Western journalists cover Donbas unobjectively, according to Russian media



2014/10/24 • Political News

Russian media are spreading materials about the lack of objective reports on the events in Donbas on part of Ukrainian and Western media, and point towards the alleged absence of journalists from Western publications in the conflict zone. 

One of such articles regarding the lack of objectivity in reporting on the events in Donbas by Ukrainian and Western media was published on the RIA-Novosti website. Deputy head of the Department for Information and Press of the Russian Foreign Affairs Ministry Maria Zakharova claims that Western media cannot objectively report on the events, as journalists from these media are absent in the ‘ATO zone.’

“There are simply no westerners there (in the East of Ukraine), they do not report on the other side of the conflict, and they get their information exclusively from the government in Kyiv, and that’s it,” says the report. Concrete examples, Zakharova says, is how Euronews channel ‘twisted’ the statements made by Russian MFA Sergey Lavrov about the humanitarian convoy and the fact that when over 400 Ukrainian servicemen crossed the border, the only U.S. correspondent who came to report on this situation were journalists from Bloomberg agency.

Earlier in an interview to Echo Moskv, Maria Zakharova also talked about what she sees as the lack of objectivity in Western media. She offered the same examples, only adding that the words ‘humanitarian convoy’ (meaning the humanitarian convoy from Russia) are sometimes written in quotation marks, thus putting under doubt the content of the cargo.

Western media have been actively reporting on the events in the ATO zone since the beginning. In order to make sure, it is enough to watch the numerous video reports.

Maria Zakharova noted the names of two world-renowned publications, CNN and the New York Times, saying she was curious where these publications get their information from. It is not difficult to make sure that the camera crews of these publications are present in the combat zone. For example, here is the CNN report on the battles for Donetsk Airport.

Besides, a special monitoring OSCE mission is present in Ukraine, whose information is cited by Western and Ukrainian media.

In reality, there are numerous examples of Western media camera crews having been present in the ATO zone. One of such examples of the presence of Western journalists in the ATO zone is Polish journalist Pavel Pieniozek who told Radio Liberty about his personal experience and conclusions after speaking to the civilians in Donbas. What is more, he has accreditation from the so-called ‘DNR.’

Russian intelligentsia congress stresses lies present in Russian media

Almost at the same time as the reports on the lack of objectivity in Ukrainian and Western media, news appear of the official address made by the members of the Russian Intelligentsia Congress to the general director of the local First Channel. In their address the members of the congress ask the general director to conduct a work investigation as to why obvious falsifications are being broadcast on First Channel.

“One of the most horrible examples of such falsifications, which were literally turned into a symbol of terror, was the lie spread in July by First Channel that a three-year-old boy was crucified in Slovyansk by the Ukrainian National Guard, as to why, having rapidly found out about the untrue nature of the reports, the editors did not deny them despite the scandalous explosion of discontent among the public,” says the address.

Translated by: Mariya Shcherbinina
Source: Radio Liberty

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  • Mazepa

    Poor,stupid monkey putin….OUR western journalists ONLY report the facts. The mockal army is full of nothing but child rapists and child murderers – that’s why THE WORLD knows who to trust – the Ukrainian media. They operate by only reporting the truth.
    Smert mockalyam.

  • Olga Westfall

    I used to live under USSR regime. They would tell us that Communist system is the best, this is what our society was building and that is what the rest of the world needed too. We used to be grateful to be born in the Soviet Union and were happy that we were better than the West and the US. That all lasted until Soviet Union got dissolved and we began to see the real truth. Ukraine got its independence and people began to be really free. Russia apparently under Putin’s control never let their people to experience real freedom. Now Putin wants to restore Soviet Union by bringing back the former republics and he started with Ukraine. Russian media works for Putin’s regime and they continue spreading lies to the rest of the world not just about Ukraine but everybody who does not play their game.

    • Sergey Tokarev

      You are so pretty on your avatar.

  • Paul P. Valtos

    If its a Russian saying something its a lie. They have had 70 years of practice since their government has lied to them for all that time.

    • Michel Cloarec

      White is black and red is blue. Whatever russia is saying , we know that it is lies. Russia propaganda did not stop the sanctions, that it is a good proof that nobody believes in russian media.! The so called leaders in LPR and DNR are doing exactly the same thing, LIES and more LIES.

  • Brent

    Poor little victimized innocent Russia. They’ve kidnapped Ukrainians, sent terrorists into the Donbass, annexed Crimea from Ukraine, and don’t want Ukraine to be independent from their boot heel. Now the Western media does not want to come out and play with them and believe their sordid history of lies and deceit.

    Hey Putin, let me call you a WAAAAAHHHHHmbulance…….

  • sandy miller

    I can’t believe this whining liar. Putler Russians are unbelievable. They are either true idiots or the lowest of low scum bag liars. Have they not realized that the world now knows what horrible people they are and always have been. They have shown themselves again for being idiots and savages. Good riddance to bad rubbish. I hope and pray Ukraine is finally rid of that manic Putler, his regime and all those who support him.

  • Michel Cloarec

    OSCE report 20/11″In her speech, Mijatovic said 56 journalists have been murdered in Russia since 1992 and in most cases there have been no arrests.

    “It is the obligation of all states to prove the political will to protect journalists and I call on the authorities in Russia to show proof of their wish to stop impunity,” Mijatovic said.

    Mijatovic also addressed the growing phenomenon of propaganda, which poses a threat to journalism as a profession, not least with the rising influence of state-run media outlets”

    (“Russian intelligentsia congress stresses lies present in Russian media”)