Ukraine’s Foreign Affairs Ministry rejects cluster bomb accusation



2014/10/21 • News

Ukraine’s Foreign Affairs Ministry spokesman Yevhen Perebyinis categorically denied accusations of Human Rights Watch that Ukraine’s military used cluster bombs in the Donbas at his press briefing on Tuesday, October 21.

“Regarding the information distributed by Human Rights Watch on the alleged use of cluster munitions by the Ukrainian military, I want to make it perfectly clear that the ATO (Anti-Terrorist Operation) troops have never used and do not use such weapons. Moreover, we have repeatedly stressed that the Ukrainian military has never fired on residential areas where civilians could have been hurt, ” he said.

According to Perebyinis, “these are methods used by the terrorists — the illegal groups controlled by Russia. This is one of the methods used  to discredit the ATO forces.” He added that Ukraine’s government has repeatedly made public evidence that these attacks are being carried out intentionally in order to then accuse the ATO forces.

He also insisted that the information disseminated by Human Rights Watch included evidence that was obviously staged and served as an additional example of the “exploitation of such an esteemed organization by the representatives of the illegal armed groups for their own propagandist purposes.”

“The conclusions made by Human Rights Watch are not supported by any concrete evidence. They are based on the testimony of several locals. However, the official position of the Ukrainian government is not presented. Furthermore, some of the video footage indicates staging, especially the footage showing the angle of an unexploded bomb that is embedded in the ground. This suggests that Human Rights Watch has become a victim of the most elementary fraud by the terrorists,” he said.

Perebyinis encouraged the human rights organization to conduct a broader investigation into the use of illegal weapons in the Donbas as “there is no doubt that they are being used by terrorists with weapons supplied by Russia.”

“We attach great importance to cooperation with Human Rights Watch and … we are ready to provide all necessary assistance to the organization,” he concluded.


Translated by: Anna Mostovych

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  • Brent

    Sadly, more reputable Western organizations are being played as “useful idiots” by Russia. Why has this turned into a “Ukraine is using cluster bombs” with no mention that Russia uses these as well as land mines (which Ukraine is a signatory to the Ottawa Agreement and Russia is not).

    We all know how well Russia respects its written agreements with the Budapest Memorandum and now the ‘useful idiots’ continue to ignore the true atrocities being committed by Russia and its state sponsored terrorists.

  • Dirk Smith

    I feel like we’re in the Twilight Zone right now. Putin is openly conducting state terrorism and is actually given some type of credibility by the EU appeasers because they allowed themselves to be leveraged by muscovite gas. Putin has been laughing all the way to the bank since 1999. Putin should have been arrested in Milan and shipped to the Hague. Denying his involvement in the Moscow bombings, the poisoning of Litvinenko & Yushchenko, the random kidnappings of journalists, the imprisonment of differing opinions (Pussy Riot, Khodorkovsky, Tymoschenko, etc.), the downing of the Polish Govt. in Smolensk in 2010, the murder of 300 innocents on MH17, the attacks on Chechnya-Georgia-Ukraine, etc. is appeasement at it’s highest level. He is a KGB thug; nothing more. His idea of economics is to imprison, blackmail, and steal. Wake up & Stop Russia before it’s too late!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Murf

    Russia has violated almost every international law regarding the conduct of nations. Most on the Geneva Convention laws regarding the treatment of prisoners. Every treaty with respect to Ukraine sovereignty.
    And NOBODY has done jack shit about it!
    So why should UA abide by the so called ban on cluster munitions?
    So what if they signed a treaty. A lot of countries have signed treaties with regard to Ukraine and they walked way from them with a smirk.
    So If UA has a weapon that will tip the balance in their favor… USE IT.
    But be smart and use when it will have the maximum effect. Now is not that time.The next time Russian tanks come rolling accross the Ukrainian country side uninvited would be a good time to hit them with some Duel Purpose Improved Conventional Munitions (DP-ICM) and watch their formations go up in flames.
    I am gad they have learned the Russian tactic of Deny deny deny.

  • Verific

    Human Right Watch presents compelling evidence that cluster ammunition is used in East Ukraine.

    However, they lack any evidence that the Ukraine government forces are to blame for launching these ammunition.

    In fact, they contradict themselves where even the few pictures that they took are taken.

    In the report they claim they are from Novomykhailivka, Ukraine controlled, some 35 km south-west of Donetsk.
    But in the video their expert states that they are 16-18 km south of Donetsk, which is decisively under Russian control.

    So where exactly where these pictures taken, HRW ?