Protests of enlisted servicemen near Verkhovna Rada set up by Russian FSB



2014/10/16 • Ukraine

The recent protests of enlisted National Guard servicemen near the Ukrainian Parliament  were set up by the 18th center of the Russian FSB (Russian Security Service) via the social network VKontakte, said Markiyan Lubkivskyi, adviser to the Head of the SBU (Security Service of Ukraine). He spoke on air to Channel 5 about the involvement of Russian secret services in organizing the October 13-14 riots, reported.

“We know how the 18th center of the FSB works. We know very well those who develop such operations. Information was disseminated in social networks calling for illegal protests, with appeals to the public and to the international community to oppose the ‘Nazi march’ and ‘banderite lawlessness,’” said Lubkivsky.

At the same time, according to Lubkivsky, the SBU working together with the Ministry of Interior were able to prevent larger-scale actions.

“The geography of these so-called protests was to have been much wider. These actions would have covered not only Kyiv but also Kharkiv, Kherson, Mykolayiv, Zaporizhzha, Odesa, Vinnytsia, Dnipropetrovsk and Pavlohrad. These actions were actually supposed to be massive,” he stated.

The advisor to the SBU Head urged internet users not to use the social network VKontakte because the Russian special services are operating through it.


Translated by: Vitalii Usenko
Edited by: Handzia Savytska
Source: UNIAN

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  • Tooni

    So, when the servicemen aren’t released from service when their time is served, and they did not receive compensation for overtime, that too is organized by the FSB?

    • DemocracyJA

      That is absolutely correct. The rules of procedure of the Soviet resembles your description. More recently it has come into vogue again. Nice to read a post from a well-informed connoisseur. Boob!

      • Milton Devonair

        😀 I’m surprised that soviet russian tool was able to take time off from cleaning putin’s Karelia bathroom to babble his drivel. Guess he must be a great houseboy to get such time off, proving his worth to his neo-soviet masters….

        • Don Casavant

          These Russian trolls are like the moles in “WackA-MOLE”, you thump one on the head with a hammer and another pops up instantly!!! That’s OK, from what I have read Putlier will be out of money in a few months and won’t be able to pay these people so they will just fade away into the sunset!

          • Doug Retter

            Spot price of oil yesterday: $80.66.

            I think we shall pump some more oil; not low enough, yet!

    • Milton Devonair

      komrade, are you a houseboy for putin at his dacha in Karelia? Do you go and clean up the bathroom after he and his st. petersberg comrades use it?

      From an account that says all of Ukraine is ‘nazi’, your comments carry no weight, other than in rubles. Now get back to cleaning putin’s toilet.

      • Tooni

        Hi Milton,
        Do you spek Hungarian?
        Do you understand sarcasm?
        My account, and my comments are visible because I’m making fun of Putin’s trolls, and I am not one of them.
        One of my frequent replies to these brainwashed people, who do not understand the ukrainian situation and they think that all of Ukraine is full of nazis, however I know well, that only very small percentage are ultranationalists.
        So, whenever a commie troll makes a comment, which does not cover the reality, I reply only with this to them:
        “Yes, yes, we know already, all of Ukraine full of nazi”
        It’s only sarcasm.

        • Milton Devonair

          Got it. There are so many putin-gandist trolls out there, sometimes sarcasm has gotta be very, painfully apparent or humans will think that account is just a russian and actually believes that stuff….

      • Tooni

        Sorry, but this particular comment is not irony. Those servicemen were out and protested for real reason. You understand, that there is currently no war is going on in Ukraine, officially!
        There was no declaration of war to anyone!
        The soviets aren’t sending their troops under russian flag, they are Luhanda and Donbabwe army.
        You heard well. This is an “antiterrorist operation”. There is no state of war in the country. So, there is no reason to keep servicemen in the army when their time is served, and in a democratic and law abiding country you cannot force anyone against his will or against the laws.

        • Milton Devonair

          Don’t know what it’s like in your country, but in mine (USA) military personnel CAN (and sometimes are) kept in after their release date for a variety of reasons, like wanting experienced military personnel when your country is fighting an invasion of military people using military weapons killing and bombing just like a military does (they just add rapes and looting because of their russian-ness).

          Ukraine probably doesn’t want to openly challenge the russian cesspool as they think that will give the russian primates legitimate justification to roll in their ape carriers into Ukraine openly.

          As far as “overtime”, what a joke. (I hope it was). That’s a vestige of the liberal/progressivism that permeates europe. Ukraine also has a unionized military. Another joke. Probably explains why Azov, Donbas, and Aidar Battalions have fared far better than the Ukrainian army has.

          • Tooni


          • Milton Devonair

            Slava Ukrainia.

  • Milton Devonair

    If the mongol lead neo-soviet russia would just admit how backwards and primitive their culture is, their people are, maybe they wouldn’t always be trying to attack the west and eastern europe?
    russia is a failure and even they know it. Sad, but that’s all the news today…..

    • Roman Serbyn

      Please don’t insult the Mongols; they bare no responsibility for Putin’s barbarism. It is KGB-made.

      • Milton Devonair

        😀 Yeah, the russians have always hated the mongols because they are the only tribe in the history of the world that had a kingdom larger than the russians. And on the bright side, if it wouldn’t be for the Norse and the Mongols, the russian as a breed wouldn’t exist…..

  • Roman Serbyn

    If the SBU knew that the FSB was planning a riot before the V.R., then why did it not assure that the agents of SBU would be on hand to immediately arrest the culprits and expose them to the mass media for what they were. Tearing down the green man swinging his chain (as was done on the Maidan last winter) and immediately revealing his identity would have been the best antidote to Russian media propaganda.