Ukraine’s voters committee: Number of violations 3 times down compared to 2012



2014/10/26 • News

The Committee of Voters of Ukraine has not seen any serious violations of election law that might affect the results of the elections. This was stated by CVU Chair Oleksiy Koshel at a press conference in Kyiv Sunday.

“At the moment we have no reason to talk of fraud or any serious violations of the electoral process. I mean facts that might affect the outcome of the voting,” he said.

Koshel said that the CVU has about four thousand observers in all oblasts and regions of the country, except the Crimea. At the moment these observers have registered 350 violations of election law, but more than 80% of the information on violations received from the observers constitute minor technical violations related to procedural aspects, said the CVU Chair.

“Compared with the 2012 elections we registered three times less violations at this time. There is no serious evidence that could point to electoral fraud,” he added.

In addition, Koshel said that the CVU was working closely with the police, and police officers promptly respond to information about any attempts to violate election laws.

Translated by: Myron Nechuiviter
Source: Ukrainska Pravda


  • Paul P. Valtos

    Well what does Czar Putin now have up his sleeve???? What new attempt to enslave more people???

  • Murf

    So much for Putin’s BIG PLAN.
    The whole thing was stupid from the beginning.
    Gain control of Ukraine politically by removing from voting two regions containing his biggest supporters?
    That is like Obama trying to gain control of the Duma by removing the biggest Western supporters leaving only the Anti Westerns to vote.
    Not even he is that inept.
    They say Putins a genius but I just don’t see it.

    • DDJ

      Word has it that Stalinke doesn’t hold a black belt in judo either he stole it just like he did the Super Bowl ring. He is nothing but a poser.

    • dok

      Totally agree with you Murf. Everyone says that Putin is so clever. Obviously math is not a strong point for him. Thank you for removing the pro Russian vote in Crimea, Luhansk and Donetsk. Everybody else voted for a united and prosperous Ukraine. I guess Putin can go back to doing what he does best, which is to tell lies.

      • Murf

        Hay give credit where credit is due, He is really good at assassinating and jailing opponents.