Gordon: Yanukovich went on a bender because of depression



2014/10/09 • News

According to the journalist, the drunk former President tried to order around the Head of Putin’s Administration. 

Former President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovich went on a drinking binge and is currently deeply depressed, stated Kyiv-based journalist Dmytro Gordon on Shuster Live.

“Yanukovich is now on a bender. You know, he is now in Sochi in his dacha, drinking all the time. I know for sure that when he lived near Moscow, he was visited by Sergey Borisovich Ivanov, the head of the Administration of President Putin. Yanukovich greeted him in a robe, drunk, and started giving him orders. After this Ivanov came to Putin and said: ‘Don’t send me there again, because it is unclear who is the guest here: him or us.’ Yanukovich is on a bender, depressed. Because it looks like it even got through his skull what he did in the historical sense,” Gordon said.

According to the journalist, this is verified information, however, he did not name his sources.

Translated by: Mariya Shcherbinina
Source: TVi

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  • Paul P. Valtos

    For a traitor to realize what he did to his supposed country she should just take the cyanide pill like Hitler. Maybe Putin should also.

  • Brent

    I’d call him a sad old ‘man’, but he’s not a ‘man’ because of his corruption, fleeing the country and then hiding behind Putin’s skirt to escape justice. Death at the bottom of a bottle of vodka would be too good for he and all his family of kleptocrats.

  • Murf

    He should play out his whole “Tragic Russian Novel Character” cliche’ and kill himself.

    • LorCanada

      They say ‘death’ is the easy way out because you are freed from a physical body; however, the emotional turmoil can still remain.
      I’d suggest Yanuk go on a pilgrimage, wash his sins away in the Ganges and then retire to a cave somewhere in the Himalayas – sack cloth and ashes will do nicely – and live on roots and water for his remaining days. He will leave this world a better person for doing some form of penance.
      ;- )

  • rgb

    Victor Yanukovich should do one good deed for Ukraine, and pay the portion of the gas bill he was responsible for overseeing and then continue to wallow in his own misery until his demise. His corruption, material greed and brown nosing to Putin, in the long term, has a different ending than what he was expecting.

  • Dirk Smith

    Perhaps a public hanging for treason at Maidan Nezalezhnosti would solve his depression.

  • Michel Cloarec

    Freeze all his assets ! Take all to the state budget.
    Only give him enough money to buy a train ticket to North siberia. Enough money to build a small datcha and to buy an axe to shop wood for heating. He must not suicide even if depressed ! Then when spring , send a team of journalists to make a reportage about his life as an example to all the others who did support him.

  • eraband

    Make amends….Apologize to Ukraine on channel 5 and then eat the gun

  • http://hammernews.com/ hammermann

    Who knows, in his guilt and shame, maybe he will do some big demonstrative thing for Ukraine. He thinks Putin can’t boot him out cause it would undermine all the lies he’s told about Maidan and the “coup”, and he may be right. But Putin has said he “had no future” and obviously despises the pudgy putz for his incompetence, vices, weakness, and especially… losing. He may find himself in the dock in Ukraine yet.

    But WHY is his sleazy son not in prison and all assets nationalized???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • dok

    No sympathy here for that corrupt criminal and murderer yanukovich. one can only hope that he dies a slow and painful death. and then again, better if he just died or was killed off now. The world would be a better place without him.