Pro-Russia terrorists in east Ukraine violate cease-fire regime 1,300 times in a month



2014/10/09 • War in the Donbas

Article by: Peter Dutczyn

Militants have violated the cease-fire regime 1,300 times over the period of the latest truce declared on 5 September, the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry has reported on its official Twitter account, ICTV reproted in its news bulletin today at 07:45 Kyiv time. The report said attempts to bring peace back to the east have been vain so far.

It is only the Ukrainian‬ military who have been abiding by the cease-fire regime. Militants, for their part, do not cease to attack the checkpoints, shelters and surveillance points of our troops. They also continue shelling the civilians in Donbass.

The bandits attacked ATO security operation positions with Grad multiple-launch rocket systems twice outside the town of Popasna in Luhansk Region on 8 October. Other attacks took place near Ridkodub, Zolote in Luhansk Region and Pervomaysk in Donetsk Region.

The mercenaries fired small arms at the old terminal of Donetsk airport. The airfield remains under the control of Ukrainian forces.

Terrorists are not ceasing attacks on Donetsk itself. As many as three local residents were killed and four were wounded yesterday morning. In the evening of 8 October, the criminals shelled the railway station with artillery. Eyewitnesses reported on social media that at least eight civilians were killed in the Kuybyshevsky district of the city, the report added.

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  • Michel Cloarec

    This confirm that they are terrorists, and nothing else !
    They have no more plans than to kill and to pursuit their barbaries for their own pleasures.

  • Milton Devonair

    and on a related note, students from Ukraine, Maldova, Armenia, and Georgia will take the slots that were allocated to russian high schoolers to come to the USA and attend our high schools. 240 kids will come here instead of russians. On the bright side, we won’t have to worry about russians stealing from the homes of Americans that would allow them into their homes……

    • Donald Casavant

      That was some of the only good news for the week!

      • Milton Devonair

        Yup, we have to stop helping our enemies, so time to sh*tcan the russians ,the chinese, the mexicans, etc.

  • Donald Casavant

    Why are we surprised by these facts, has Russia ever lived up to any agreement they have made? NEVER!

  • Dean Venture

    I’m guessing Poroshenko is keeping things low key until the election is over. Perhaps hoping is a better word. Once that’s complete, they’ll have a more representative parliament, hopefully free of the old Russian sympathizers, and they can start pushing these hooligans back again. What kind of a cease fire sees one side taking more territory?