Expert: the configuration of the new parliamentary coalition is already obvious



2014/10/27 • Politics

Article by: Dmytro Barkar

Kyiv – Ukrainians have given a death sentence to the Communist Party, lent their trust to the government and voted for the European choice. This is how President Poroshenko views the results of the early elections to the Verkhovna Rada. Experts agree with the evaluations made by the head of State. They also assume that now the parliamentary coalition, besides Petro Poroshenko’s Block, People’s Front and Samopomich, may also include Svoboda, Batkivshchina and the Radical Party.

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko considers it expedient to form the parliamentary coalition from his political block and the People’s Front party. The head of state wrote about this on his Twitter page after the results of the exit polls regarding the Verkhovna Rada elections were published yesterday.

Petro Poroshenko also states in his video address to the Ukrainian people who the voters have landed a blow to the ‘fifth estate.’

“Over three-fourths of the voters who participated in the polls, powerfully and irrevocably supported Ukraine’s course towards Europe. A symbolic conclusion is very important: the people’s court, which is only below the Lord’s judgement, granted the Communist Party of Ukraine a death sentence. There will be no communists in the Ukrainian Parliament for the first time in 96 years,” Poroshenko emphasizes.

Experts also talk about the practically unprecedented loan of trust the voters have lent the government. Political expert Volodymyr Fesenko notes that the citizens voted to keep the Poroshenko-Yatseniuk tandem. If we add to the results of Petro Poroshenko’s block and People’s Front the results of Svoboda, which is also part of the current government, their sum result will be over 50 percent of the votes, Fesenko notes. Meanwhile he expresses the hope that the close results of Poroshenko and Yatseniuk’s parties will allow these politicians to avoid “sky-high ambitions,” all the while without lowering themselves to the level of mutual jealousy, and to create an effective parliamentary majority.

Fesenko: political parties who only criticized the rest made voters weary

“The configuration of the coalition is already obvious. It is Poroshenko’s Block, People’s Front, a significant part of the majority. Samopomich and Svoboda will also be involved. Four parties at least. However, Barkivshchina and even Lyashko’s Radical Party may get involved as well,” says Fesenko.

The parties that had powerful advertising and which guessed the voters’ moods won, Fesenko notes. Meanwhile the political powers that only criticized the rest tired the voters out. Finally the Ukrainians said no to the communists as well, he emphasizes.

“Its the same as ruining a Lenin monument in the Verkhovna Rada hall. And this corresponds to the current moods and, what goes without saying, it is a consequence of the change of the electorate structure in the country,” Fesenko notes.

Political expert Taras Berezovets also agrees that the time of the Communist Party has passed once and for all. He notes that ninety percent of the voters supported the parties which stand for the European vector of development. The voters also shows that ‘new faces’ in the party lists are not enough for success at the elections, Berezovets says. All the while, according to him, the voters have not given monopoly over the formation of the parliamentary coalition to a single political power.

Berezovets: the communists are totally finished

“It is almost 100% sure that Yatseniuk will stay as Prime Minister. The majority will constitute at least People’s Front, Poroshenko’s Block, Samopomich, possibly Svoboda. Lyashko, Tymoshenko and the Oppositional Block will remain in opposition. The communists are totally finished. Tihipko will not reestablish himself. And they may give a second chance to Hrytsenko. Especially since the next elections will still be early. As to Tymoshenko and Lyashko’s low results: the fall they began will continue, this is the last time they are part of the Parliament,” Berezovets assumes.

Overall, despite the high degree of aggression in society, conflicts in individual districts, attempts to employ old measures regarding the voters, including bribery, the current parliamentary elections are much more democratic than the 2012 elections, as the process almost practically excluded the administrative resource factor, experts note. They also coincide in the opinion that the Ukrainian Verkhovna Rada elections of 2014 will be acknowledged both in the world and in Russia.

At the same time leader of Oppositional Block party Yury Boyko called the current parliamentary elections the dirtiest in all of Ukraine’s history in regard to the opposition. He claimed that Oppositional Block activists were intimidates and persecuted.

According to the National exit polls, 7 parties may become part of the Parliament.

Translated by: Mariya Shcherbinina
Source: Radio Liberty

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  • Brent

    Congratulations to all citizens of Ukraine! This is the beginning of a new future for Ukraine out from under Russia’s boot heel. It will be a long and hard journey, but it will be worth the change to get rid of the Russian overlords and their useful idiots who tried to destroy Ukraine.

    • Ian Rutherford

      and in fight against The Green Snake, Green Snake will prevail ..
      Cheers :) :)

    • Ian Rutherford

      the future under home grown Ukrainian oligarchs is bright. the future is military spending. Cheers :) :)

  • Michel Cloarec

    Great news, at last it seems that Ukrainia is going somewhere on the right roads.
    BRAVO !

  • Dirk Smith

    Slava Ukrainia!!

  • DDJ

    Always glad to see in print that communists are loosers. They really are loosers. lol Eventually we will get even with them for all those years of ‘duck n cover’. One can only hope.

    • DDJ

      Stalinke/ lil’ putin must be up on his tippy toes attempting to put a larger face on this very tall defeat for his minions. I can think of not better a defeat for the mental midget running the kremlin today. I guess one could say he met his Waterloo in Ukraine on Sunday.

  • disqus60

    Congratulations my Ukrainian friends and colleagues and all of Ukraine! Now is the beginning of the true birth of Ukraine independence and freedom. It will be difficult to pass some of the obstacles but the freedom loving people of the world will stand with you and walk beside you, regardless of the governments actions or inactions. Stand tall, be proud, you deserve it and I will look forward to a prosperous future and a beacon of light to all of the slavic world. God bless you!