Red Cross to continue mission in east Ukraine despite killing of employee



2014/10/09 • War in the Donbas

Article by: Peter Dutczyn

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC‬) does not intend to curtail its presence in Ukraine. It is ready to carry on its humanitarian mission in the east of the country, Laurent Corbaz, the ICRC head of operations in Europe and Central Asia, said while meeting Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin in Kyiv on 8 October, Interfax-Ukraine reported at 10:35 Kyiv time today.

According to the Foreign Ministry’s press service, Klimkin emphasized the importance of the ICRC’s further operations in ‪‎Ukraine‬, including deliveries of humanitarian aid to the eastern regions, and expressed confidence that the upcoming expansion of the OSCE monitoring mission would enhance security for the ICRC employees.
Klimkin expressed his condolences over the death of an ICRC employee in a shelling incident in ‪‎Donetsk‬ and assured Corbaz that Ukraine would do its best to establish the causes for the tragic incident and punish those responsible.
Corbaz came to Ukraine on a two-day visit.

Laurent Du Pasquier, a 38-year-old Swiss citizen and an ICRC employee, was killed on 2 October as a result of militant shelling of Donetsk. The ICRC declared that it would suspend operations in Ukraine in connection with the incident. The ICRC delegation, including Corbaz and his deputy Regis Savioz, arrived in Kyiv in the early hours of 8 October.

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  • Brent

    So the terrorists…
    >kidnap OSCE monitors, and get away with it
    >kidnap, torture, extort, rape and murder innocent citizens, and get away with it
    >destroy infrastructure of the region, and get away with it
    >commit religious persecution against those who don’t bow to the Moscow patriarchy, and get away with it
    >shoot down a civilian airliner, and get away with it
    >ignore the ceasefire, and get away with it

    >shell civilian areas, and get away with it
    >commit many acts in violation of the Geneva accord, and get away with it
    >kill a member of the ICRC…..and will likely get away with it….

    I like living in a ‘tolerant’ world, but at some point we all need to get our leaders to stop this nonsense and atrocities…

    • Michel Cloarec

      The terrorists will die !
      Or they kill themselves, or Putin will order their eliminations, whatever, it will liberate the world of this desease ! ASAP !

      • Milton Devonair

        Yup, russia has always been a plague upon humans.
        russia is ebola.

    • Milton Devonair

      like dropping connex boxes of arms to Ukraine so they can defend their country from yet another country being invaded by apes from russia and their pet chechens.