Russian media continue to call the Ukrainian government ‘fascists’ 



2014/10/28 • Political News

The Russian media call the Ukrainian government “fascists” despite the fact that Russia acknowledged the early elections in Ukraine, and Foreign Affairs Minister of Russia Sergey Lavrov stated his readiness to collaborate with Petro Poroshenko’s party. 

Russia acknowledges the early elections in Ukraine, which was stated by the Russian Minister for Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov. The head of the Russian MFA said that there will be people to work with in the Ukrainian Parliament. They acknowledge the elections, however a number of Russian media continue to lament the fact that in Ukraine, so-called “fascists” are in power. For example, in a report by Russian NTV channel, publicist Andrey Pashev claims that the government includes “the supporters of the current, let us call things by their proper names, fascist regime.”

On Tuesday Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko participated in a ceremony to commemorate the 70th anniversary of Ukraine’s liberation from Nazi occupants and put down flowers to the Monument of the Unknown Solider in the Park of Glory. This was reports in the Russian media, in particular by the Russian Defense Ministry channel Zvezda. “Silently and as imperceptibly as possible, official events are limited to putting down flowers to the Unknown Soldier in the Kyiv Park of Glory,” says the report.

The subtitle to the video says: “An Uncomfortable Holiday.” Petro Poroshenko noted: “I firmly believe in our victory in the Great Patriotic War of 2014, that my political and diplomatic plan will work and bring peace to Donbas and all of Ukraine.” The Russian TV channel Zvezda called this statement especially cynical in regard to Donbas veterans. In his speech to commemorate the 70th anniversary of Ukraine’s liberation, Petro Poroshenko also noted that millions of Ukrainians fought against Nazis and their allies within the UPA (Ukrainian Insurgent Army), within the ranks of Soviet partisan unions, within the Polish army, American, Australian, British, Canadian armies, French, Yugoslavian and Slovakian resistance troops.

A number of separatist websites interpreted this in their own way, having written in one of the articles: “The President’s Administration today confirmed yet once more that the Ukrainian government has taken course towards the fascization of state policies and ideology.”

This conclusions was made by the author in light of the fact that the President mentioned the UPA, which according to these websites “collaborated with Hitler’s army according to all objective historical data, including foreign ones.”

Translated by: Mariya Shcherbinina
Source: Radio Liberty


  • Brent

    The Soviet Union had aligned with Nazi Germany and signed a pact agreeing to carve up their peaceful neighbor, Poland, long before any Ukrainian partisans sought German assistance in getting out from under Muscovy’s boot heel. Yet, Russia’s stooge media can’t seem to accept that and instead they still live in fear of Stepan Bandera’s ghost even though the KGB assassinated him over 50 years ago.

    I can’t wait for the day the fascists Russia sent into Donbass return home to Russia and unleash their savagery on the “Motherland”.

    • Milton Devonair

      “Your revolution failed” I tell mexicans all the time. And “the best thing we can do for mexico and mexicans is arm them and send them back to their country”.

      “russia needs another revolution”. Said that to a russian and boy did he get mad…. 😀

      • Mykola Banderachuk

        he got mad? too bad

        • Milton Devonair

          Some russians are humans, but most are angry, ignorant idiots that will do all sorts of criminal actions against unarmed women and children for their dictator.

          That’s probably why they drink radiator fluid and rubbing alcohol to forget they’re russians stuck in russia…..

    • Mykola Banderachuk

      the Ukrainian partisans never sought Nazi help, they fought them as well as the soviet communists.

      • Milton Devonair

        And Stephan Bandera wound up in a German POW camp because of it, only to be murdered by russian slime, probably putin’s daddy in the nkvd after WWII.
        russia has always been a plague upon humans.
        russia is ebola.

        • Mykola Banderachuk

          we should call russia – Ebolastan Federation

          • Vlad Pufagtinenko

            I love it….you know I’m going to use that from now on :- )

          • Milton Devonair

            The Ebolastan Federation, filled with rabid russian baboons….

  • Dirk Smith

    This decades-old Stalinist narrative of ‘Nazis’ gives clear comfort and lack of responsibility to the less-educated Putin supporters. Makes it all very easy in a complex and difficult world. Unfortunately, they are supporting the very thing they are indoctrinated to hate.

    • Milton Devonair

      The main problem isn’t the ‘education’ of russians, rather it’s their programming and seemingly natural DNC to be paranoid of the rest of the world.

      • Dirk Smith

        Yep, I guess 90+ years of communist/fascist propaganda will do that. Perhaps the russian people should follow the lead of their mother country, Ukraine.

        • Milton Devonair

          Their manufactured, fake pride gets in the way. It goes hairy palm in hairy palm with their ignorance.

  • DDJ

    I did not read this article but just have to say that Petro and the Ukrainian government should no longer speak with any person attached to or employed by the failed government of lil local regional power russia. russia = loooooooooooooooosers.

    • DDJ

      Cut all gas lines entering Ukraine from russia.

      • Milton Devonair

        That’s one of the reasons why vlady putin the chimp invaded and stole Crimea–to protect his gazprom’s projected ‘southstream’ gas line under the black sea to eastern europe.
        What’s funny is if you go to putin’s gazprom’s website and look up his southstream map, it shows Crimea and Ukraine as together and not part of the cesspool called ‘russia’.

        I guess putin’s gazprom is full of “nazi’s” lol.

        • LorCanada

          Well, facts are, there are lots of Nazis in Russia, see:

          Nowadays nationalist and neo-Nazi movements are on the rise in Russia. According to Russian experts, the number of such organizations has reached 53 and most of them are functioning in Russia legally. This list can be divided into moderate (23 organizations), radical (22 organizations) and forbidden (8 organizations).

          • Milton Devonair

            There are small groups of neo-nazis all over the place, just like there are small groups of communists. One thing about free countries is we can let people speak their mind and believe what they believe.
            In places like russia, you can ‘disappear’ if you say the wrong thing act the wrong way….