurasian Studies Volodymyr Kornilov, nothing that the republican vote is a copy of the Ukrainian October 26 elections.

How will they vote?

The aspects of the voting process are also interesting. As such, on May 11, according to Mayor Lukyanchenko, for a full-fledged procedure in Donetsk, it was necessary to open 426 polling stations, which would cost about 8 million UAH. The fact that only a fraction of the polls opened at the ‘referendum’ and that there was no official committee is already eloquent enough.

Numbers are numbers. The territory of the ‘DNR’ is now somewhat bigger than Donetsk and if we are to trust the ‘head of the CEC’ Roman Liagin and the first issue of the ‘DNR CEC Tribune,’ about 700 polls will be opened for voting. Naturally, once more they will use the technology of creating queues at the polls – only a fraction of them will open (some districts already have lists of polling stations and their number is far from what is necessary). But even to do this, they need money which the ‘republic’ now clearly lacks. Therefore, they will once more have to print electoral documentation on home printers, or the ‘Mayor’ of Donetsk who was appointed by the leaders of pro-Russian Donbas Igor Martinov will stage a miracle and hold the elections free of charge. And it seems that this task is under the competence of the former amusement park director.

This is probably why they invented Internet voting for the ‘republic.’ The official reason for this is to give an opportunity to vote for those citizens who are outside of the ‘youthful state.’ However, despite Liagin’s claims that the verification procedure and security system with unique protocol numbers had already been developed, only the statements that “the voter will be able to either vote online or print out the ballot, vote and send it by post mail” negates all doubts regarding the vote.

As such, it remains a mystery what exactly will happen on November 2 and what the real goal will be, and the broader public will not be privy to this information any time soon. The only thing left to do is to watch the pseudoelectoral confusion and await the already obvious results.

Translated by: Mariya Shcherbinina
Source: Radio Liberty

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  • Brent

    The results of the election will be announced November 1st….15 million ballots will be counted in Donbass and Zakharchenko will win 99.4% support after his opponents are found in a mass grave outside of Lugansk. The .6% who did not vote for Zakharchenko are rounded up and taken to a basement of the FSB headquarters in Lugansk where they are undergoing re-education and weight reduction by amputation. In North Korea, Kim Jong Un, in a fit of jealousy at having a lower election result will kill his last remaining uncle and eats him.

    RT, RIA Novosti and Izvestia report “Novorossiya’s” Council of Ministers will be made up of the following members, some of whom return from exile in Mother Russia
    >Igor “Strelkov” Girkin will be Minister of Culture & Re-enactments
    >Alexander Borodai will be Minister of Foreign Affairs and Excellency
    >Dennis Pushulin will be Minister of Finance and Ponzi Schemes
    >Igor “Demon” Bezler will be Minister of Public RElations, Interrogations and Transportation Elimination
    >Arsen “Motorola” Pavlov will be Minister of Polygamy

    Pavel Gubarov, unfortunately will have to settle for a “Hero of the Motherland” award for his duplicitous role as “Father Frost” while still being a card carrying neo-Nazi. He refuses to attend the inauguration ceremonies and holds a press conference in Rostov claiming to be the true leader of “Novorossiya” in exile.

    A heated pitchfork battle breaks out at the Inauguration when sisters Bogdana and Ludmila Dukov get upset for not being paid for their catering services as promised by the new regime, who announce they are broke and can also not afford the promised pensions of $5,000 per month for all that voted for them. Their main sponsor, Viktor Yanukovych, has reneged on his financial support and is seen later that night on security cameras fleeing the inauguration ceremony in a drunken stupor to the Donetsk Airport which he fails to realize has been destroyed by Russian missiles. He then tries to travel to Crimea but the little green men at the Crimean border in uniforms without any insignias find out he has 1/8th Tatar blood and is carrying forbidden books in his luggage which theorize that Mongols are the ancestors of Russians. He later turns up in Pyongyang where a still jealous Kim Jong Un has another buffet.

    Two days later, Strelkov shoots Bezler after mistaking him for the ghost of Stepan Bandera but later removes the posting on his Vkontakte page bragging about it and claims a stray Ukrainian missile fired from Bandera’s secret headquarters at the Right Sektor offices in Lviv must have been responsible. The regime collapses after 4 days when they run out of ammunition, even though they call Csar Putin to send more “aid” trucks. Unfortunately the convoy’s GPS systems are not working and they mistakenly travel to Estonia instead. Putin denies to the Russian people that any Russian soldiers have entered Estonia but the Cargo 200 signs painted on the sides of the returning trucks and the new graves throughout Western Russia make 3% of the Russian population think he is lying. The other 97% of Russians approve of his actions and agree to give up all future elections if he will stay on as their Supreme Leader For Life and agree to give up all future state pension payments in exchange for two extra cabbages per year, but only if they are homegrown and not imported from the evil Europe.

    Sergei Lavrov is summoned to Berlin to explain Russia’s unapproved “aid” convoy but emerges from this meeting with his arm around a smiling Angela Merkl who announces she is resigning and has taken a new job as Gerhard Schroeder’s assistant at Nordstream where she is paid a wage of 3 million Euros a month. She travels to St Petersburg aboard Russia’s new Mistral ship that is being delivered from France, where Francois Hollande also resigns and announces he has been hired to oversee the new Military shipyards being built in St Petersburg.

    President Obama gives a 5 hour rousing speech on his next visit to Europe where he declares the United States will support all of its signed treaties and European allies, but then promptly flies back to the U.S. when Russian troops show up in Poland due to more malfunctioning GPS systems and he accepts their explanation they are on vacation and Putin allowed them to use their ‘work’ APC’s while on holiday. He offers for the U.S. to send Poland blankets and military rations but claims Poland is not strategically important enough to U.S. interests as the only oil found there is used to deep fry perogies.

    We all wake up the next morning to find Bobby Ewing in our shower….

    • Michel Cloarec

      I can see that you have been doing a lot of thinking about this 2/11 !
      What did we do to this world to follow this comedy ?

      • Don Casavant

        I agree, totally ignore what ever those idiots do in the way of their “vote” it means nothing, not worth any space on any blog! The only information that is relevant is when they are killed by the Ukrainian Army!

        • Michel Cloarec

          Have you been looking at Novorossyia news agency ?
          They are convinced that they are doing right !

          • Don Casavant

            I do not think that the Novorossyia news agency is an impartial news service! They have their agenda and they think that everyone that does not agree with their agenda is wrong! What they are advocating is in direct conflict with the Minsk agreement signed by all groups including Russia, which has totally ignored everything in the agreement! Another lie buy PUTLIER and his band of murderers and rapists!

          • Murf

            So are serial killers and war criminals.

    • Racquel Simone

      Having some vino this Friday night and, of course, had to check in at the Euromaidan Press site. You are in rare form tonight, Brent. LMAO. You touched all the bases, graphics and all. I feel your words. The complete and total lack of leadership and cajones of any, repeat, any leader in this friggin world to address, let alone handle, Putler, the terrorist, disgusts me. If I hear “strongly condemn,” “territorial integrity,” blah, blah, one more time, I’m gonna vomit. Like his word means anything!

      Anyway, thanks for the much needed levity.

      • Don Casavant

        I agree 100%. Too much talk and no action! That is what most politicians are today! If President Reagan were here today, PUTLIER would be in the hospital in Moscow having a Proctologist trying to remove his head from his ass!

    • Don Casavant

      Wow!!! What were you smoken! Go get em bud! I love posts from people that are fired up! You are 100% correct! There is no leader in the west (EU or USA) that would recognize balls if they were slapping them on the chin!

    • Murf

      Ok it’s Saturday and I can finally breath again.
      Brent that was fucking hilarious.
      You should post it over on Ukraine Today. lots of angry Russian trolls who will blow gaskets when they read it. You could take out more Russians than the Cyborgs.

      To sum it all up;no matter the results the place will be a Total Cluster Fuck of the first magnitude.

    • Don Casavant

      Fantastic!! Tell me that you didn’t write that piece on the fly! Some of the most funniest stuff I have read in a long time! Well Done!

  • Don Casavant

    Who cares what they do on 2 November! It means nothing! The real world will not recognize the results of the ballot, only PUTLIER and his gang of thieves, rapist, and murderers will try to tell the world with a straight face that it was an legal election! I guess you could say it is like masturbation: It might feel good but it does not accomplish anything!

    • Murf

      I have always wondered how they can do that say their bullshit and not even cracking smile or a knowing wink. Do Russian leaders have to go through a hopefully painful operation to suppress the part of their brains?