OSCE to recognize the legitimacy of elections



2014/10/26 • News

The inability to organize voting in some areas of Ukraine cannot affect the legitimacy of the results of the parliamentary elections in Ukraine. This statement was made by Doris Barnett, the head of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly observation mission (Germany).

“We have no right to claim that because certain territories of Ukraine were unable to participate in the elections, they are illegitimate,” she said.

She noted that those who were making claims that these elections were illegitimate because certain parts of Ukraine were unable to vote, were in fact trying to discredit and rig the elections.

Also, Barnett emphasized that she saw “well-organized polling stations with a large number of peacefully-minded people, and they do not have to stand in lines.”

In turn, the head of the short-term OSCE election observation mission Kent Härstedt (Sweden) said that the main problem of these elections is a large number of internally displaced persons, and the need to ensure that they had equal rights to vote on the election day. He mentioned security at the polling stations and the entire territory of Ukraine as the other issue of concern due to threats of violence on the day of election.

“Given the present difficult conditions in the country, we see high expectations and a lot of effort on the part of Ukraine. Despite the large number of threats to use violence on the eve of elections, we hope that this day will pass peacefully,” said Härstedt.

Translated by: Myron Nechuiviter
Source: Levy Bereg


  • Paul P. Valtos

    God bless Ukraine and its will to be free. The soul of Ukraine is at hand.

  • Murf

    Congratulations Ukraine and the Euro Maiden movement. It has been a hard road. The world put a lot of challenges in front you and disappointments were many.
    But you persevered in spite of all the set backs and humiliations.
    Take a moment to remember those who have fallen along the way and can not be here to see your ultimate triumph. Remember what they sacrificed themselves for. Keep faith with each other and ideals all of you fought for this past year.
    Because this just the end of the beginning and no journey ever truly ends.

    • Don Casavant

      Well said Murf!!

  • Don Casavant

    I say Thank You to all the people that went out on this cold day to show the world that you care about where your country is going and will do what ever is necessary to assist along the way! It has been a long fight, and sadly there are many more battles to win before you can sit back and enjoy the fruits of your hard work, but you have shown the world that you are ready to fight for what you believe in! Good luck and God speed, stay on course!

  • sandy miller

    Bravo Ukraine. You have shown the world you want to be free. When so many in the world have moved away from democracy and freedom you are dying for it. God Bless you all. May those who lost their lives for your freedom not have died in vain.