Ukraine denies using cluster munitions in East

Cluster munition

Cluster munition 

2014/10/21 • War in the Donbas

Article by: Peter Dutczyn

The headquarters of the anti-terrorist operation has denied using cluster munitions, Inter TV reported at midday Kyiv‬ time today. The international organization Human Rights Watch has reported the use of such munitions by the Ukrainian‬ army. The organization’s employees conducted a research in the combat zone. Experts obtained evidence that this type of weapon was used during shelling in Donetsk Oblast, the report added. This is why the organization did not rule out the possibility of the munitions being used by Ukrainian troops.

ATO spokesman Vyacheslav Seleznyov told the channel by phone: “The position of the headquarters of the anti-terrorist operation is unanimous. First, we are not using cluster munitions in the anti-terrorist operation. Second, under no circumstances do we shell residential areas and those places and objects where civilian residents of Donbas are located. Our goal is the militants and their locations.”


  • Milton Devonair

    when some organization like ‘human rights watch’ actually does something to save people from being raped, tortured and murdered by thugs like russians and their chechens, then maybe that future day people will not only pay attention to them, but actually care what they have to say.

  • Paul P. Valtos

    Another KGB plant. I’m surprised that the Russians haven’t rolled in some exploded 1000 lb and 2000 lb exploded casings and blamed the Ukrainians. You know Hitler and Putin were the same height.

  • disqus60

    I dont know why Ukraine has to deny using any weapon, it is in fact fighting for its survival and its people, so who cares whether or not it used Cluster Munitions. The US, Russia and Israel use them as they see fit, and the only ones ever fighting for their very survival is Israel. If Ukrainians are being killed by an aggressor, and its land destroyed, Ukraine has the authority to use any means necessary to stop it, just as Russia has already claimed it would.