Entire army command must take responsibility for Ilovaisk tragedy – Maidan Sotnyk



2014/10/21 • Military analysis

Article by: Volodymyr Parasiuk

Volodymyr Parasiuk, the Maidan Sotnyk that delivered the powerful speech that sent Yanukovych fleeing during Euromaidan, gives an opinion on who is responsible for the tragic for the Ukrainian Army events under Ilovaisk that led to over a thousand deaths. An interim report published on October 20 blames the Ukrainian Army’s higher command and, in particular, the then Defense Minister Heletey and Head of General Staff Muzhenko.

Everyone is looking for answers to the question of who is to blame for the tragedy at Ilovaisk. The answer is very simple: Heletey, Muzhenko, and Lytvin, together with all the other generals who have been squandering the good faith Ukrainians have placed in them. They have been looking for ways to place all the fault on one battalion, namely Battalion “Prykarpattia”. They are accusing them of everything. Once again the ordinary solider must be the voice of reason and question whether our “eminently qualified” leadership is, as always, “innocent and guiltless.”

Litwin, for example, is a traitor and chief of the country’s black market, having transformed the Ukrainian border into a profitable business. He must answer for every death of every man who perished on account of his callousness and greed.

As for Muzhenko and Heletey, these are two real “professionals”. One gave my father his word as an officer that he would do everything humanly possible to ensure everyone returned from Ilovaisk safe and sound. Now you can reach your own conclusions. The second man is a true parody of a minister, an image that evokes disgust and revulsion when one considers what he is doing in this post. Instead of Ministers of Defence we have rank amateurs and traitors. One capitulated on Crimea, a second bought protective vests at 13,000 hrvnia each, and a third is shamelessly ceding the East.

It is not the ordinary fighting men, but rather the entire leadership of the army that must take responsibility for Ilovaisk. They did not think they through. It is their fault. It is they who turned us into cannon fodder and then abandoned us to die in the hell it became. Everyone of us who survived has God to thank, because there is no other explanation.

I am certain that the guilty will be punished, as I know that there is such a thing as justice in this world. Those of us who survived will make this a matter of principle. In time all the “i’s” will be dotted, and we will see to it that our case is made. The old ways of handling such matters no longer work. My only question is this: how can you sleep at night knowing that your cowardice and treason resulted in the deaths of so many decent and brave men?

Translated by: Jeffrey Stephaniuk

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  • Don Casavant

    There have been whispers, subtle hints, and rumors for the past 4 months about the ability of the senior command of the army. I hope that the all the guilty parties are identified and brought to justice, it is the least that can be done for the people that are dying and have died to defend their country.

    • Milton Devonair

      Yup….Ukraine needs to clean their ranks of all the corrupt little worms left over from the russian occupation era. If incompetence, fire them. If treasonous, hang them.

  • Murf

    Hopefully the Lustration law will cover the senior military staff. Unless they have proven themselves competent anyone who paid Yanuko bribe money (75 k to be promoted to general) should be relived automatically.
    Until the Defence Ministry owns it’s failure and resolves to reform it’s self the same mistakes will be repeated again.
    Frankly I don’t think ukraine has another defeat in them. The next round has to be a win.

    • Don Casavant

      I agree 100% Murf, they cannot afford another large loss! I hope the problem is fixed quickly so that many lives may be saved!

  • nysq1

    Yes they were incompetent etc. But I believe the hatred should be directed at the aggressors Russia and Putin. Otherwise it’s just sadomachochism.